October 7th, 2008



Name: Molly
Age: 23
Location: Virginia, USA

I am fifth year student in college, majoring in Sociology with a minor in childhood studies. I just turned 23 about two weeks ago. I used to be a social work major but that wasn't working for me. I update in my live journal a lot, it's usually where I'll unwind at the end of the day. I do ramble. I am always looking to add new friends. My interests can be found on my profile
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add me over 21?

Ok, I know I've seen an "add me over 21" community, but I can't, for the life of me, find it right now.

Does anyone have the link?

Thanks... and I don't really feel like introducing atm but you can check out my profile; i'm looking mostly for age 20+ friends.

looking for new friends.

I'm Miranda Starr.

Nineteen years old.

Married to the love of my life, Matthew.

North Carolina Tarheels fan for life!

I'm looking for new friends that I have things in common with. I'm looking for people that do not mind when I rant and rave about everyday life. I'm looking for people that do not mind my dry sense of humor and smartalech-ness. I'm looking for people who actually update or post photos or know what "a day in my life" is lol. I'm just looking to meet awesome people with awesome lives :)

add me? or leave me a comment here & add me :)
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(no subject)

I never know quite what to write in these things so I'll try to keep it simple!

My name is Autumn, I'm a female and 20 years old. I'm starting this journal over again, I thought it seemed like it was time for a change. I'm a pretty simple and easy going person, I enjoy befriend all sorts of people but it's nice to have open-minded friends. I don't care if we have similar interests or if they're completely opposite.

I enjoy photography, mainly wildlife photography and I do post pictures I take in my journal, I get a pretty positive response from people.

In my journal I do talk about slightly more alternative things, things not consider "normal" by society, if you don't think this will bother you then please add me!

I don't care about your age, whether you're 13 or going on 40+ years old. I get along with all sorts of people.

I don't drink much and I don't do any drugs but I don't care if you do, I do talk about sex in my journal but I put it behind a cut and warn you. I can get a little graphic in my entries on occasion but this isn't the main focus in my journal. My main focus is just my day to day life, boring or not, that's what I talk about.

Please feel free to check out my user profile so you can see if you're interested in adding me. Don't let my profile intimidate you, I'm much more laid back than I come off in my profile.

Click here!

and i called her up to let her go today.

i almost always make the subject of my entries a lyric from the song that i'm listening to as i begin an entry. almost always. that one there is from "i'm asking her to stay" by sherwood.

my name is kristi and i have had my livejournal since i was a freshman in high school. i'm a junior in college now, so yeah. it's been awhile.

i love my livejournal. i go through periods of time where i abandon it, but it always draws me back in the end.

i'm almost 22, i'm from cincinnati, ohio but i live in chicago, illinois. i go to loyola university and i'm studying advertising and public relations. i live in a dorm that sits on lake michigan and it's beautiful.

i'm obsessed with prison break, the twilight saga, and harry potter. might as well fess up to my nerdy attributes right now. my friends and i watch saved by the bell everyday after class too.

my other interests include : being a complete text monster, reading whole books in one day, stalking the hottest guy i've ever seen at loyola who happens to be a freshman, creating lists for everything i do in life, dancing to enrique iglesias whenever i have a spare minute, laughing until i cry, spending money that i don't have, lecturing people about their caloric intake, smoking outside with lee & kaeli singing loudly, laughing about drunken adventures & spotlights with abby

my journal really reflects my stupid day to day worries. i can cover the entire human range of emotion in about two hours or less, so it's fairly common to have a raging bitching post, shortly followed by a "what the fuck is my problem" post.

i talk about boy problems & friend problems & school worries the most.

& i joined this community because i've always really enjoyed having objective third party people read my entries and give me feedback, but the people that i've had for years are slowly disappearing. i really enjoy reading my friends page and there has been a lack of entries as of late, so any new friends who think i sound mildly interesting should give me a chance. :]

talk to you guys soon, hopefully.
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(no subject)

i'm tabatha. i'm at the point in my life where i'm finding out what truly matters and what never did. i believe what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. i have high expectations for myself and won't ever limit myself for someone elses personal gain nor to make them feel better. take it as you want cause i probably do not care. i love snarky people and i am extremely temperamental. my emotions will probably eat you alive. i believe in astrology and unhealthy live by my horoscope.

i actually get to know my LJ friends. so expect to do just that in return.
i do not want to be another number to your list of a million friends.

my LJ usually consists of::
rants, conversations, venting when i am being overly dramatic, an occasional picture post, posts about books, random things about my day.

also, if you're "weird" we just might get along
or if you just have an obsession with loving cats.

friends? comment here or on the FO post.
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(no subject)

Hi, I'm Nikki. I'm 18 and from the lovely Jersey Shore, currently residing in the lovely warm suburbs of Miami, FL.

I enjoy making cryptic metaphorical entries, poignant thoughts, nostalgia, bright colors, oceanography, music of each and every variety, being a hippy, and being completely random.

I don't usually post anymore with my daily routines, although sometimes my friends-only entries have details about happenings, and boys. If enough interest is shown however, I'll let slip some details about my slightly exciting life.

Mmmmk. If you want to know more, just click on my username and you will be internetly transported to my journal of liveness.

Until then, Peace and Love.
Jack ew

Insert clever, witty subject headline here.

Hello everyone out there in Livejournal land.

I'm Adrian, I'm 20 and very new to this magical, sparkly thing that is livejournal. As such, I'm a little bit of a loner and would love to meet some new fantabulous people.

So here's some random things you need to know about me(and probably a few things you didnt really want to know):

- I'm from Sydney, Australia, but I'm living in Helsinki, Finland at the moment, studying at the Helsinki University of Art and Design.
- I'm a bit of an art nerd, with a slightly unhealthy fondness for theatre (I'm a theatre design major).
- I play the bass guitar incredibly badly (and I mean REALLY badly), but it presently is my new obsession.
- I dont act my age. I'm kind of a twelve year old in an adult body who probably shouldnt be allowed to drive or drink suspicious substances in bars.
- I can drive on the right AND the left side of the road! ...major accomplishment, beleive me.
- I have quite an interesting sense of humour.
- I've played field hockey since I was seven, but the moment the Finns tried to make me do it on ice, I managed to fall and break my wrist.
- I'm lactose intollerant
- I am a little bit dyslexic and there are simply some words I just cant spell.
- I have pretty eclectic taste in music. Some days my ears go "YEAH METAL!", other days I want to listen to jazz and I'm usually always up for some classic rock. Big fan of bands/artists like Nightwish, Brother Firetribe, Skid Row, Queen, David Bowie. The list could go on and on, but I'll spare you the details.
- I love travel. There is nothing I would rather do than wander around a foreign city by myself with a map and a camera.
- I tend to ramble a bit. ie, a LOT
- I also tend to make things out to be a whole lot more important than they actually are. drama queen? me? no...
- sarastic. need I say more?
- give me a mango (a propper australian one, not these sad rocks that europeans buy for some reason) or some cupcakes and I will love you forever.

well, that's pretty much me. Anything else anyone feels like asking, go for it.
hope I can meet some people here who have stuff in common.

add me?

love, affection, cupcakes etc,

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add me now

i'm a stallion and i'll be posting my home made porno movie and pictures soon. if you don't add me then you'll miss all the free real unstaged porn and rants from a recovering drug addict who gets his therapist to talk about all the coke he did back when he was young.

thank you!