November 23rd, 2008

Need new LJ friends!

New to LJ and I need friends. I'm 30. I am a vegan, pagan, and I love (doom, black and death) metal as well as all kinds of other intense and not so intense music. My favorite food is chocolate soy milk, I have a dog and a cat. I love epic fantasy novels as well as history and biographies. I also really dig girls with tattoos...

like a rolling stone.

hello everyone, i'm britni & i'm kind of craazy!
i live in york, pa & i'm a fashion student at the art institute here.
i like music, reading, learning, fashion, fall time & the rain.
i like to snowboard too, but i've only been like two times.
wow i'm a nerd lol.
oh yea, i forgot, i'm obsessed with the 60's!
the 20's were pretty sweet as well.
drugs are kind of cool i suppose, sex too!

alright, well if you're interested just comment my friends only post :D
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Looking for New Friends

Well, lets see, where shall I start. My name is Sarah, and I am a 26 year old single bisexual female who is from the lovely state of Texas (Hook'em Horns!!!!!). I graduated from UNT (Do you believe in the Mean Green?????) in December of 2006 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology. I'm currently in the process of trying my hand at writing, which I'm trying to learn everything I can about how to get things started and how to get it published.

I honestly don't know what I want to do career wise, but I am currently a Special Education Aide while I am still working on my teacher certification. I retook my TExES #161 content test on August 2, 2008, and I finally passed it on the 6th try. I took my TExES #160 test on November 8, 2008 and I'm hoping the first time is the charm with this test as I will find out the results on November 28, 2008. I have decided that I still want to try being a teacher while looking for other jobs in the event that no one wants to hire me as a fulltime teacher.

I enjoy all kinds of things, just look at my list of interests to get a better idea of what I do like. I am an outgoing person once I get to know someone, I love to comment on livejournal as well as post journals on here. Anything else yall want to know about me, just read my journal entries and post comments or send me an email to get to know me better.
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(no subject)

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.

I hate the Catcher in the Rye. I've read it twice (in and out of school) and still hate it.
My name is Alicia. :)
My age is irrelevant, but I am in High School.
I like reading.
I like music.
I don't like movies very much.

Je voudrais parle francais.
En escuela, estudio espanol.
No me gusta escuela.

I absolutely adore living in my very small Massachusetts town.
I absolutely love the theater.
I absolutely hate sports.

So...add me?
abby normal

In conversation, she spoke just like a baroness!

my name's sofia. 20 years old, and from the mitten state, in the us of a.
i go to university for special education.
amo molto la lingua e la cultura italiana, perchè i miei nonni sono di Palermo.
i'm spoken for by a handsome devil of a man, who goes to college with me.
i love photos, collecting and taking, and i post a lot of them in my lj.
i always write entries with my fam in mind, so anything i wouldn't want them to see/read, i will friendslock it.
i've got dreams to travel far and wide-hopefully someday i will.
i'm good at commenting, and being a good lj friend. (:

quick links:
recent (non-friendlocked) stuff
lj profile

if you want to be my friend, comment here or on my friends only entry. (:
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looking for people with similar interests

I'm looking to broaden my friends list a bit. I'm hoping to find people that share some of my interests, so that we have a bit to talk about. In particular, I'd like to find people that share the following interests:

(1)Personality Theory. I'm really into personality typing systems such as the Enneagram, MBTI and Oldham Styles. I post about this somewhat regularly. I'm a so/sx/sp 4w5, INFP, Serious-Mercurial-Idiosyncratic-Sensitive. If you know what any of those things mean, then I'd love for you to add me.

(2)Grad school. I'm in grad school right now. I'm finishing up my MA in philosophy this year, and applying to my program's PhD program. As is probably the case for most grad students, some days I love it, other days I hate it. Whichever it is, I write about it a lot. I'd like to meet other grad students who get where I'm coming from with this.

(3)Philosophy. Of course, even if you aren't in grad school, if you have some interest in philosophy, we probably have stuff to talk about. In particular, I do continental philosophy, with my AOS being 19th century continental philosophy. Again, if you know what that means, please add me.

(4)German. I'm taking a course on German translation this semester. I really enjoy translating. I'm hoping to continue my studies this summer in Germany, and hope to eventually spend a year there when it comes time to do my dissertation. I've been to Germany twice. I'm not nearly fluent enough at this point to post in German, but I do often talk about my interest in German, what I'm translating, and will no doubt post about my upcoming adventures in Germany. So, if you have a fondness for the German language, German philosophy or German poetry (especially Goethe or Hölderlin) feel free to add me.

This list isn't meant to be exclusionary. If you look at my journal and want to add me, feel free. I will say that I'd like people I could talk to via LJ on more than just the "good luck!" or "cool shoes!" level, and common interests seem the best way to facilitate that. That said, even if you don't fall into one of the above categories, but think we'll have a lot to talk about, feel free to add me.
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(no subject)

Haven't done this in forever.

I'm Julie. I've had this LJ since 2005. I update on a regular basis about anything & everything. I bitch, rant, post vague entries, whatever I feel like. I don't censor myself. I don't ask people agree with, or even like what I have to say, but to RESPECT IT.

That means; don't attempt to insult me, attack me, or try to start any e-fight with me. I WILL own you, then take you off my list & forget you forever.
If you simply don't agree or don't like my entry, then don't reply to it. Bitch at me in your head, like I do with entries I don't like from my friends.

I love photography. I don't do many picture posts, but I do update my flickr. I may post a picture here & there, but it's best to just look at the other site from time to time.
I'm a pretty friendly person & love to talk with my LJ friends. I reply to all comments I receive. If you're looking for someone to comment on all your entries, keep scrolling.

I'm turning 21 in january, majoring in journalism, random, at times outspoken, opinionated, bored, restless, hyper, tired, single & greatly enjoying it & so many other things that can't possibly fit in text.

I'd prefer to add people around my age (18 & up plzzz) & I'm not interested in reading anyone's drug posts. We don't have to have a million things in common, but a sense of humor is required. I'm extremely sarcastic. Reply here or on my friends only post.

(no subject)

the name's Robyn. but you can just call me nightwing.
God tops my list. the people i can actually count on in life, i can count on one hand. i am very passionate about anything that takes my interest. i am completely obsessed with penguins. i spend about two hours a day watching Scrubs. i'm a few notches down from the most conservative you can get. i plan on majoring in accounting and racking up the money. someday i will travel the world. i am definitely an animal lover. i enjoy writing my name in the condensation on the windows of cars. i will not judge you. i love meeting new people from all parts of the world. i have cherries on my shoes. i've been told that i'm very direct. &i never know the best way to end these introduction paragraphs.

my posts:
-will sometimes be super vague. i fancy one liners. but don't indulge too often.
-i sometimes write posts to certain people, who i know will never read it.
-i will most likely complain about my job but i'll keep it limited.
-i do like to incorporate song lyrics/quotes/etc.

if you want to add me, just comment my friends only post! :)
but please only add me if you really want to be friends &take an interest in my life :)
because that's they kind of lj friend i will be and that's what i want in return. thanks.

(no subject)

Name: Stacey

Age: 20

Place: Bicester, Oxford

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, poetry

Interests: see profile

Why you should add me: I am open and honest about what I think, but not to the point where I make you cry like a big fat baby. I comment all the time and please don't add me if you are going to comment every blue moon. I am not asking for every post. I live in Oxford with my two beautiful babies Thomas (19 months) and Elliana (8 months). I really never have a clue what to say in these things ... so yeah, add me if you want someone open, honest, tactful and interesting in your life.