November 16th, 2008

Twitter Friends? :"D


Don't use LJ anymore unless for comm posts. I simply "tweet" now. It's just easier, 'cause I'm a lazy ass.

Looking for "followers" and others TO follow on Twitter. Slow days at work/need interesting people to keep me semi-occupied.

About me (should any of you care):

• 21/F/"The Electric City", PA

• Unattractive twat- loves cats, rolling around in blankets, jasmine incense, my NDS Lite (NINJA TOWN!), eBay, college radio, The Clash/Joe Strummer, cigarettes, Fred, saké, cheap wine and egg noodles

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(no subject)

so hi, i'm sam ♥
+ seventeen.
+ southern tennesse.
+ senior.
+ bisexual.
+ pagan/christian.
+ taken.
+ coffee.
+ horror.
+ hair.
+ cigarettes.
+ piercings.
+ tattoos.
+ hello kitty.
+ the color green.
+ glitter.
+ texting.

music ♥
HIM, 69 eyes, daniel lioneye, nightwish, apocalyptica,senses fail, underOATH, marilyn manson, queen, jack off jill, good charlotte, mest, dance gavin dance, brand new, dr. acula, otep, [old] slipknot, avenged sevenfold, atreyu, lacuna coil, evanescence, cradle of filth, shiny toy guns, kill hannah, the yeah yeah yeahs, + anything techno. ++ a lot more.

i haven't been such a good LJ friend, tbqh. i had a really slow computer that never let me check my friends' pages. but now i have a new computer & i can be a good commenter again. i hate trying to sum up myself in one entry, because it's impossible for anyone. i'm very complicated, but simple at the same time. i love, i hate.
i brag, i complain. if we have anything in common, feel free to add me. i need new friends for my new journal.

oh &

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I'm Tessa. Seventeen.
I live in Wisconsin.

I'm the kind of kid who never tries in school and gets straight A's anyways.
I compulsively decorate my walls and ceiling.
I'm addicted to (online) shopping.
I play ice hockey. It's all I ever do. It's all I ever want to do.
I don't really know how to make friends.

I like girls. And boys (sometimes).
But right now I'm totally consumed in unrequited love.
I don't eat animals. Or caffeine. Or sugar.
I mostly just eat lettuce.


I know who I am.

Add Me? ♥


Just call me Susan.
I made a new livejournal because I thought itd be interesting to be someone else for a while and to write out my thoughts in a story and have no one know for a positive fact who I am. so i'm making some friends here to have a bigger variety so no one knows who i am or where i come from.

~ I'm in high school.
~ I am like the only girl on the face of America that isn't bisexual. I don't swing that way. (:
~ Susan is not my real name, but please use it!
~ I am a Beatles obsessor.
~ I live in America. I carry the Constitution with me at all times, because I think it's our job to at least know our rights because really, you don't have any if you do not know them.
~ I love wearing white.
~ I love silver eyes. ;]
~ I like making up stories. Some call it lying, I call it creativity.
~ I'm immature, but deep.
~ I love living.
~ I have a nasty past.
~ I LOVE pastels.
~ I am an artist.
~ I am a peculiar specimen.

Add me? <3

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stock- giraffe

You Know The Drill~

My name is Ashleigh.
[[Yes that's really how its spelled]]

I'm from Chicago Illinois, USA.
[[I will always live here, my heart belongs to Chicago, its where im meant to be]]

Im in love with Damen.
[[we've been together since 6.3.06]]

I love art, all forms of art.
[[art has been my gateway since I could hold a crayon]]

I make a living taking care of kids all day, everyday.
[[I love kids and do anything I can to make their lives better]]

I have eleven pets, I love animals.
[[everything from hamsters, to birds, to cats, to dogs, to pythons, to bearded dragons]]

I have a lot about me in my userinfo.

If we have anything in common, and you want to be friends, please go to my friends only post and leave the comment there and I'll add you.

[[In case it matters, that's me in the usericon]]

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(no subject)

Hey, there!

My name is Sazzy, (or Sandra, but I prefer to be called Sazzy) and I am from Sweden.. I'm not exactly new to LJ, but it's always fun to have some new friends, isn't it? :)

So, about me then...

Name: Sazzy
Age: 19, my birthday is on April 27th
Live: Sweden
Sexual orientation: I'm bisexual
Status: In a relationshop
Interests: I love writing and drawing, or sitting by the computer. I also enjoy roleplating.
Obsessions: Harry Potter is my biggest obsession. My favourite pairing is Ron/Hermione, so it would be a plus if you like them too :) IBut you don't have to :P

What more about me? I'm into goth, and I love everything that's supernatural. I'm also very shy around people I don't know.

What do I post about? My life, Harry Potter related stuff, my thoughts, and sometimes, just random stuff. I sometimes post pictures and memes too.

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I am here seeking LJ friends. This is a new journal, but I have been on LJ for sometime. I am about to turn 19 in a few weeks, and I am about to make the biggest transition of my life this week which leads me to a brand new journal.

This journal will contain indept interpretations of my confusions, disturbing memories, the progress of my life, amusing encounters, and my emotional splurges. I want people who do the same. I am quite open-minded and I dislike those who discriminate, so that's an obvious no in friending. I am looking for true interaction, not just sole commenting on journals. I want actual friends, considering that this is the only outlet for myself that I have ever had. I do not hold back on details, or on my own opinions in my journal and I'm rather straight foward with advice.

If you write about your fandoms, or your material wantings, or the spammings of mems and other useless crap, do not add me. I want to read about peoples lives, I want to learn from them, and be able to help them in any case. Not useless crap that I cannot benefit from.

I'm always on the computer if I'm not at college, and well. Yes, if this is any appealing to you at all, feel free to drop a comment or to add me. Be fore-warned that most ages below my own are over-looked, but who knows.

Where are the beloved conversationalists?
[LOVE] 11.22.07&lt;3

(no subject)

I'm Renee,
I'm 19-going-on-20. I'm in love with Zack - since November 22,2007.
I have piercings (2 in my tongue, my right eyebrow, and my nostril),
I'm a student at triOS college in London Canada, taking their 29 week program to be a PSW (personal support worker)
My best friend is my cell phone & laptop, and my orange, female tabby cat is the love of my life.
I love music, movies, anything that has to do with health care (TV shows).
Country music is pretty much my heart & soul. I LOVE to laugh. I laugh at a LOT - because I think most things are pretty hilarious.
I like to cook. I experiment with food often.
I suffer from severe anxiety, bipolar, and depression, and am heavily medicate for all three.
I'm currently going through a rough patch in my life - on October 9, 2008, my beautiful mother had a second stroke. she's still in the hospital, and has been since October 10. she's unable to talk, walk, or swallow, and can barely write.

I'm a huge bookworm.
I have a huge obsession with my hair - I take care of it like it's my child. And I don't care what people think about it, hair is very important to me.
Diet coke is another obsession. I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band, and have a large, rather unhealthy obsession with horror movies, and coloring.
We recently moved into a brand new house that we had custom built for us.
I LOVE to take pictures - I'd like to take up photography as a side job.

I'm just interested in having some new friends, and friendly faces to my livejournal.
Would love to have someone around to talk to, who I can get some kind of advice from.
Add me if you're interested♥