October 17th, 2008

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Hi folks!
I'm Kelley. I'm looking for some people to add to my brand spanking new LJ. I changed my username recently and want some fresh material to read on my fpage. I'll generally read and comment anything so long as you know how to use proper grammar and spelling.

<3 = chocolate, margaritas, sarcasm, the environment, ambition, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, osteopathy, fashion, coffee, learning, medicine, neurology, black and white photos, football, college basketball, politics, Obama, most people I meet, reading trashy magazines, perfume, chill music (aka Mat Kearney, Joshua Radin, Jack Johnson, The Fray, Paolo Nutini, Ben Harper, etc etc), open-mindedness, red nail polish, shopping, flip flops all year long, warm rain, among other things.

</3 = radicals, those who don't vote, the MCAT, people who use their bluetooth devices in restaurants, cold rain, green beans, disorganization, people who are rude to "the help", paying bills, refridgerator-cold pizza, flavored toothpaste, tardiness, women who dumb themselves down to attract men, cockroaches, wet pantlegs on jeans, people who drown themselves in their sorrows -- I'm sorry, but get over it. I'm sure there are more I can't think of off the top of my head.

Also, my bio is up and available to read if you want to know more about me. Anything in common? Feel free to add me! Thanks!

New :)

My name is Liz- I am 34. I make music and take pictures, and have made a brand new LJ that I'd like to add lots of new friends to. Just wanted to say hi :)

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after doing a minor friends cut to my already very short list, i've realized how bare and boring my friends list is and i need more journals to read! i consider my life to be pretty interesting, usually crazy, sometimes a little ridiculous.

the basics; i' have a son, about to be 1 in 2 weeks. i'm 19 myself, dating my high school sweetheart, i live in venice, fl and i'm mainly a research manager dealing with real estate and home renovations. pink-haired and pierced, and still getting adjusted to a new town and my newly-crawling boy who is now getting into everything. my entries are not all about my boyfriend and son or work, i do other things and have other experiences. even after motherhood, i still go to shows and have a romantic relationship with my boyfriend and am still social. i keep up with my shit and i'm into music, movies, beauty (cosmetic; makeup, hair, skin), books, video games, and some other potentionally nerdy shit. i post at least 3 times a week and i post pictures every once in a while of myself, my boys or cool shit.


i won't add alcohol or drug abusers, people who only talk shit about other people or constantly whine about their lives or never update at all. please nobody under 18 or anybody still in high school.


thanks for reading. :)
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More Friends

My name is Tiffany and I am eighteen years old. (Nineteen in less than a month)

I am a black/asian mix living in the Midwest.(US)

My hometown is in Illinois, and I am currently attending the UW-Madison.

I suffer from Lupus(SLE) and trichotillophagia, but I am slowly recovering.

I am currently in a long distance relationship -- It started as an LDR over 2 years ago. My boyfriend and I met through World of Warcraft. (I'm HUGE on gaming. I've been growing with games since my younger years) He lives in Wisconsin, so the distance has shortened.

I have a very complicated story of myself that can boggle someone's mind when I tell them that my mom is Filipino while my dad is Thai. (Yet I'm still half black)

I have many stories to share and tell through my posts. Some are more current, some reflect on my past.

Some of my posts can range from a sentence to a short story.

I promise to read all of your entries, but don't expect a comment on each one.

I like getting to know my friends on a personal level, so I will often mention talking on AIM/MSN or texting.

Comment be here or on my journal to be added.

i want what you have if you'll give me what i need (x-post)

hi. zero here.

i am cringing slightly hitting the comms once more but i can't quite abandon hope that there are still intelligent, interesting, deep, and not-afraid-to-be-interactive people out there. if i am wrong, don't tell me. i need my pretty allusions.

i could tell you how i rant, or how i am a paranoid-schitzo freak.
or i could tell you all the things i'm into, hobbies and whatnot.
or how i am reserved, but want real connections with people so badly i could spit.

but it is hard to decide what might be the right approach. they are all me, more or less, but people dismiss entries or feel drawn to them by the tiniest of things.

stuff i am into in case it matters to you: i do like anime (so don't hate, it has it's value), TEA , drawing (i tend towards manga/doujin), writing (i have been known to write fanfics. long, intricate, yaoi ones), travel, learning foreign languages (namely japanese and french), reading, doing art stuff (i majored in it and snagged a b.f.a.), plants/herbs/gardening, uh.... naming my animals after other creatures? (not really a hobby or an interest, i suppose. but i have a bird called monkey, and another called termite), i like alcohol but not to excess - i will often have a drink to dull the tedium or annoyance that is dealing with work and/or people. i think that is a large enough block of text. if you made it this far, i am wildly impressed, and want you to add me right now.