November 9th, 2008

blue, red, me

like, whoaaa

Hey, name's Sergio and I've been on this lovely planet for about 22 years now. I've been on LJ since 2003, and I created this journal two years ago.

Likes: the word "Rad," listening to amazing music when I'm sleepy, sketching while riding the bus/ferry/train, and people who take their time to read my journal.

oh, and I'm from NYC. and I'm brown. yeah, I'm rad.
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(no subject)

Hi, I'm.. thats not important.. a girl.. I'm 18.
I live in The canada area.. I work at a music store,
I love drawing,
I love music, sleeping, drugs, books, lots of philosophy.. movies....
Just look at my interests, it will tell more.
I am interested in you, so add me.
Unless.. You are extremely religious (don't, you won't like me), Homophobic (I won't like you), or just plain dumb (we won't like each other)
Oh and if your some ditsy girl who talks about boys and gossip.. I will.. kill you. dont add me.
but you. yes you!, add me.


 Hey, the name's Natalie.
I'm 14 but really mature for my age.
I live in the Northern Hemisphere. (Fine, I live in the USA.)
I'm half Russian.

Music is my life.
I love to shop.
My friends are great. (most of the time)
School is fine. Not the most exciting thing ever, but I get good grades.
People say I'm fun to be around.
I'm loud.
I love to talk.
I'm opinionated.
I can be very crazy sometimes.
But other times I can be really calm.
I live life to the fullest because there's just one life to live.

I'm not new to LJ, but I would love to find more friends.
I comment other people's journals, and I love logging on and finding new comments :)
My journal is friends-only, but I'm not too picky about who I add.

Do we have anything in common? Then please add me!
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Try again.

Okay, I've posted here before but I had semi-bad luck. I had some really lame people on my list, I'm not into one lined entries please people stop that for bobs sake. Plus, I just didn't like some of their personalities so I deleted them. Got a couple good ones though :). So anyway, here's the scoop..

+I'm 18 years old, live on my own with my Fiance.
+My dad is dead and my mom is a flake.
+I update often, with more than one liners. I really do enjoy reading peoples entries!
+Against war, more of a peacemaker.
+Voted for Obama, deal with it.
+Sarcastic & Outspoken

If you think you'd like to try me out, add me and leave a cmnt I'll add you I promise :).


Hello. My name is Natalia. I'm a 20-year-old Russian girl searching for friends. The journal will be in English.
I'm fond of taking pictures, traveling, languages and many other things. Like to read detective stories and books with deep sense and everything that makes people think and search for a sense.
I'm a student of pedagogical university, the faculty of English language. Also like web-designing.
Seem to be rather contradictive. Can smile while being sad. happy and unhappy at the same time.
I've just started writing here. Hope I'll find many interesting people here. Come to me=)

Just Like Marilyn

(no subject)

Hey, I'm Stacey, 21 years old. I'm a college student working on my paralegal degree and I am kind of close to being done with it. Yay Me!!! :) I'm Just looking to make some new friends. I like reading and commenting on journals because it gives me things to do beside stupid school work, which is a bad thing sometimes :) Heres a little about me...

I am originally from Charlotte, NC
I now live in a small town just north of Tampa, Florida
I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan!
I love to dance
I'm a sports freak
Baseball is my favorite sport and I love the Yankees and the Cubs
I have no tattoos but would love to get one
I love art and could spend all day in a museum
I love to laugh so I do it a lot
I like making others laugh and am known to act stupid to make them
Unlike most my age I enjoy reading and could spend all day in a book store
I read one book about ever two to three weeks
One of my favorite DJ's is DJ AM
I love watching the news and getting into politics
I love a good debate

Plus there is so much more to me. So Add me and I'll add you back :)
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(no subject)

(what do people generally write for this? i have no idea what to put!)

hello. i'm krista.

i'm sixteen-years-old and a senior in high school.
i don't know what you can expect from me. musings of my "ever-so-dramatic" high school life, my love for count basie and jack kerouac, my aspiration to play the ukulele like julia nunes... etc.

i like jazz. hip hop. techno. music... film. edward norton. the beat generation. thinking. buddhism.

i'm buddhist. and vegetarian. there is no connection between the two.

i'm trying to get into the habit of writing at least one entry a day... and i like reading other entries. i usually comment when i have something to say, but i can assure you that i read every one.

i compare my life to jenga sometimes, even though i've never played jenga in my life.
oh yeah, and i had my first s'mores last week.

(no subject)


My name is Jammie.
I'll be turning 21 this Wednesday!
I live in New Jersey.
I have an amazing boyfriend, John.
We've been together since 01.03.08.
We've also got an 8 month old puppy.. his name is Chewie.
I love my family.. even though its mass chaos around my house.
I'm the youngest & only female out of 4 children.
I also have 4 nephews and 1 niece that I absolutely adore.
I'm a full time student, with a major in Social Work.
I work full time as well for my families business.. which is great sometimes, but horrible at others.

I love hockey, movies, music, coffee, anything green, turtles, elephants, pretty much all animals, & books. i watch one tree hill, house, true blood, prison break, and a lot of animal planet.

My journal is friends only. I mostly talk about school, work, my boyfriend, my family, my puppy and just my daily life.

Comment on my friends only post if youre interested :)