November 4th, 2008


*My name is Mari
*I'm 17, Aquarius
*I'm Finnish

Hobbies: Fitness Boxing, jogging, Postcrossing

Likes: Traveling, I've been in London and Paris several times. Everything British. Photography. Studying foreign languages. Psychology, Drinking. Smoking. Coffee. Cats. Movies. Chuck Palahniuk. Queen. The Beatles. House m.d. Disney, Sun...

Dislikes: Spiders, Liars, Swedish language, My hometown, Rain...

*I can speak English quite fluently
*I can speak French, Swedish (and Finnish of course)

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virgo bold

Hi! :)

I'm 25/f living in northern VA (we don't associate ourselves with the rest of VA, haha). I'm a huge sports fan, but primarily love hockey. I'm graduating from college in December with my BA in Anthropology and would like to be either a wedding planner or a cop. I have a VERY confusing love life (right now) and my journal is primarily me bitching about men. Add me if you'd like :)

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(no subject)

hey, i'm mia

i'm your basic, average girl - sixteen years of age. single. i live in a suburban area in
michigan with my mom. i'm what you'd call bi-curious (basically bi-sexual, but not really 50/50) i'm
agnostic/atheist. music is my boyfriend. my friends are my girlfriends and anime is my ex.

my favorite show is scrubs and my favorite band is paramore
im still in HS but i want to study law and psychology
i love quotes, inside jokes and my new cell phone

i want to change the world
i am going to be the change i want to see in the world

i love FACEBOOK and i hate MYSPACE
i don't care which you prefer

there's so much i could say about myself but i never know where to start and end
hopefully you want to get to know me,
add me, be my friend
- note: i normally don't rhyme like that -

- comment my friends only entry to be considered/added -

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Hey. Hello. Hi.. I`m Kerry.
Frommm Glasgow, Scotlanndd.
Last year of High School. 16 years old :)

I'm obsessed with Music and Art. I'm open-minded most of the time, out-spoken, and i try to be outgoing. I mostly philosophize, complain about everything, and talk about my goals in life. I'm sarcastic, I curse, and I tend to make any sentence into something dirty (Haha) . I'm kind of bored with life right now, and the only thing on my mind is getting past school and off hopefully to art school. I just can`t wait to leave everyone. Isn`t it nice how these things just sound too serious.

The Smiths Morrissey The Cure Radiohead Otis Redding Buddy Holly Sex Pistols Descendents The Beatles Blondie The Shins Ocean Colour Scene David Bowie The Clash Janis Joplin Beastie Boys Bloc Party Joy Divison Maximo Park Stone Roses Sonic Youth Echo & The Bunnymen The Stooges New York Dolls Velvet Underground Belle & Sebastian Gavin DeGraw Death Cab For Cutie Led Zeppelin Blur The Specials Madness Talking Heads Fleetwood Mac The Doors Elvis Costello The Runaways The Zombies Marc Bolan Kate Voegele.

Music. Lying on the floor. Alcohol. Good Books. Daydreaming. The Rain. Doodles. Laughing. Hanging Out. Alone Time. Walking. Ipod 24/7. James Dean. Mozza. Radiohead (Thom Yorke.) .John Lennon. In my own little world. Friends. Rants. Nice smells. Eye Contact. Confusion. Mysterious things. Weird objects. Good Conversation. Daxflame.

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Hi, This is my 2nd livejournal and I want friends.. now.
Look at my interests.. Lets see
I love drawing,
I am a girl, 18 to be precise. I live in canada in some little apartment with my friend, I love music, sleeping, drugs, movies..
I work at a music store.
I think most people are idiots but I like to talk to them none the less..
Just look at my interests, it will tell more.
I am interested in you, so add me.
Unless.. You are extremely religious (don't, you won't like me), Homophobic (I won't like you), or just plain dumb (we won't like eachother)


I'm Jennifer but go by Jenn, 23 years old. I`m married to a wonderful man, named Phillip [5.19.06] I was born and raised in Emporia, Kansas. When I met the love of my life, we moved to Missouri, and have been here for almost 2 years. We are planning on having children when we move, none as of now. I currently am employed at Taco Bell, working towards becoming shift manager, and love it so far. I love the backstreet boys, they are my all time favorite band. Guitar Hero, and Rock Band 2 are my favorite games. God is a huge part of my life. I have 3 pets a Chihuahua named Maddie and 2 cats Toby & Pogo.
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Hiiii!!!! I'm Liz...
I am 19 years old.
2nd year of community college
i love my friends and my family
i love life
i update most of the time
i like to comment
i like to be commented
i am very open, i won't judge you
i respect you and expect to be respected in you.

your journal is YOUR space, just like mine is my space.but a few comments or constructive critcism is welcomed! i like to write and anything elseeee. ADD Me! =]

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my name is shannon
I'm 28
mother of 1

I like to read and write fantasy. I'm a graphic artist for a local newspaper.
i love cartoons and cooking shows. I also enjoy cooking. I used to read comic books, now i just occassionally pick up a manga or get into a good anime.

I have a chronic illness i like to bitch about.

I also brag about my adorable son.

I'm working on separating from my son's father, so I complain about that.

I'm also making a half-arsed attempt at writing for NaNoWriMo.

Sometimes i draw.

mostly I write about my day. 

Wouldn't mind a few more like minded friends to read and comment.

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Hi, my name is Molly. I'm 20 years old.  I'm not gunna lie, my journal is kind of boring (dont judge my journal by the few entries that are public though, those are really old) .  Anyway, Ive had LJ since I was like 14, and most of my friends from then don't update anymore.  I like to comment on peoples lj though and I like when people comment on mine.  I mostly talk about school, my dogs, my boyfriend, family, and random stuff about my life.  If you want to be my friend comment here or somewhere on my LJ!
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The name's Elise, I'm an 18-year-old girl who, once wanted to be an actress for the sole reason that I'd be allowed to wear ridiculous wigs, fancy dresses and corsets without getting odd looks from strangers. Right now, the only thing I aspire to be is a successful make-up artist. Due to the lack of crazy wig-wearing opportunities, I religiously change my hair colour every month along with attempting to squeeze myself in a corset at least once a week. Life of the party? Absolutely. I'm eternally optimistic, oblivious and thoroughly insane. My favourite pastimes are playing Twister while being too drunk for words, singing along to every Wham! song out there, and making a complete ass of myself. If any of this sounds even remotely interesting, add me. A girl needs friends, even on Livejournal.