October 24th, 2008


add me!

Hello my name is Amy and im 24 yrs old from minnesota. im a pretty cool person once you get to know me (: I like too read peoples journals and comment when I can..so if your interested in making a new friend add me!

Need A Chat buddy

A rainy wet Friday I'm looking for somebody to chat with on AIM.  I tried the AIM Whores community but I didn't have any luck there, so I thought I'd try my luck here. 

My AIM Screename is BamaMan5782


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hey everyone! I'm Kerri. I'm on livejournal a lot and i've found, over time a lot of people just stop posting... so here I am posting again, hoping to find people who actually post more than an entry a week. I spend a lot of time online so I update at least once a day or every two days and I comment a lot... well if I have something to say.. which is relatively often!

I'm 21 from Sydney, Australia. Currently studying Psychology and Philosophy. I love a whole range of music and tv shows (Check my PROFILE if you want more details.

I post pretty much about what is happening in my life, with the occasional rant about whoever has annoyed me that day. occasionally something creative will come up, but i'm suffering from massive writers block.

Comment here or on my friend's only post to be added <3xxxx
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hello. im erika. twenty (point five). currently living in austin, texas. i moved here two years ago to go to college and be a pre-med student but, honestly, right now i have no idea what i want to do with my life. i like to take everything in as it comes.

as far as interests go, i'm pretty open to anything new, except im scared of roller coasters and thunderstorms.

musically, i listen to a lot of (mostly female-fronted) indie pop, classic rock, and a whole lot of jenny lewis. my last.fm is here.

on the big screen, i like to watch horror films and pretty much anything intellectual. my favorites are strictly ballroom, elizabethtown, the namesake, waitress, and matilda.

television doesnt take up as much of my time as it used to, but i still like to sit down and watch some cnn, project runway, and sunday night cartoons on fox. (and im a big jeopardy fan.)

i dont have time to read novels anymore. but i can still hold conversations about literature. and my favorite book is walden by henry david thoreau, if that matters.

my journal is friends-only, but i do have a tumblr where i also post. i ramble sometimes, i have a short attention span, and i can get pretty complicated; but i try to break it up with some photos from my days (and nights). IM A FUN PERSON, I SWEAR. if you think you and i could get along, then feel free to add me :)
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stock- giraffe

love in general

So a while back I made this pretty much amazing community.

Its all based around relationships, friends, family, pets etc. Anything/anyone you love.

We share stories, give advice, and do different community post topics.


Along the road the community sort of died. There's still members but not many posts. However it seems once one post is made, others follow.

I thought if I did this, maybe we could get some new members and get love in general back on it's feet.

To learn more about the community, and view the userinfo click here.

Thanks! :]

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I'm Jennifer but go by Jenn, 23 years old. I`m married to a wonderful man, named Phillip [5.19.06] I was born and raised in Emporia, Kansas. When I met the love of my life, we moved to Missouri, and have been here for almost 2 years. We are planning on having children when we move, none as of now. I currently am employed at Taco Bell, working towards becoming shift manager, and love it so far. I love the backstreet boys, they are my all time favorite band. Guitar Hero, and Rock Band 2 are my favorite games. God is a huge part of my life. I have 3 pets a Chihuahua named Maddie and 2 cats Toby & Pogo.
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Hi my name is Tina (I prefer to be called Jesus, even though I am an Atheist). I've been feeling kind of lonely lately so I decided this would help me make some friends.

I ....
...am 13 years old
...go to a really small school, and like to talk about it
...love Twilight and Harry Potter
... am passionately in love with Charlieissocoollike (from You Tube)
...am very cliche, but still one of a kind
...use the words "alarming" and "prize" a little too often
...love comments, and love giving comments
...am here for moral support, if necessary
...like to talk about my days in detail, but I try not to bore you all until your eyes bleed
...have basically every internet account ever so if you need friends on other sites I am your girl
...love Aternative, Heavy Metal, british Pop, and basically every ther type of music excluding the Jonas Brothers and Country
....hope I make some friends from this community &hearts;

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wanted: new friends

so, it appears i want to have new lj friends who aren't people i know in real life.

so as most of you don't know me, here's a brief introduction to garrett sears.

- i'm 20 and live in Canada, just recently moved to Halifax Nova Scotia.
- i'm a stand-up improv comedian and actor.
- my favorite band is a 3-way tie between Pearl Jam, Coheed and Cambria and the Counting Crows.
- i work at a Tim Horton's. lol
- i have on-again, off-again relationships with homelessness, beards and alcohol.
- i'm very nostalgic.
- i'm very bipolar and suffer from severe depression and ADD and i'm very, very paranoid. i vent a lot on here.
- i have very little friends (by choice).
- i'm estranged from most of my family.

post a comment, add me or whatever.
i welcome everyone.