September 22nd, 2008

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Little about me/ Likes and dislikes:
I'm Merrill. I'm 19 years old. I'm from Austin, Texas. I'm a marketing major at a community college looking to transfer to CU in Bolder, CO in the spring. I eat lots and lots of wasabi covered peas. I hate bananas and feet. I'm terrified of zombies taking over the world. Not Dawn Of The Dead kind of zombies... 28 Days Later kind of zombies. I could live off of mac n' cheese and veggie chips. I'm obsessed with perfect teeth. I get my first impression of someone by looking at their shoes. I always buy candles. I've never turned a paper in late in my entire life. I'm a neat freak about my entire apartment with the exception of my bed room.
I've been on livejournal for a little more than 5 1/2 years!
I write about whatever, things that are inspirational, my life, silly things that a friend or I have done, random current events, and other various things.
I think it'd be interesting to have people who don't really know me give a little input about my life.
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add me

I am a rude arrogant prick fuck who writes about his girlfriend, hip hop dancing, pop music and fat people. My live journal friends don't like me cause I'm rude to them so they all fucked off. I am 21 from Brisbane, Australia. I'm a drummer and a possible chef who eats a lot of PB and J. I'll only comment you if I have something to say so if you aren't a dumb fuck who writes about their lipstick in every post we'll make great internet friends.
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Alil bit about me!!!!
*I'm a total spaz by choice..*
*I will be the first person to call you out when you do something dumb and then laugh my ass off*
*I'd rather make fun of you to your face than behind your back
*thunderstorms turn me on*
*I do favors more than I ask for them*
*You'll probably fall in love with me at one point or another*
*I would kill you if you stole my cell phone or my eyeliner*
*I will make you blush*
*I'm a sucker for skateboarders and greese monkeys*
*I drink vodka and rum because I am a pirate at heart. and who can pass up the booty*
*I decorate cakes and I refuse to eat them..*
*I can make you laugh as hard as I can make you cry*
*I collect Mr. Potato Heads because I like to hide things in there ass*
*Jack in the boxes make me giggle*
*when you assume things it makes an ASS out of U and Me!!!*
*Dare to know more? Just ask...I won't bite.. Hard!!!*

So Add Me Please!!! I need new ppl to read.

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sweet star


im 25 years old
im single and i love every minute it
i have crazy friends
im classy but, wild;)
i like to party!

my journal is pretty much about my life and whats goin in my life.
i go out alot and i do alot of crazy things.

i will add mostly anyone.

here are the rules:

dont add me and never comment
dont judge me on what i do
i respect everyone's opinion but dont be a bitch about it
dont talk shit if you dont agree with something that i do or say!

if you want to add me, just comment here or leave a comment on my friends only page:)

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Hi. My name is Krista. I'm 24. I'm originally from Laguna Niguel, California. I attended school at the University of California Santa Cruz, studied neuroscience and History of Art and Visual Culture, and graduated in June 2007. After graduation, I took a cross-country road trip from San Francisco, California, and moved to Florida. I currently reside in Naples, Florida. I worked as an office manager at an architectural design firm, and now I work at a resort.

I plan on pursuing graduate school. I eventually want to earn my Ph.D in Philosophy and teach at the university level.

I moved 5 times this year. I'm most likely going to move again in another month or so.

My interests include: photography, traveling, reading, writing, camping, hiking, art, astronomy, going to the beach, meeting new people, listening to music, exercising, and being active. I enjoy all kinds of music, depending on my mood. I'm an open-minded individual. I'll try almost anything at least once.

I do consider myself a decent LJ friend. I do get busy, however, but always manage the time to comment on journals.

Feel free to add me, and I will certainly add you back.
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HI! :D I'm 19.5(almost), I just moved in with my fiance, from Missouri to Utah.
We met on livejournal, LOL. Anyway, here is my info -- read it and add me if you like.

That was the past, and although it has made me who I am, I am not going
to dwell on it. I am a very friendly and open person, sometimes too open.
I always speak before I think, pretty much all the time. I think honesty
is the best policy. I hold grudges if you do something to me, and I get
revenge. I am not afraid to admit my faults, but I am not afraid to brag
about what I do best. I may sound selfish at times, but I really don't mean to.

Sometimes I just want to be alone, other times I crave to be with people.
Bad grammar and spelling is one of my biggest pet peeves, along with someone
acting like a moron and/or an idiot when I know they aren't. People should
have fun, but act your age every now and then.

TV SHOWS: CSI: Miami - Jonathan Togo is a GOD.

MUSIC: Metro Station, Carrie Underwood, All-American Rejects,
rban, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore, Jesse McCartney, Brad Paisley,
The Spill Canvas, Christina Aguilera;

MOVIES: War Of The Worlds, The Ultimate Gift, How To Deal,
William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juilet, Pulse, I Am Legend, The Princess Bride,
Robin Hood: Men In Tights, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Walk To Remember;

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harley quinn

Looking for friends, obviously

I've recently dived back into the livejournal pool, and I've found that many of the friends that I've accumulated throughout the years have left or stopped posting. As a result, I need some new friends. A bit about me:

I'm 24 years old, and live in Anchorage, AK. My name is Lauren, I enjoy reading, writing, music, the usual pursuits of those in the blogging generation. I work as a hostess in a restaurant, which is nicely lacking in stress. I was in the Navy for 4.5 years, and am happier than you could ever know to be out.

I'm a worrier, and a whiner to some extent. I sometimes post blogs that are just long chronicles of what I've been up to, in order to record them for posterity.

I am very open minded and adventurous, and I post about things that may offend some people, including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, sexual misadventures, and magic the gathering. Just kidding. I don't usually post about Magic, there are some habits of mine that are just too extreme for livejournal. (Its the 20 sided dice that are addicted to me, I swear.)

I am a nerd, obviously, but I'm also a partier, a raver, a deviant, and a very sensitive person. I will comment if I feel I have something worthwhile to say, but I am not a comment spammer. I'm not going to comment that blue was in fact the best color to choose for your new shoes, unless I really feel strongly that to go with black would have been disastrous.

I am looking for friends journals to meet new people, to have a glimpse into their lives, to learn from their experiences, and perhaps to inspire/entertain other people with my own. Please take me into consideration for your future friend needs. Thanks for your time.
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hayden - smoker

(no subject)

Okay, so I need some new LJ friends. And possibly some new communities too if anyone's got suggestions, preferably ones that are random/lax on what gets posted. Otherwise I get too nervous to ever post anything. Anyway, here's some things about me:

- 17 year old chick from Alabama
- I like nascar. a lot.
- I'm a slasher, but I have writer's block so I never post anything slashy -__-
- I hate politics and college
- I'm a file clerk and it SUCKS.
- Sleep, reasonable people, and randomness are all amazing

The truth is, I don't post that often because a lot of the time I just can't think of anything to say. I don't comment that often either for the same reason, and I wouldn't want to give you some shitty comment that wasn't really genuine. However, I always read everything that goes on with my friends page, and who knows, maybe I'll even find some things to start saying to people soon.

lol, so it would be appreciated if you have at least a basic grasp on grammar/spelling/punctuation before you add me too. I hate reading netspeak. Otherwise, definitely feel free to add me.

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hey, i'm whitney. 
i'm seventeen.
i'm stranded in a small town located virginia.
i'm often misunderstood.
i'm in the process of making life changing decisions. 
*coughs - college -coughs*
i'm a huge bookworm, but i have a poorly stocked library.
i like to spend my time on myspace or lj.
i never leave home without my ipod, sketch book, and camera.

i'm looking for friends, obviously.
i don't really care who i add, but i do friends cuts. =/
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Posting for the 3rd time, and I decided that copy and pasting my previous entries would be kinda shitty, so here I come with a new post. YES I AM THAT GREAT HEHEHE.

Fe-male, 16.
I am kinda colloquial and vulgar at times, so please bear with me.
Does sports like drugs.

I am extremely prone to mood swings, and sudden bouts of weird behavior. I update my LJ regularly... tooooo regularly, so I might just flood your friends' page.

Am liberal, and would love to give advice, if you trust Darth Vader with your life. And cookies, for that matter.

Eh, I'm just too damn random, I'm sure you can tell by now (:

Add me if:
1)You are nice
2)You are bad
3)You are God
4)You are Satan
5)You are Michael Jordan
6)You like/are Sushi

Do not add me if:
1)You caaaaaaannot stand me flooding your friends' pages
2)You take the form of a eggplant
4)You actually do not put whipped cream in your frapp(I find this behavior abnormal)

Right, so I'm done. I love yall, 'cause I'm so damn high now. Yeah mun(Jamaican-style)!
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supernatural → the wayward son.

Add me?

Dick. 24. California. Married. Teacher. Bisexual. Icon-maker. Hopes to rule the world one day. Is a bit of an ass and doesn't apologize for it. Has a twisted sense of humor. Despises stupid people. Thinks that snarking should be a paying job because this evil genius thing doesn't come with benefits. Doesn't bite - hard.

TV: Doctor Who. The Office (US and UK). Life on Mars. Torchwood.
Actors/Actresses: Kate Winslet. David Tennant. Freema Agyeman. John Simm. Catherine Tate. Sacha Baron Cohen. Nicole Kidman. Billie Piper. Johnny Depp. David Thewlis. Gary Oldman. John Barrowman. Helena Bonham Carter. Alan Rickman.
Books: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Adverbs. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Harry Potter. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Shakespeare (namely Hamlet). Anything David Sedaris, Daniel Handler, Hunter S. Thompson or Oscar Wilde.
Music: Muse. The Clash. The Sex Pistols. Coconut Records. Franz Ferdinand. Scissor Sisters. Snow Patrol. Gogol Bordello. The Vandals. No Doubt. Gwen Stefani. Bush. Radiohead. Chevelle. Interpol. The Killers. Flyleaf. Nirvana. Foo Fighters. Weezer. The Wombats. The Pixies. Green Day. The Beatles. David Bowie. The Beach Boys. The White Stripes. Rufus Wainwright. The Ramones. Wreckless Eric. The Kinks. She Wants Revenge. Nine Inch Nails.
Movies/Dramas: Sweeney Todd. Batman (Burton and Nolan-verses). Pirates of the Caribbean. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Casanova. Talladega Nights. Die Hard. Human Traffic. The Truman Show. Crime and Punishment. Fear and Loathing. LA Without a Map. The Libertine.

Friends Only Post. If you don't leave a comment, I won't friend you. Sorry.

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hi. my names michelle. ive had this username forever, but never used it. i just got back from italy. i'll probably write about that forever because that's where my heart and soul is. Napoli. i dont have much to say other then add me because i really do need some friends and i especially love to read about other peoples lives since i dont have one anyone due to college. um that all really. i like to update with pictures. i go to school for fashion marketing and i live off of coffee and that's all so bye.

Hey again!

I posted here before, but I decided it might be fun to meet some more people this way again (lord knows it worked out last time ; )

My Name is Shelby (like the car) and i'm a 13 years old female.
I was born on October 27th, 1994 (year of the dog)
I live in Nazareth PA, USA.
I love being random, playing video games, and working on my LJ.
I'm into Anime, Manga, sports, Writing, and photography. I also love computers!
I have 3 siblings (2 older, 1 younger) and a lot of crack-tastic friends in RL, most of them never bother to check in though...
I am imaginative, crazy, and open about almost anything.
For more info check out my profile!

my journal is mostly a highlights reel for my life, which is usually pretty random, sprinkled with some great stories!

Feel Free to Add me! : )