September 30th, 2008


Looking for new friends.

I'm Whitney.
I'm nineteen.
Engaged to the Love of my life Jessie.

What you'll find in my journal.
I post one of my secrets everyday.
Some random things like pics or quizzes.
and my day to day life.

I love comments and I always comment back.

add me.
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My name is Melanie. I'm a girl. I'm bi. I'm 25. Birthday's on June 9th. I live at home with my mom, my grandfather, my cat Sprinkles, and my dog Moka. I kind of have a brother. It's a long story! Sort of. Lol. Hm, I have a boyfriend. Been together for over three years. <3 I like any kind of music, any kind of movies, and I love to read romance, horror, and stuff like Harry Potter. I have a lot of favorite TV shows. Name it, I probably like it. Any questions or things you want to know, feel free to private message me. To be added, comment on my friends only entry.


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i judge people by their userpics, grammar, and taste in music. i do and write about drugs often. 20+ please, i don't like to hear about highschool bullshit. i have a broad spectrum of musical taste ranging from hanson to anal cunt, but don't let that deter you. i try to post once a day. I post pictures, life shit, drug shit, drunk shit. whatever.


Hi! I am very new at this livejournal stuff, so i really want to get to know some people here.. Everyone can add me if they want:)

I am a 20 year old girl from the great country Norway.. Have any of you guys heard of that country?:)

I am in college now, where i'm studying social work. I think i have really found my call, and i am very happy about it. The people here are great, and everything just fits.. I am living 2 min away from my school, gotta love that..:) Lol.. I am now considering to take my 3 semester in the USA, since my school is partner with Augsburg College in minneapolis. I really want to experience as much as possible, and i don't think that i can just let this opportunity go. If you know what i mean? :)

becides from this studying thing, i am a very musical person.. I can sit and listen to music all day, and actually when i'm in a crappy mood, a good song always cheers me up.. I am also writing my own songs, and just love to sing.. i make my songs after the mood im in, and i guess my best songs are made when i'm in a lousy mood.. Go figure.. lol..
I listen to mostly everything, it really depends on the song for me. do any of you have any good suggestions for some new songs? I need to freshen up my i tunes a bit.. :P

i am really looking forward to get to know you all more.. So please just add me, i don't mind it at all..:=)
Hope to talk to you soon,.


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- Margarita
- 20
- live in LA, CA
- student
- receptionist
- i read my friends page all the time. and I comment when I have things to say
(which is more often than not)
- add :)
Glasses, Smirk

I'd Prefer A Girl With Lips Like Heroin

Me♥ You can call me Enamel.

♥ You will, undoubtabley learn my real name, so I shan't say here that you won't.

♥ Because I don't like being wrong, and since, if you look hard enough, it's written on my photo's, this claim is just a recipe for disaster.

♥ I think the way I look gives away my ethnicity, maybe you don't, but big lips and frizzy hair, pretty much opitimizes it for me.

♥I like to dye my hair, but I am terrified that it will one day fall out.

♥ Like wise with my teeth, only I don't like to dye them, I'm just scared they might fall out.

♥ I have poor circulation, so I always have cold hands and feet. People call me a zombie...

♥ I was called and ardvark at school because of the shape of my nose.

♥ I like to make and design clothes and jewelry in my spare time.

♥ Pink and purple are my favourite colours.

♥ I have never had a best friend or a boy friend.

♥ I am in love with shoes that have heels over 5 inches.

♥ Add me, I'd like to think I'm an interesting person, but hey, wouldn't we all?


Hey there, I'm Holly.
I'm 18 years old and I live in Orlando, FL.

Haha, I figured that was the best picture of me =P

I'm looking for some new and interesting friends to talk to and read there journals and what not. I love making new friends! Especially ones who have the same interests as me.

Music: Job for a Cowboy, The Misfits, Dimmu Borgir, Dir En Grey, Mindless Self Indulgence, Alexz Johnson, Paramore, Combichrist, Flylead, Fall Out Boy, Moonspell, American Head Charge, Sevendust, etc.

Movies: Almost Famous, Labyrinth, My Cousin Vinny, Goodfellas, House of Wax, John Tucker Must Die, etc.

Books: Twilight saga, Harry Potter, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Cirque Du Freak, Lord of the Rings, etc.

About Me:
I've lived in Florida all of my life. I live with my father and his mother, who I call Nana. My parents are divorced. My mother and her boyfriend live in St. Cloud, FL with my grandmother, brother - John, his wife - Keri and their one year old baby Kayla.

I'm a dropout from High School but I'am working on signing myself up for adult classes so I can get my diploma. I'm in the PTI program which is sort of like probation due to being charged with cocaine/weed/trespassing all because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Though, I have no problem with weed. Never seen anyone die from Mary Jane.

I have a certain amount of community service hours to do and group/NA meetings and then I'am off of it and the charges are cleared.

I'm engaged to a wonderful man named Alexander. He lives in Pennsylvania right now but is coming to visit soon. We have been on and off for two years now, but we are ready to finally be together. He's about to be 23 years old on October 10th.

I write a lot about what goes on in my life and of course my goals. This is a new journal so I only have like one entry! Haha. But I'm not new to livejournal. It's just time for a new journal and a new journey in life.

So, if you are interested then feel free to add me!

And: This is my myspace:

Be sure to comment on the Friends Only page and let me know that you're adding me!
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Oh La La

Add me?

My name is Aleigh
I'm 18
I'm not well organized, mentally or physically
I'm emotional and rarely logical
Anthropology seems to be my calling
But who knows?
If that doesn't sell you...

I have dual citizenship with Namibia.

Introduction, ladies and gents

Japanese Exchange 2008

(I'm the blonde on the left)

I've been called everything: Sketchy, slutty, fat, skinny, creepy, bitchy, stuck up, prude and door mat. 
Nothing you can say will really hurt my ego.
I'm not rediculously cool or confident. I'm a teen girl, I have insecurities like everyone else.
I'm bilingual. German and English.
I'm learning French and Japanese.
I've studied Spanish.
I want to pick up Russian or Arabic next year in University.
Yes, I'm language crazy.
I'm also totally boy crazy ;).
And boys who speak foreign languages get me every. singe. time.
I usually talk to much. And sometimes a lot of my ideas don't make sense. Sometimes I do things just because I know other people won't be able to make sense out of them.
My journal might not be much different than those of other sixteen year olds who spend their weekdays studying and their weekends out looking for cheap thrills.
if you're already reading this than what's the worst that could happen if you give me a chance baby?


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Hi everyone!!

I have been a LJ user for quite a few years. I really need to start updating more & to get me motivated I thought I would put out a request for some new friends.

A little about name is Lisa. I am 42. I have 2 children who are 13 years apart (my son is 19 & my daughter is 6). No laughing or judging but at the age of 41 I came out of the closet finally (after 2 failed marriages) & I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman named Nancy. I write about daily stuff but nothing ever sexual or anything to make people uncomfortable.

So if I haven't scared you away...I would love some more new friends!!! Don't let my age scare you away too...I have a lot of lj friends that are the same age as my son.

Hope you will add me!!