October 22nd, 2008

Hey Hey!!

Name: Holly
Age: 18 (turning 19 on December 9th)
Location: Orlando, FL

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dellastarr

PLEASE! Add me! I need lots of friends and people to talk to on there too. And I PC4PC all the time ;]

This is me and my fiance, Alexander.

Now onto some more about me.

Interests: reading, writing, costumes, coffee, cigarettes, straighteners, black eyeliner, combat boots, jeans and hoodies, twilight series, fall and winter, fishnet, vampires, reptiles, night life, drawing, romance, bloody gore movies (even the cheesy ones), wolves and penguins, tattoos and piercings, bats, victorian times, anita blake, horror, the paranormal/supernatural, photography, cheese, old school punk, metal, the 80's, pauly shore, etc.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, headaches, feeling exhausted, the morning, paris hilton, not having any makeup, people who repeat themselves, sunlight and heat, jesus freaks, stressful situations, pointless drama, etc.

Books: the Twilight series, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Sookie Stackhouse, Cirque Du Freak, Harry Potter, many many many others.

Television: True Blood, Family Guy, The Sopranos, Chowder, Rocko's Modern Life, Spongebob Squarepants, Invader Zim, Grounded for Life, Degrassi, Instant Star, a lot of cartoons!

Movies: Almost Famous, Labyrinth, My Cousin Vinny, John Tucker Must Die, Fright Night, House of Wax, Thirteen, Pirates of the Carribean, The Dark Knight, The Departed, Goodfellas, Thirteen Ghosts, The Breakfast Club, Underworld, Blood and Chocolate, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, Jay and Silent Bob movies, Billy Madison, any Adam Sandler movie, Son-In-Law, any Pauly Shore movie, The Hot Chick, The Corpse Bride, etc.

Music: Dimmu Borgir, The Misfits, Nothingface, Wumpscut, Combichrist, American Head Charge, Sevendust, Job for a Cowboy, Circle Jerks, X-Fusion, HIM, Suicide Commando, Lacuna Coil, Sex Pistols, Dir En Grey, Cold, Moonspell, Horrorpops, 40 Below Summer, Ghost Machine, Paramore, Alexz Johnson, Insane Clown Posse, Lunatic Candy Kreep, Hollywood Undead, AFI, Lil Wayne, Slipknot (old), Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, The Deftones, Evanescence, etc.

I mainly write about my everyday life and what is going on in my life. My goals, my bad times, my good times. Random little posts. Pictures. And all that jazz.

Looking for more people to read about and chat with!
So feel free to add my Myspace

And add me on here!

Be sure to comment my Friends Only entry and let me know you added me and I shall add you back!!!
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! I'm Margaret =]
I'm a 19 year old college student. I was going for audio engineering, but ultimately changed it to nursing.
I live in New Jersey and I love it here.
I'm a violinist, and I love to perform.
I'm into all sorts of music. I love everything from Iron & Wine, 311, Rammstein and The Beatles to Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Bernstein.
I have one older brother, Aaron, who's been figure skating all his life.
I'm a big movie and politics junkie.
I love writing in my journal, and I do so daily. I try to keep it interesting, since I know others are reading.
I comment pretty regularly... mostly because I'm really opinionated, and always have something to say. =P
Add me if you like, just let me know on my friends-only entry please. =]
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Interested? Add me.

Hello! The name’s Angie =]

I’ve had my LJ since I was 12 and I’m 19 now, stopped updating when I was 15 and now I’m looking to get back on the track of updating and being into it as much as I was I really missed it.

Duuuue to my hiatus a lot of my friends on here either don’t update or have moved to different journals and I’m so far behind, so I’m looking for new friends. =]

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(no subject)

Hey everyone.
My name is Kiwi, im 17 and a psychology major.
i live in florida but moving soon.
havent decided if im going to stay in florida or not,
ima coffee addict, loud talker, lesbian, obama supporter, music lover, nicotine abuser
along with a ton of other things i could say to describe myself. but i think you should just get to know
me yourself :]


Приглашаю в интересное сообщество

Приглашаю всех желающих в новое, но уже информационно насыщенное фэн-шуй сообщество.

Для тех, кто не знает:

ФЭН-ШУЙ — это древнее китайское искусство, которое рассматривает человека и все, что его окружает, как единую структуру и стремиться привести эту структуру к максимальной гармонии. Фэншуй сочетает мистико-символическую традицию "И Цзин" (книга перемен) с принципами экологии, законами архитектуры и дизайна. Согласно фэншуй, здоровье, счастье и преуспевание человека во многом зависят от того, как обустроено его жилище и рабочее место.

Здесьвы узнаете не только много новой и интересной информации, но также и сможете сами задавать вопросы, делиться своим опытом.

Сообщество "Основы ФЭН-ШУЙ" обещает быть очень интересным, увлекательным и познавательным!!!

Также я, модератор сообщества и просто любопытный и интересующийся практически любым неизвестным знаниям человек, буду рада новым друзьям не только интересующимся ФЭН-ШУЙ.

Добро пожаловать!!!
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Hi everyone

Hi everybody. My name is Alma, I'm almost a seventeen year old girl.
I was born in Dominican Republic cause my dad was dominican, but I was raised and currently live in Spain, where my mum is from.
Im studying my last year of High School and next year I'll go to college where I'll study computer science.
I speak Spanish, English and French so u can talk to me in any of these languages;)
I'd like to meet new friends from all over the world, so if you are interested comment, add me and we'll start getting to know each other;)

Here are two pictures of me:
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ashley & jackson ;; just have sex alread

(no subject)

i took a longgggg break from livejournal in recent months. i redid my layout today and this is what i have to describe myself...

sara. nineteen. emotionally unavailable. trying to be strong but her world is falling apart. heartbroken. in love with chuck bass. unemployed. broken. happy. dreamer. sings in the shower. rip sarah. ilybb. fragile. lost in a world without her best friend. :(

atm, i'm not happy; my best friend died on the twenty nineth of september. i'm not sure where i'm going in life; to be honest, i'm not sure if i ever have known. i'm in ireland at the moment, but i'm going back to australia in three weeks; i lived there for over a year until sarah died. i make reckless, rash decisions. i'm a slut when i'm drunk, i drink way too much just for the sake of it. basically my life is a mess at the moment. i probably don't seem like the best person to add ahaha, but i'm a better friend online then i seem to be in real life. so i need more friends?

add me, i can be funny; sometimes...

i also feel honesty is the best policy, so from the get go people can know that i'm pretty much not the happiest person ever, so don't expect me to be?