September 25th, 2008

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I'm twenty-one years of age. I actually haven't gone out since I turned legal to buy alcohol, strange, I know. Anyway! My name is Robyn--I'm in my last semester of college. (Computer Information Technology--I plan to be a computer drafter when I grow up.) I absolutely adore music, it literally makes my life worth living sometimes. I sing off key...all the time. I break out in random dance whenever I'm around my boyfriend--he thinks it's hysterical.

I love writing. I curse sometimes..and I think I shouldn't, but it's such a hard habit to break. Keeping up with world news is terribly depressing--but I do it because I want to know what's happening outside of my little bubble. I'm hot tempered, but I'm way better than I used to be.

I get extremely happy when I see comments on my comment away!

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Victoria is my name.
I love music. It's pretty much my life. I can't go one day with out listening to music.
My friends are stellar. Yeah I can get annoyed with them (a lot) but I love them to bunches.
I suck at grammar. Commas are overrated.
I want to grow a penis so I can have special time with Jeffree Star.
I am in love with All Time Low.
I want to be a badass but I can't because I have a conscious.
I snuck to a concert.  It was amazing:)
I say "I" a lot
Victoria goes to a christian high school and she is Agnostic.
She is pretty shy.
Doesn't get along with her parents very well.
She thinks that when it comes to her relationship with her parent she could be consider bi-polar.
Her parents are divorced.
She has a sister that is 2.
Myspace is a drug.
uhhh let's have a sexy party<3

add me to read more entries:) 
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Add me?

Honestly, I don't really know who I am. My name's Christine, I'm twenty-one almost twenty-two and I'm from Illinois. I'm taken by the most wonderful guy in the world, he's my love story. I'm sarcastic and random. I have a mouth that even a sailor would be embarrassed by. I love long pointless drives to nowhere and holding hands. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to dance in the rain. Simple things are what my heart beats for. My taste varies drastically when it comes to movies and music. I enjoy reading and writing. I still want to believe in fairytales. I haven't drank much since I turned twenty-one, go figure. I'm really close to my family and I would die for any of my friends. My dog is the love of my life. I can be a bitch and I won't apologize for it. I'm just me. If you think you'd like to get to know me better and maybe even be my friend, add me.

I've taken a few unannounced hiatuses over the past year due to family problems. Now that they're taken care of, I realize most of my friends have jumped ship. I promise to read all of your entries and to comment when I feel like I have something to say. I really enjoy getting comments and getting to know my LJ friends on a personal basis.

Comment on my friends only post to be added.
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Hello, My name is Erika! I often speak of subject matters starting from my own personal family life to the wet dream i had during the night. I dont hold back anything. This is my REAL LIFE journal. So i speak of REAL LIFE events. If you are interested, Collapse )


I'm Joe
I'm not really very crazy or anything. I'm pretty into the whole 'mundanity' thing most of the time.

I also have VERY thick hair.
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I've done this before and I'll do it again, CRACKERS.
So hi, I'm random_wtf. I'm old enough to fuck but not old enough to drink.
I have a vagina, doesn't necessarily mean I always like men though.  
Sometimes I think I'm top-shit and at other times I think I'm a dismal failure, undeserving of life.
I don't eat meat, though I don't care if you do, we can still be nice and exchange witty/sarcastic/retarded/inflammatory comments.
I listen to rock and punk and all that hxc shit, though I'm still a sucker for classical.
I'm into piercings, and I can't wait until I can permanently decorate myself with some pretty pictures and the like, but I am the biggest nerd EVAR. 
I eat too much. But food taste so mother-fucking good, especially when one is bored.
Mmmm, my tongue feels kinda fungus-y... I think I maybe need to brush my teeth...
Anyway, I am done, and so a good day to you.
: tips non-existent top-hat :

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my name is Heather 

Iam 28(almost 29) years old and I reside in the great state of Pencilvania ( Yes, I know thats not how you spell pennsylvania, the misspelling is intentional, its a long boring story....No,really it is)

Iam unmarried and without children

I love learning

I love collecting information

Im probably alittle strange

Sadly no one cramps my style, but I cramp many peoples.....

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21 year old creative type. Ducked out of the college experience for now, but am into independent study, I really don't see why other people should dictate what I learn. Holding down a dead-end retail job until I get my act together and figure out how to turn all my creative energy into profit. I really want to travel. I stay up until all hours of the night drinking coffee and sketching. I'm really good at sucking at playing bass.

All the above is copied&pasted from my profile, there's more there if you want to check it out. Even a picture, if it makes a difference.

Friends, anyone?
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Intro posts have always been strange for me, so I apologise for seeming nervous. I'm 24, and I'm an alcoholic a Brit. Having graduated from university a few years ago with a BA in History, I'm using my spare time to roleplay. For a quick taste of my humour? Well, my fave shows are Frasier and the American version of Whose Line. I also love The B-52's, and the greatest moment in my life save graduation was seeing them live at my first concert.

I'm into not just anime and manga, but television and books and computer games. I also love cats.

I'm always up for knowing people. There's a friend-add post in my journal. A fresh start and all that.

If someone can friend me, that'd be great. :)