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Name: Davey
Age: 21
Location: Pennsylvania
I've been on LJ since I was about 15 years old or so, I've had many different
journals and I took a verrryy long needed break but now I am back and loving
every minute of it... but.. I need some new friends :D

A Little About Me:
I enjoy music and art a lot. I'm addicted to Photoshop and I love to create.
I'm a very open person, I don't judge people of any nature.
I'm a bit of an artist as well. I also enjoy theatre, photography, painting, drawing: the list goes on.
I am a unique individual, I don't go along with the crowd.
Randomness = Me.
My journal usually consists of daily things. I do curse, just letting you all know incase
some of you can't handle that - but I'm not a jerk so you probably won't see me in the
act of completely cursing someone out.

Go ahead and check out my profile page for more little facts about me!
I post everyday, multiple times. I try to comment as often as I can, too.
If you'd like to add me, either leave a comment here or on my friends only entry
of my journal. I love meeting new people, so don't be shy :D
I'll add pretty much anyone.

Or you could just skip the whole thing and add me straight away.

I want new blood on my friends page, please! Most of my friends have fallen very inactive as of late and anyway, it's been way too long since I last scouted for new people to stalk. I mean, read.

I'm 21 years old (22 in January which is pretty damn depressing) and live in Finland. (At the moment I'm actually living with my parents, which is driving all parties involved totally bonkers. And yes, this IS pretty pathetic. The reason for this situation is last spring and my amazing capabilities as a professional fuck up on the financial front. Enough of that, though.)

I write about my short term/long term goals, about everyday life, my job, the games I play, the books I read, the things I'm excited about, the things that piss me off, the things that amuse me - you get the drill. But more than that I use LJ to read other people's journals.

So, if you want a new reader for your scribblings, please add me. It'd be a big bonus if you can actually spell and occasionally write about unfandom-related things. Nothing against fandoms and fanfiction, I just want to read about real people and real lives, not about fictional characters.

Other than that, anything goes. The more different from me you are, the more interested I will be in reading about your life. So it doesn't matter whether you're female, male, young, old, religious, atheist, outgoing, introverted, angsty, bubbly, confident or shy, as long as you update a lot and write well, I'd be happy to have you on my friends list.

(I'm crossposting like woah so if you have more than one of the more active addme communities watched then sorry for flooding your f-page.)

Like minds

Add me....on myspace

Nickname: T-chan
Location: Norfolk, VA, USA
Martial Status: Married
Age: 25

Interests: psychology, forensics, crime shows (cold case files, city confidential), the history channel, anime, astrology, manga, yaoi, fan fiction, romance novels, heroes, martial arts, sword collecting, ren fairs, archeology, vh1 best week ever, E!, talk soup, you tube, poetry, harry potter, video games, buffy, WoW, comics, celeb gossip shows, etc.

About me: Many describe me as a big kid. I love comics, video gaming and anime. I don't drink or smoke like most of my "adult" friends. I have so many toys in my house that you'd think I have kids (nerf bats, guns, anime figures). My goal/dream is to be a forensic pathologist or a criminal psychologist. I'm a navy wife which is hard as it is. I'm just looking for more friends that share my interest and I chose myspace because I hardly use my LJ (unless commenting on smutty fan fic lol). If you've like what you've read, feel free to add me and thank you. :)

Myspace url:

o_OChristia O_o

My Name is Christia, it's said christy-ahh ... People seem to have problems with that.
I live in America,  I've been called an ignorant American more than once by my not American Neighbor,
However I thought he was American... It's all good.

I'm out going, I like everyone,  except my fiance's exish-wife.
I have two step kids and a son of my very own, he's cute. My life is dull, and I like reading about other people's
lives, just because it feeds me being nosey.  Yay,  I'm horrible at spelling,  sometimes it's just a bunch of typos because I think I type faster than my brain actually processes it...

so give me an add.

comment on my friends only page please:)

I'm Jennifer, age 23 Married to a wonderful man named Phillip but he likes to be called Phil. We got married May 19th 2006 :] we are very happy with our life right now! we are doing better than we ever have! we got together online, and we met in person, and we met we have been together since  022705 :] I currently work at taco bell,hes in the Air Force, but hates it cant wait to get out!
I need friends that will actually comment I love to comment if you post pictures or update bout how life sucks all the time don't bother adding me.
I am a Christian I believe in God.
I love the backstreet boys its my all time favorite group.
My favorite shows are

Steve Wilkos show
Dirty jobs
survivor  man
cash cab
what not to wear
law and order  ( svu )
A Haunting

favorite movies
hide and seek
man on fire
i am sam
uptown girls
twilight ( yet to see but I'm sure its going to be a good movie )
spider man

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Hello My name is Trinity. I'm 18 years old. A senior in HS. I'm different from the other girls at my school.
I'm not a jock, cheerleader, metalhead, punk, or emo... I am simply Me.... I do not classify myself.
At my spare time I like to write, read, draw and play guitar.
You could call my a hopeless romantic.
I'm single.
Theres really not much about me unless you talk to me...
So if you wanna know a random person... then hit me up

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Hello everyone.
My name is Hannah. I'm 18 years old and I am a freshman at my local University, Psych major. I love to analyze life and get to know interesting people. I love movies, writing, shopping, learning, loving, and music.
To understand the type of person I am:
My favorite musicians are: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab for Cutie, Paramore, Mae, Muse, Deftones, Katy Perry, Kate Nash, Underoath, The Presets, and Say Anything.
My favorite books are: The Twilight series, The Lovely Bones, Lucky, The Insiders, and anything by Nicholas Sparks.
My favorite movies are: Twilight, Step-Brothers, Knocked up, Speak, Steel Magnolias, The Lord of the Rings, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Big Fish.
I have only had one real love in my life. I believe that when you really love someone, you love them forever. And that is what I intend to do. I am currently single and looking for someone who can understand me. I am highly considerate of other's feelings, polite, friendly, and funny at times.
I am looking for friends of either gender who have any of the same interests as I do (above). I will help you through anything if you need advice, console you if you are feeling jilted, and try my best to make you laugh if you are unhappy.
I'm a good friend.
If you like what you hear, don't be shy to add me.

Here is a picture of me, in case you are curious.

be open

Sorry if it's a bit wordy.

My name is Lauren and I'm a 20 year old college student. I moved to Chicago in April (partially influenced by love, partially influenced by an unrelenting desire for change). I do love Chicago, but am moving back to Florida to finish up school and graduate by the time I'm 21. I am looking for new friends on livejournal because, while I love the ones I have, a great deal of them have been around for years and it's nice to have fresh faces.

Things I Care About:

Politics, American and international. It's what I'm pursuing in school. I got to spend Election Night in Chicago, which was a blast. I don't pigeon hole myself in regards to party affiliation, though I am a socially liberal individual. Feminism, patriarchal influence on women, advertising, literature, Hollywood, etc. Volunteering, social activism, npos/ngos. I worked for a bit for Greenpeace as one of those people who tries to stop and chat you up about the environment. I volunteer as much as possible. When I move back to Florida, I'm going to try to initiate greener business practices and bike lanes for cyclists. I like to bake and craft and be an old lady. I don't self-censor. I'm an atheist who respects those with belief systems. I have a love affair with whiskey and folk-punk.

As far as entertainment interests go: I watch Mad Men and The Office religiously and wouldn't mind having people to talk about it with. Oh, the things I would do to Don Draper.

Things I'm Dealing With:

A quarter-life crisis/search for purpose/bullshit middle class angst. A confusing ex. An eventual move. Figuring out my oft-perplexing sexuality.

Thing I Write About:

Right now I find myself writing way too much about the mundane everyday, and I'm trying to change that. I leave about 30-40% public, so you can see what I've written here.

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Hi there! I'm Maggie, 18 years old and live in a small town just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. Currently studying Law at university (and not exactly enjoying it).

I'm just new to LJ, though I've had other blogs in the past. I'm just looking for some new friends to talk to, since it's pretty pointless writing entries that no one will read!

Anyway, about me: I love reading, writing, Harry Potter, comedy shows, science, photography and these will probably be the main content of my posts. If you want someone who'll take take the time to read your posts then I'm your girl.

So feel free to add me!
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