September 21st, 2008

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New friends please!

Hey guys!I posted on here awhile ago and got some cool friends so I thought I would give it another go!I'm still looking for some more people who's journals I can read and who will comment on mine. I update, if not every day, every 2 days. If you want to be my friend, just leave a comment here and I'll add you!

OK, about me. That's me in my userpic!I'm 24 and I'm currently residing in Southern California. I'm originally from Sydney, Australia but I'm over here studying at school here for a semester. I'm one of those people who love love love learning. My two majors are Film Studies and Journalism and my minor is English Literature. I'm currently undertaking an internship at a film company in LA as well. I'm having a great time over here, still get a bit homesick. But I love experiencing being in a foreign country! I go back to Sydney in January. My boyfriend still live there who I'm madly in love with so I gush over him a fair bit in my journal:).

Obviously, I completely love films and books. I watch any film really.I love films you have to think about and films that are easy to watch. I really love old films which were made before 1965, so classical Hollywood cinema. My all time favourite film is Gone With The Wind and I am obsesed with anything to do with it. Some of my other favourites are Breakfast At Tiffanys, Lord Of The Rings, Garden State, Dogma, Arsenic And Old Lace, A Philedelphia Story, Sunset Boulevarde, A Streetcar Named Desire, Love Actually, Amelie, Roman Holiday and It's a Wonderful Life. I'm the same with books, I'll read anything. I especially love biographies, thrillers, horror and chick lit.

Music wise I love rock and Oasis are my all time favourite. I'm waiting eagerly for a tour announcement!I also love Powderfinger, Coldplay, The White Stripes, Something With Numbers, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Paramore. TV wise I love Six Feet Under, Entourage, Scrubs, Sex And The City, Beverly Hills 90210 (original), Americas Next Top Model, Bones, The Sopranos, Gossip Girl, The Hills, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life Of Zac and Cody...I love my guilty pleasures!

Thats about all I can think of about myself now..but I look forward to getting to know some of you!



I'm not new to this game, but let's pretend I am. I've emptied out my old journal so it's a clean slate - I've yet to go through communities and old friends but I'll get to that.
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I'm Shawn. I'm a 20 year old female living in Tennessee. I go to college and am a Psychology major. I love to read.

I'm looking for more friends to read their journals. You can read my profile to see what kinds of books, tv shows, and movies I like.

Comment here if you'd like me to add you.


* 17-years old girl from FINLAD
* likes rock music, drawing and House MD, photography
* loves movies and having fun with friends
(check my PROFILE for more info)

Add if you like :)
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The basics would entail that I'm Amber, I'm twenty years of age, I'm currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee as an English major (Latin American Studies minor) in hopes of one day becoming a high school teacher and/or college professor, and I look like this.

I love such nonsense as walking in the rain, singing in the car, pumpkin carving, pretending to be classy, Major League Baseball, smiling at strangers, eating apples, bananas and clementines, losing at Risk, over-analyzing silly things, not always making sense, pretty dresses, shopping, which includes thrifting, coloring inside the lines, four-square, racket sports, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, obnoxious indie music, exercise, nap time, puppies, and being alive.

On the flip side, I dislike zombies, unnecessary drama, Wisconsin winters, people who tear others down for fun, and professors who lecture out of the book. [:

I just got back into LJ after a long hiatus, and a lot of my friends have gone missing. I would definitely love some new ones! I try to comment as much as possible (and I do as a means of procrastinating on meaningless literary criticism and due to a general interest in any one's life that is not my own), and I'm definitely not looking to just make my friends list bigger. I hope everyone has a lovely day!


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Hello, everyone. I've been on LJ for a long time under several different names (bloodyscars19, secdoover, & gracefulfall). But I guess I've scared away a lot of people fro my LJ with my antics. *shrugs* In any event, back to the topic at hand.

My name is Amanda and I'm 23. I live in Illinois. I've been a vegetarian and animals rights activist for about 8 years now. Those two things are very strong in my life, but I won't push my views on you. I'm far from one of those pushy "omg, you aren't a vegetarian so you suck" vegetarians. They annoy me just as much as they do you.

I cuss. A lot. In general though, I'm laid back about thing and just roll with the punches.

I think what scares most people away is the fact that I'm am a huge nympho and I don't hide that at all in my LJ. I make many posts concerning the topic. I almost always post a warning and put it under and LJ cut though, so it can be skipped if it offends you I suppose (or if you just don't feel like dealing with it).

There's more info (though not much) in my profile.

My entire journal is marked mature, so keep that in mind if you add me.

-- Amanda
Me + Flowerz


Hi. I'm Rachele (said like Rachel).
I am 21.
I am a Mommy to a Beautiful 5 month old babygirl named Hailey Rhiannon born 4-16-08
I am married since 9-10-07 and taken by him since 10-13-03 ;)
I have a 3yr old Siberian Husky named DaKota.
I live in Lancaster County, PA since I was in 2nd grade.
I want to move back to Tucson, AZ.
I am an IBO for Quixtar.
I love writing, reading, scrapbooking, taking pictures, eating, talking, driving and decorating.
I hate onions, sucky drivers, bees, spiders, snow and cold rainy days.
I'm sure there is more to know about me, but you can view my user info.
I am the owner of x_sexy_bitch_x!

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But in his velvet mind, he believes with all his might we'll all go to Alaska when we die.

Hello, I'm Mihael. I'm seventeen and live in New York. I'm currently taking a semester off in between high school and college, where I want to do a double major in forensic psychology and forensic science.

I'm a pretty big anime and film geek, so if you love either (or both!), you'll be good in my book. Fight Club, Tekkonkinkreet, and Harry Potter are some of my favourite things in the world. I love to read, especially books like The Collector and A Clockwork Orange. I mostly dress in lolita and alternative fashion and things like industrial decay and explosions with a passion. I'm into D/s relationships and finding beauty in eccentric and unconventional things. The sound of cicadas and the smell of fire are amongst my favourite little things in life.

I have a very black and white personality and I devote myself completely to the things and people I truly love. And I'll warn you in advance, I have a very unconventional lifestyle and blog about it frequently, so if you're not an accepting person, you should probably look elsewhere for friends.

I generally update about my life, what I do on a day to day basis, my current loves/annoyances/thoughts, anime, film, and I post memes every so often. All I ask is that you be active and actually attempt to get to know me. You don't have to comment every single entry I write, but comment enough to let me at least know you read my journal. Or email me or talk to me on IM or something. I'm very active on LJ and like to actually get to know the people on my friends list.

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My name is Caitie. I usually post about things that interest/inspire me, my art and random thoughts, or at times just pictures that inspire me. I don't usually write about my life unless something extremely amazing happened that others might be affected by. Add me if any of that stuff catches your attention.