October 3rd, 2008

looking for good, honest friends.

Hi, I post here on occasion. More than I probably should... I'm a 22-year-old female living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

I suppose I could go on and on about my interests or what I do for a living or talk about my wonderful boyfriend. But, I'll be honest: I'm single (now, unfortunately, I am struggling with getting over a break-up), unemployed, and don't have a ton of interests because I struggle wtih depression and agoraphobia and rarely leave my house. I know, I sound like a winner already, don't I?

But, that's okay. Because I try to think my journal is a bit different from the norm. I don't go on and on about my daily life or talk endlessly about fandoms or post memes. I internalize things a lot and focus on my deeper thoughts. But I don't like to think I'm "deep"; I just like to think I'm honest. I am very introspective, and lately my posts have mostly been about my mental health and my faith (I'm Christian, but not an ooey-gooey one; I love God and Jesus, but I struggle with a lot of conflicted feelings too, when it comes to things like my sins). If you don't have interest in reading about either of those things, well, my journal probably isn't for you.

I like the very small friends-list I have now. I like being able to focus my attention on each of my friends and to get to know them well. I guess I'm just looking for some fresh perspectives, and to have some new people in my life. I'm lonely, admittedly. I can't guarantee I'll add you -- I tend to be rather closed off and, due to things that have happened in my life, it takes a lot for me to be able to trust others with my thoughts. Don't take it personally, I'm sure you're a wonderful person even if I don't add you.

Anyway, I have a few public entries in my journal to give you a taste of what I write about. Read them, if you'd like. And, if you'd really like, you can add me. Just say hello at least, because I don't tend to add people who add me without saying a word. Thanks. I look forward to getting to know some of you, although I don't have exactly high hopes I'll even get responses to this. :)
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Hey! My name is Kiera and I am 17 years of age. Soon 18 on May 12th, yes I'm counting down the days to when my excuse of 'I'm a minor' will be over. Which sucks in so many levels but I'm ready I guess. I'm Puerto-Rican and well that's all I am. I live in Massachusetts, and am obsessed with Alex Pettyfer/Alex Rider & James Bond/Daniel Craig. I love to make graphics. So yeah my interests are in my user-info. You can tell I hate to write about myself. I love to meet new friends especially nice ones! So, just comment and add me :D

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Add me

I'm Shawn. A 20 year old female from the US. I'm looking for more people to add that I can read their journals and comment on.

I'm a Psychology major at a school you've probably never heard of. I'm currently taking a German class, so if anyone's from Germany feel free to add me. (Although I'm not very good at speaking it yet!).

I love to read. Some of my favorite books include: Harry Potter Series, Morganville Vampires Series, Twilight Series, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, The Scarlett Letter, and many many more books...

I also watch certain shows on TV when I get the chance. I like: Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order CI, NUMB3RS, In Plain Sight, The Suite Life on Deck, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

I'll admit, I do still watch Disney Channel. lol. I usually post once a day, but I comment back several times a day. Depending on what happens during my day my posts can be interesting.

My journal is friends only so if you'd like to add me comment here or comment on my friends only entry. =-)

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hey!!! so my name is maggie-may, but i go by maggie. i'm 19 and live in maine. i'm a sophomore in college and love it, for the most part. i'm majoring in captive wildlife care & education, in the long run.. i am focusing on livestock & domestic animal rescue. i love animals =] i'm a party animal too! i drink, i smoke.. i'll never miss a chance to try something once. i'm currently and recently single. (just broke up a week ago today) its getting easier by the day.) i go more into issues on my lj. i'm always interested in new friends. i'm not on aim very much since my laptop's hardrive crashed, so i'm usually on aim on my cell or at the school library. which both suck balls. but anywhoo.. feel free to IM me or leave me a comment and i'll add you!

♥ maggie-may ♥
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I'm Elisia, but call me Lise.
19 & Married.
College consumes my life at this current moment.
I'm kind of a lj addict.
I love music, coffee and my cigs.
I'm easy to get along with, but I turn into the devil when you get on my bad side.
I want friendships; I'm not trying to up my numbers.
I enjoy good reads. I want something interesting.
Teach me something new.

anyone interested?

Hey all :)
So im looking for new friends.
As some of the lovely people i have on my flist are no longer seemingly interested in me.
Which is a shame because i read all their posts.
But anyways.
Im 18, and in university.
Its my first year and i've only been attending for about 2weeks.
So bare with me, and all the "exciting" uni details.
Im shy but that doesnt affect my 'online' friendships.
I like books, films, music, girls (yes im a lesbian)
and lots of other things.
Im easy to get on with, enjoy having a laugh,
I have days where things just arent going my way but i feel thats
rather common for most people now isnt it?
I admit i wont comment 100% of the time.
But i always read a journal post and comment
if something major is going on.
Im loving, likeable, a bit strange, friendly,
a bit of a dork, just a good person :)

Oh and my names Emily...just so you now

Comment on my latest entry to be added. 
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screen names and handles

Taken from a previous post in my own journal that got a pretty good response:

how do u come up w/your screennameI was looking at my friendspages, cuz that's the easieast thing to do from my stupid blackberry (its only stupid sometimes I admit) posting comments and all that is possible but a pain in the ass, takes a while and gets annoying; anyway it got me to thinking and wondering where most of the people on my friends list or in my communities get their handle/screen name from. ??? Some are cool, others are weird, and some just don't make sense. I'm sure mine seems stupid to some people, and I honestly don't know where I got mine from but I've been using it for yrs. Anyway... That's what I wanted to post at this particular moment. Anyone wanna tell me where they got theirs from or how they came up w/it I'm willing to be an objective listener.
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