October 29th, 2008


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20 years old.
I am currently a student, becoming a Medical Assistant.
Looking for friends who i can relate to :)
Loves to read.
Big fan of Stephanie Plum Novels and James Patterson books :))
I love House.
I love Apple Cider.
I love to go for walks.

so add me if you want :)
I am open minded and acceptant of everyone-
unless u are creepy and beat your kids or something along those lines.

Please Note: My journal is Friends Only, for now, that might change in the future. So Comment on my FO entry to be added :)


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i'm evie.
i'm 24.
i live in new orleans, LA.
i've work at a ~well known~ book chain for over 3 years. (lol.)
i love radiohead, gogol bordello, amy winehouse, atmosphere..
i read a lot.

my journal mostly consists of me talking about stupid customers at work, my insane roommates, life, etc. i am also in NA, so i write about that sometimes. i update pretty much everyday and really enjoy reading other people's journals.

me (and one of my insane roommates in a brief moment where we were actually getting along)

add me here or on my friends only paragraph.
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my names Alyssa and I'm 21

I'm looking for new LJ friends

this is me...

I like wearing my batman mask :P

I also like youtube, wine, sudokus, winning scrabble, watching movies, and researching eating disorders.

I have a BA and I work at Gap

Add me ? :D


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Hey, I’m Liz and I’m 18 years old.
I try and update as often as I can, which is usually every day or every couple of days. My entries are mostly about my day and can get kind of long sometimes.
I’m shy, clumsy, quirky and a little bit dorky.
Some things that I really like are: writing, movies, fall, tea, Disney, junk food, imagination, puddles, magazines and the colors orange and yellow.
I don't drink or smoke, but I don't mind if other people do.
I don’t always comment on every entry, but I do always read what other people write.

Movies-- Titanic, The Last of the Mohicans, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Election, The Devil Wears Prada, Almost Famous, Catch Me if You Can, About a Boy, Love Actually, Life as a House

Music-- The Killers, The Postal Service, Red Hot Chili Peppers, All Time Low, The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, The Spice Girls, Queen, Radiohead, movie scores

TV-- Big Brother, Nip/Tuck, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Daria, Doug, Gilmore girls, Invader Zim, Survivor, Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years

Books-- Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter

Add me if you are interested =]
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My name's Amanda. I'm nineteen, and a resident of Kunkletown, Pennsylvania. I enjoy partying, music, friends, adventures, trying new things, making money, and meeting new people. Right now I am obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus. (Just thought that's a good thing to know.. haha). I'm a really fun and nice person, and I dislike drama a lot. In my journal I would probably write about illegal things so if that bothers you, you probably shouldn't add me. :( I also do not have the internet at my house, but I am at my moms quite often so I get to go on then. That being said, I definitely won't have an update everyday. But when I do update, it will be worthwhile. I also do comment and like to read what's going on with my friends, so I would expect you to do the same.
If you're interested, drop me a line. Here, or at my journal's friends only post. :)
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You should add me. I'm over the top and emotional and passionate and I'm starting a new part of my life next year. It's crazy and I'm scared and I want some people to get to know along with that. I write about friends, family and tend to ramble a whole lot.

I only just started my journal so there isn't much there yet. But take a chance. I want to get to know you, not you just get to know me.

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The names Hillary.
You can call me Killah everyone else does.
Kidding! I can't get anyone to call me that no matter how hard I try.
As you can tell I am a tad quirky. I love that word.
I am 19 going to a small community college in my home town.
I love to read, anything fantasy like. Rowling, Tolkien, Paolini and the like.
I can't say I am really a Twilight fan as I've never read them.
I am sure I'll see the movie though, it looks kinda cool. ;)

My favorite shows are Supernatural, Numb3rs, Psych, Heroes, Charmed,
Gilmore Girls, The Hills and a ton of other shows!
I live on Starbucks and Applebees. The Bee is my home away from home!
Giving me a pina colado is the fastest way to my heart.
Im a pretty loud and vibrant person.
I am pretty liberal in my thinking so if that bothers you stay away.
Really Im just looking for some cool people interested in making new friends.
If I sound at all okay to you guys comment or add me and I'll add you back.

Remember we should totally be friends! Add me all the cool people are doing it! ;)
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'Ello ello. New lj account for a new time. I'm tired of having inactive people on my friend's list. Sooo yeah. I update my journal as many as 6 times a day, to as little as once a week. Either way.

I'm Michelle. Call me what ever you want I'm more than sure I'll reply.

I'm the whitest Puerto Rican girl you will ever meet. lol
I'm a 20 year old starving artist (haaa nearly true). Watercolors are my absolute faaaavorite.
I'm also a photographer on a good day. (Never has good days.) I like to post pictures some times, mainly of the stupid stuff that happens in my life.

I'm a nerd. I love to cook.
I like to listen to Radiohead, MUSE, Coheed&Cambria, Tegan and Sara, bebop jazz, Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Chiodos, Ludacris, The Beatles, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra. Yeah I pretty much like anything with a beat.

I collect movies. Seriously, I love watching films from around the world.
I love going to the library. I go through books like there's no tomorrow. I like retardedly sappy romances (Yes Twilight...lol) and I love anything by Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park ftw.
I have a one year old daschund named Jett - he's pretty much my raison d'etre :D

I play video games, and board games all the time. Clue anyone?
I'm pretty effin' lame. I get all sad and sappy and bleh sometimes, but who doesn't?

And I'm one of those crazies that bakes pies to eat while watching new episodes of Pushing Daisies.
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Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm 19 years old. I'm a Christian, I love my Savior, but I will not try to force Him on you- never!

I'm married to the love of my life, we met online in November of 2007 and were married on August 30th of this year. I've never been happier! He is currently away at boot camp for the US Coast Guard so I'm looking to make friends that can help me through his absence.

I try to update as often as I have something to talk about. I LOVE making new friends! I love to text and talk to new people on the phone. I actually care about the people that I'm reading about in the entries, I dont' read an entry unless I've the time to read it thoroughly.

I'm a nanny in Orlando, Fl to 2 great kids! They keep me busy, but LJ is my escape to the real world when I need a break.

I'm rather interesting, once you get to know me. I'm bipolar, but I've recently become medicated for it. I love when people are able to relate to me.

Add me!