November 2nd, 2008

Want to be friends?

I was also known as "triplesixmafia" on greatestjournal (RIP). Anyhoo, looking to meet some cool people on here to add to my journal who like to comment update!

+Supports Obama 08!
+Engaged :)
+Living in Missouri, From California
+18 years old
+I'm sarcastic and I stand up for shit that means something.

Add me if your an honest person, thanks.
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Hey guys!

I'm new to LJ and looking for some new friends! Anyone who wants, add me and I will add you back! Here's some stuff about me..

I'm a female, senior in college
I go to school in Philly, but my home is in NY!
I love going out with friends, especially to bars where I can meet new people
I studied abroad in Rome last year!
My favorite movie is Forest Gump
I'm addicted to my GMail/ IGoogle
I don't believe in the zodiac, yet I read my horoscope everyday
I enjoy a good playlist, whether it be the Beatles, John Mayer, or Girltalk
I love, love coffeeee

Likes: anything Italian, European, intelligent conversations, good friends, milkshakes, running, pictures, holidays, my family, talks about life, bars, bartenders, drinks, vodka&diet coke, laughing, shopping, victoria's secret

Dislikes: whiskey, deceitful people, decaff coffee (what's the point?)

There it is, add me!
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Hi, I'm Heather. I'm a 23 year old student. I change my major like other people change their socks. I have a boyfriend of 3 1/2 years, three cats, one "stepcat", and a hermit crab (though, there will be a total of three in the future. I am a huge geek, but with a girly side. I don't care about race, gender, religion, subculture, etc. I think all people are interesting in some way or another, and would like to meet a wide variety of people.

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Hello little lambs<3
- I'm Jennifer Rae
- 18 and a full time beauty school student
- I work at Petsmart as a *professional* dog bather and I love it.
- I had quite a lot of friends over on GJ before it was put to rest and I just never bothered making a transition to another server but I really miss keeping a journal so I figure I might as well start one back up.
- I love reading other peoples entries and I do comment a lot because I like a good conversation.
- I'm very witty and sarcastic and you will see this throughout my updates whenever I get around to making some, and I post pictures of things a good deal of the time as well.
- I live in Michigan and I plan on moving to Chicago when I am done with school
- I would tell you what music I like but I know people are way too judgmental when it comes to that kind of thing so I won't bother ;)
- I have an uglydoll (Icebat!) that I named Lyle and I sleep with him every night, I use him as a second pillow
- I want to be friends with you! So add me. :)


Hi. I'm Jen from Ontario, Canada. I work crazy 12 hour rotating shifts in front of a computer, so the internet keeps me sane while I work nights. Work decided to block most of the websites I (and my co-workers) use on a regular basis, but forgot to block live journal, so I plan on using mine way more now! Most of my friends don't update their journals anymore, so I am looking for a few new friends to fill the void. :)

I'm 27 years old. I am happily married (for almost a year). We don't have kids yet, and don't have any intentions on having babies for a least a few more years. I have a kitty that acts like a child. :) I love to cook, bake and fill my tummy with delicious food. I collect ruby dishes from the 80's. I have a mannequin in my spare room that scares all of my friends. I am addicted to browsing houses for sale online. That's pretty much me in a nut shell. You can ad me if you find any of that interesting!
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*...Holla Atcha Girl...*

My name is Kati and I’m a 24-year-old from Michigan. I’m a full-time receptionist and I’m also a freelance writer (I have been for over four years now). I’m single and finally opening up to the idea of love again after a failed engagement. I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that everyone should have a happy ending that they deserve.

I would love to have more friends on LJ and would love for you to add me. I’m looking for geninue people – those who will take the time to read my entries and comment – just as I do for my friends. I’m relatively new to LJ, but I’ve had an online journal since 2002 (Blurty, Greatest Journal and Insane Journal). I actually met my best friend on GJ a few years back and I’ve also maintained another strong friendship via journaling for five years. If you are interested in gaining a new friend and getting to know me, please feel free to add me or comment on this entry! ♥
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hey there

My name is Olivia and I'm:
18 year old freshman in college
stressed and like to rant in blogs
trying to lose weight
enjoys others opinion
an anti social loser
and i tend to do things for the lulz
credit; wiggyboon

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hi i'm jerrica. i'm from boston<3 i love my red sox and celtics. and i love the city more than anything in the world. i love being surrounded by the bright lights and big buildings, it makes me feel alive. :) my day isn't complete if i don't have a medium sized iced coffee from dunkin donuts. (light with milk and four splenda, please.) i think i'm the craziest person i know, i love anything daring and going on unexpected adventures is my idea of a good time. traveling is my absolute passion. i've been to nine countries so far. i smoke, i drink, i party. get over it. :) i'm also extremely educated and am currently studying abroad in london. i want to be a police officer one day even though i'm a big hypocrite and find myself saying 'fuck the police' a whoooole lot. i love funky sneakers and scarves. and well, i do have interests in my info so go ahead and check em out. ps; i think people are amazing, therefore i want new friends. so be my friend, i'm super fun.

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