September 26th, 2008

not so new newbie

21 year old chick (sorta) new to here. Well on this journal.
I'm looking for people to be friends with that can be honest, and aren't afraid of blunt and honest journal posts.
Also, that people aren't afraid of reading the truth about some things.

My journal will have photos, jokes, interesting quotes and stuff about my everyday life.

I am allowing ANYONE to add me -- I don't follow requirements. Just as long as you can accept my life and what I post for I shall do the same for you.

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That's an old picture, but I don't care.

I'm extremely tired while writing this, struggling to stay awake.
I post in here too frequently.

I hate going to college.
Can't get away with an AA, so getting a BA in communications, minoring in photography.
Currently residing in florida, in the nearish future moving out of state, finally.
new york was home but it's true, you can never go home again.

I enjoy bantering, stretching the limits, random adventures, cold weather & one day, I'm going to have a farm.
I want to do it all.

Single, enjoying it very much so, planning on being such for a good long while.
I like to look, it's more fun & less guilty feeling this way.

My entries are random. Sometimes long, other times short & vague.

Oh yeah, I'm 20, turning 21 in january. Woo, because I drink oh so much...only not.
Don't have an age limit to who can add me.
As long as you update, have a brain, sense of humor & opinions, feel free.

Comment here, or on my friends only.
If you just randomly add me without telling me, I may or may not see it.
Music Kitty

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Hiya. I'm 16 and I live in Malta. I don't really know how to describe myself but I'll try my best really.
I'm spending my Summer days watching random TV shows such as Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Grey's, Ugly Betty, etc etc (See my profile for full list). I'm going to start school soon with new subjects and what not. But I'm not really sure about what I'm going to do with my life.

I update my journal when I have something interesting to say. Sometimes I'm sad for no reason, other times I'm told to be pretty happy and random. I always read my friends entries and try my best to comment.

Check out my profile for more info and feel free to add me by commenting on my friends only entry
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more buddies!


My problem is I like reading other peoples journals and commenting in them more than  I like writing in my own, although I'm addicted to that too....

Don't bother adding me if you rarely post/rarely comment, because I'd actually like to get to know people.  I'm not here just to say "Look I gotz 2,394 friends!"

Now for those who care, a little bit about me:

my real name is actually Jane. :)
I live with my relatives in a biggish city.
I wear a size 7 shoe.
I'm afraid of clowns and sharks.
I love strawberry-banana flavored anything.
Guys always try to "save me" in relationships, but nobody ever asks me if I need to be saved.
I hate writing checks.
I drive a beat-up Honda.
My stepdad is serving a prison sentence of 32 years.
Girls usually think I'm a snob or a bitch.
I've been dancing since I was 5.
I have 3 jobs.
I have an eating disorder.
Reading is my first love.
My friend samantha thinks I have stubby eyelashes and I don't smile enough.
I put on mascara while I'm driving sometimes, even though I know I shouldn't.
I'm allergic to cinnamon.

Anyway, go see my profile/journal n add me if you want.

<3 Jane

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the truth is out there


just for a change I'm an english guy who's just started his journal and shock of all shocks, it could do with a few friends.

the open posts are generally my rants and such which some people find amusing. the friends only section is my life but I'm honest in what I write which wont be to everyones liking.

if you're still interested I suggest you read my info which will tell you most of what you want to know.

I do comment on other peoples journals when I feel there's something with saying. I wont clog up you comments section with pointless rubbish.

hopefully I'll be commenting on your journal soon
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About me: My name is Eileen, but you can call me Ellie. My full name is so British - it scares me. Well, not really. For the record, I am 25 years old. Even though I was born in Louisiana, I grew up in Maine. I now live in South Florida with my husband, Dawen (He is from Taipei, Taiwan). I'm learning Mandarin Chinese and I will eventually visit Taipei, Taiwan. I am always craving bubble tea, mochi, and a good cup of coffee. I'm known as the girl who can drink an espresso 8 o clock at night and still can sleep an hour later. I'm also known as the girl who can drink my friends under the table. Three huge glasses of red wine under 20 minutes and still not buzzing. No aftermaths, either. I may be petite, but I have Native American blood. COUGH. Not always a good thing, though. I just graduated from cosmetology, but I can't say it's my passion. What I really am passionate about is having a job where I can help animals. Cliche? I didn't mean to be!
I post: Pictures of places I travel to / Food porn / Poetry&Lyrics (rare) / Artwork (rare) / Ramblings / Concerts I've been to & so on.
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This is a nerdy picture of me, but it's the newest.

Please comment in my journal if you want to be added. Thank you. =)


My Name is Ana

Hey, My name is Ana
I like boys with blue eyes
I love icecream
I read thrillers, comedy and classics
I listen to music 
All Time low is my band
Purple is my color
I like classic rock
And I like to make new friends,
Add me if you want ^-^
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Hey, I’m Liz and I’m 18 years old.
I try and update as often as I can, which is usually every day or every couple of days. My entries are mostly about my day and can get kind of long sometimes.
I’m shy, clumsy, quirky and a little bit dorky. 
Some things that I really like are: writing, movies, fall, tea, Disney, junk food, imagination, puddles, magazines and the colors orange and yellow.
I don't drink or smoke, but I don't mind if other people do.
I don’t always comment on every entry, but I do always read what other people write. 

Movies-- Titanic, The Last of the Mohicans, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Election, The Devil Wears Prada, Almost Famous, Catch Me if You Can, About a Boy, Love Actually, Life as a House

Music-- The Killers, The Postal Service, Red Hot Chili Peppers, All Time Low, The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, The Spice Girls, Queen, Radiohead, movie scores

TV-- Big Brother, Nip/Tuck, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Daria, Doug, Gilmore girls, Invader Zim, Survivor, Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years

Books-- Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter 

Add me if you are interested =]

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wow, well i never know how to write these dumb things! :)

ok, my name's alice, i live in england, uh.... i'm a trainee make up artist which takes me into college for half the week, i have a saturday job in an evil corporate chain bookstore, i have a cat, cleo, and a dog, jackson, who i love both lots! i'm vegitarian, my favourite film is a tie up between moulin rouge and the nightmare before christmas, i cry ever time i watch mighty joe young - yes im that lame! i love going to see gigs my favourite bands being; fall out boy, panic at the disco, the beatles, the hush sound, foo fighters, the academy is, the ting tings, robots in disguise, my chemical romance, cobra starship, cajun dance party, mindless self indulgence, johnny cash,  ac/dc, bloc party, the cab, boys like girls, we the kings, gym class heroes, cage the elephant, get cape wear cape fly, the cribs, css, does it offend you yeah? foals and did i mention fall out boy? hah i effing love music and i nearly always mosh to the front row >< i love learning about make up and college and i cant wait o actually start working in the field now, i suck at grammar, wear brightly colored hoodies, have no social skills, always have my ipod in, am a total bandom fangirl - i will try and filter but beware of the fanfic and general gay :D im getting my hair dyed black and pink soon, i have my lip pierced and i should be getting a tattoo on my arm next year.

gah i really dont know what else to say! hah :) just add me? if you want to :D

im addicted to caffine and nicotine, im an insomniac, im the only unattached person in the world, i think homophobia sucks ass, i hate being on my own, i kind of hope god is real and sometimes an over emotional jerk. and sometimes im a jerk. :)

so hi.

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I'm a pretty simple girl living a pretty simple life in Jacksonville NC. I am married (3 years) we have a 21 month old son(Ayden) who is my life! I am currently a Certified Pharmacy Tech(CPhT) working in the Wal-mart pharmacy. For once in a long time I can say I truly like my job. I love hanging out with my family, going to the beach/lake, playing some video games, watching movies, some traveling, reality tv shows(I'm a sucker for them hehe

I love reading other peoples journals... I try to update mine as much as I can!

Feel free to add me just let me know so I can add you back.