September 23rd, 2008

Broken Smile

Beyond Hope

Welcome to my Darkside.

I have come here to hopefully work out somethings in my mind.
I find all to often that I can't say the things I need to say to the people that know me.
I know that I can not continue to let things well up inside me while I say nothing.
I feel as if sometimes, I am losing my mind and I long to build a new foundation.
I have so many things that I need to say and here is where I will start to say them.
I hope that I can find at least a handful of people that hear me.
I hope for much more than that, but I will not ask for more. 
This bit is continued on my first post, if you want more info.

Somebody tell me something I don't already know, -please-.
Anyone willing to add and comment, I shall return the favor, of course.
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I haz returned.

Kate / 22 / Michigan
(I seem to be a location jumper because I've lived in CT, TX, and AZ all in the span of a few years).

About ME:
I am, single.  I am a girly-girl who works part time as a tom boy most days.  I am sadly unemployed because the Michigan job economy sucks and no one wants a dog trainer/cake decorator right now.  I play the piano.  I adore being online, and chatting with friends.  Most of my friends live in other states.  I am always on a diet.  I adore my fandoms.  I have two Corgis that are the light of my life.  I am an avid reader.  I love music, art, the paranormal, fashion, baking, and bike riding.

Things I like TV:
Torchwood, Doctor Who, Primeval, Supernatural, Gordon Ramsey anything he does (except Hells Kitchen), Heroes, House, How I Met Your Mother, Life, True Blood, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Soup, Anything on Food Network, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, World News Now, Morning News, What Not to Wear, Dirty Jobs, Ghost Hunters...

Things I like Music:
Ben Folds, Mika, Duran Duran, Ani Difranco, Green Day, Jem, Sia, Amanda Palmer, Yann Tiersen, Garbage, Tori Amos, G. Love, Sam Sparro, The Killdares, Duffy, and a lot more but it's three AM and my brain is deaded.

Things I like in general that hasn't already been discussed:
Travel (planning a trip for London in the spring), Mexican food, the color pink, smelling good, boys that smell good, being undisturbed while writing, reading fanfiction, having long heated discussions about fandom because I am a dork, DDR, Guitar Hero, Rockband (I win at the drums), Photography, Drawing, Tattoos (I has many), and anything to do with Damian Lewis or John Borrowman.

Add me if:
You're awesome, think I'm awesome, update your journal, don't mind the random ramble posts, don't mind giving tips on life, if you ask for advice, if you like fasion, if you like fandoms, if you're not homophobic or post about mean stuff, if you have happy and not WOE is me posts.

I like friends! :D
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clean start - add

Lauren - 21 - female
bisexual - single
North Carolina
mildly feminist.
fiction writer.
full-time college student.
music junkie.
eccentric at times.
always on LJ
(surfing, commenting, updating)

In need of new friends after starting a new journal here.
feel free to add me, just comment on the f-o post and I'll add you back =)
David; fantastic

(no subject)

Hello, I'm Ryan. =D (But a girl, kthx.)

I'm 19, a full-time procrastinating college student. I'm interested in many things, recently a lot of science and politics. Sad as I am to say, I was always one of those, "Omg, ONLY RETARDS WATCH REALITY TV."
Guess what I do now. (No American Idol though, that's where I draw the line.)

I'm random, girly, a music/reading junkie, an optimist, a writer who hates writing, a whacky open-minded liberal, and I'm weird. But in a good way. <3 I'm also a bit of a fangirl, but not in the writing NC-17 fanfiction way, I SWEAR.

Idk if anyone's interested, but here's my outdated listings of stuff:

Music: The Decemberists, The Strokes, Amy Winehouse, Interpol, Peter Bjorn & John, Modest Mouse, KT Tunstall, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Shins, Taking Back Sunday, The Fratellis, Hot Hot Heat, The Gossip, Regina Spektor, The Ramones, Franz Ferdinand, Silversun Pickups, The Andrews Sisters, Sia, Glenn Miller, The Offspring, The Fray, Five for Fighting, The Vines, The Von Bondies, Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, The Sounds, The Pink Spiders, Bad Religion, The Clash + others I can't recall at the moment. XD

Obsessions: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Heroes, House, DAVID TENNANT, Alice In Wonderland, Ghost World, READING AND WRITING GIVE ME THE TITLE OF A GOOD BOOK IF YOU HAVE ONE ♥♥

That's basically it. I'm a really good commenter, except for when my mind goes blank. =)
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kevin goes grr.

(no subject)

I'm Mere! I'm a writing student and a musician, although I don't get to tour nearly as much as I wish I did. I play the guitar, piano, ukulele, and clarinet. I live in Northern Michigan so, clearly, I'm rugged. I'm a vegetarian and I haven't had meat since I was eleven. I'm deathly afraid of moths. Kevin Devine makes me fairly happy, what with his gingerbeard and lovely songs. I really, really, really dig new music. I post (almost daily) a few songs that I think everyone needs to hear. I usually don't ramble. I get to the point. Lastly, I think giraffes are deece as hell and listening to Eddie Izzard helps me sleep. 

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I want your penis.

I'm Victoria:)
Hopelessly perverted freshiee (9th grade).
I love music
Mostly Pop Punk:)
but i'm open to just about anything besides country
i love boys
a lot
i love my friends
i've cut myself in the past
parents divorced
alex gaskarth's hot lover
katy perry's girlfriend
very insane person
i rant a lot
i post pretty much daily cept when i'm at my mothers (no computer)
uhhhh yah:)

add mehh
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(no subject)

Hey, hey ;).

I'm back on LJ! And I need friends, since I barely have none! My friends doesn't do LJ expect two of them, and they don't ever update, smh.

Allow me intro myself, My name is Megan but everyone calls me mimi. 21 years old, living with my boyfriend, mike. We're residing in MASS, I absolutely hates it here. I miss dirtay souf =/ (Can't wait to go back, next summer!). I work at group home. I was born deaf, america sign language (ASL) are cool; Hands down ;). I don't judge people by their first impressions. I'm pretty much gettin along with everyone as long they don't disrespect me ;).

I don't have stupid rules for LJ but yes, I keep my entries private Because there are SO many fakers. I have few fakes of me, trying be me, stealing my pictures, so I have to keep my shit privacy. It sucks, right?

Soo yeah, friends? Just add me, and I'll add back! Pretty much will accept everyone =).
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Megan - Back

(no subject)

hellloooo. i'm just looking for friends who use their journals as REAL journals, you know whatever you're thinking you put in there. I'd say i'm pretty eclectic..whatever you're into I'm probably into also. I've been there, and done a lot of things. i'm 18. I'm a very loyal LJ friend, i comment you, you comment me. and one's ever called me boring.

whats up people

everybody i know calls me Rah i'm tall,dark and good looking ha yeah right lol so....what do ya want to know about me well i love rock and metal music but i do sometimes listen to other types of music. i draw, read and write poetry,smoke weed and i love sex lol if you want to know more about me just add me and read my journal and if you want to instant message me my emails are on my profile peace....
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