September 29th, 2008


I'm Jennifer but go by Jenn, 23 years old. I`m married to a wonderful man, named Phillip [5.19.06] I was born and raised in , Kansas. When I met the love of my life, we moved to Missouri, and have been here for almost 2 years. We are planning on having children when we move, none as of now. I currently am employed at Taco Bell, working towards becoming shift manager, and love it so far. I love the backstreet boys, they are my all time favorite band. Guitar Hero, and Rock Band 2 are my favorite games. God is a huge part of my life. I have 3 pets a Chihuahua named Maddie and 2 cats Toby & Pogo
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Male, my name is Jessie, 22 years old and happily engaged to the greatest girl ever. I haven't posted to LJ much lately but that would definitely change if I got comments. Comments are my motivation for posts on here. I'm a pretty regular blogger on Myspace and in time I'll have some posted here. I will comment back those that comment me. Also I will comment random people from time to time as well. Don't hold a grudge against me if I do forget to comment back or forget about this place for weeks at a time like a usually do. Well, I think I've said every thing that I needed to say so... Cheuh!
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Hey guys! I'm looking for some new LJ friends. Here are some random facts about me:

+ Mia // Miaka
+ 16 Years Old
+ Resides in the Mitten of Michigan
+ Junior in High School
+ Want's to study Psychology & Law
+ Kinda an Only Child
+ VERY Open Minded
+ Pessimist / Optimist = Realist
Loves MUSIC ♪
+ Former Otaku
+ Wants to Save the World
+ Hates excessive 'txt tlk'

I think that's enough of me boring you with my ness. If you want to know more, read my userinfo or ask me. I generally like everyone, so no worries about that.

Comment my friends only entry to be added.
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Add me

Mother of 2.
Daughter of 1. [yeah I've got daddy issues]
I comment.
I'm just starting to post again.
I'm a tough chick and pride myself on it because I come from a family where women are submissive.
I'm blunt.
If my ~LJ friend~ is having internet drama I'm always down to come to their defense.
I have a lot of family drama.
I'm bad at keeping friends in real life.
I have better friendships with people online.
I like my space. Not the website. Actual breathing area.
I'm a bad girlfriend and always choose my friends over the guy.
I don't see marriage in the cards.
I'm a Christian. Let's just get that out there. But I don't judge. Obviously. No room to.

Honestly I've done a massive cut and only kept like 7 people. I need more friends because I get bored fast and need more reading material and cool people to know.
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i made this journal about a week ago and still haven't made any friends. =[
i'll pretty much update everyday, i tend to vent a lot but isn't that what journals are for?

» my name's d'anna.
» i live in california and am 17 years old.
» i'm a senior in high school.
» i'm a teen momma, i have a 11 month old son.
» i have a boyfriend, we've been going out for 2 1/2+ years.
» music and reading are my favorite things to do when i have some alone time.
» i love red roses, hearts, and zebra print.
» i don't really care for chocolate or junk food.
» my plans are to go to uc berkely and study psychology.

i suppose you could always check out my profile if you want to know more.
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Now, bring me that horizon.

Three weeks ago, I turned 20.
Im currently serving in AmeriCorps NCCC (think domestic PeaceCorps). In the last 9 months ive lived in Seattle, Albuquerque, Maryland, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Orleans, Connecticut, and Houston...I move around a lot...

I have a deep love for acting. It's been my muse since i was a little girl.

I'm a dreamer. Adventurer. I listen more than I speak.

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My name's Kendall, I'm 15, female, awesome, etc.
I'm looking for some LJ-friends, yo. :|

It should be noted that I am obnoxious and prone to angst and fantarding.
And I like comic books overly.

And I'm very liberal, I follow politics, not very religious, so on and so forth.

If you want to add me, just comment somewhere to let me know, yeah?

hello (:


well my name is krista. i'm sixteen and a senior in high school. i live in colorado, usa. i'm originally from guam but spent a few years in both memphis, tennessee and kona, hawaii.

i blog about my day... basically people who interest me or interesting/random thoughts that enter my mind while i'm blogging.

i've recently made this livejournal but i've had one prior to this... i've actually had many prior to this. i'm looking for some friends to start communicating with via lj since i've lost all of mine.

i probably won't comment every entry you write although i'll read every one. i will comment every now and then, and when i do they will be (hopefully) meaningful comments.

i like cheesecake, audrey hepburn, fight club, bananas, and mentos. banana runts make me happy. i'm a vegetarian. i secretly want to be a cheetah girl. chelsea handler is my hero. currently my userinfo is kind of eh, under construction ish but there is information there if you want to find out more.

um. add me if you like me.
be sure to comment me or something me telling me that you're adding me or how you found me or something. i don't fancy adding random people.