December 5th, 2008

Hey everybody :)

I'm Sylvy.
I'm 19, turning 20 soon.
I was born & raised in the sunshine state (Miami<3) but now I live elsewhere in Florida and in a year or so I expect to move to Cali.
I'm studying Public Relations and Film with a theatre minor.
Needless to say, I talk a lot about movies/film news/pop culture in my blog.
My other passion, probably my biggest one, is music...I've got a 19,000 iTunes library and it's still growing...I listen to a bunch of different kinds, including indie, old-school rap, punk rock, classic rock, classical, film scores and spanish pop. So that's another big topic in my stuff I'm into, I make plenty of recommendations & write about shows I go to.
I'm very involved in my school, it makes for a lot of good stories :D
It also make for being busy, but since I work in an office (and there's not much to do here) I update pretty often and I do my best to stay on top of other peoples LJs.
I'm perfectly bilingual (English/Spanish) and know some French and Italian as well.
My family is Cuban/Spanish/French & I love my culture(s) & try to keep in touch with them.
A conversion to Judaism might be in my future, I find it really fascinating.
Some hobbies of mine include reading (Emerson, Hemingway and Klosterman are favorites), writing (I do journalism for fun and I write tons of poetry, some of which I post on my LJ), photography, shopping (BCBG Max Azria, Forever 21, Urban & Badgely Mischka = <3), traveling, watching soccer games, working out or trying to convince myself to, hanging out with my lovely friends & family, going to the beach and just having fun with whatever comes up.
I'm very opinionated, but not in a pushy sort of way, I have manners.

As for how I look, I'll share with you what is possibly the best picture of me ever taken...

Halloween 2008. Part Daisy-from-The Great Gatsby, Part Shark-Attack victim, all around badass :D

I've been told I'm an interesting person and I definitely know how to be a friend so comment & add me :)

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(no subject)

● Argus, 21.
● Am in this for good friends, interesting and creative friends, not numbers.
● I like to get to know my flist, so don't add me if you don't feel the same.
● My tongue has many emotions.
I am friendly and understanding.
I am appreciative of having an flist which features different kinds of people from various walks of life.
I'm not judgmental or argumentative.
● English major, Psych and Religion minor at University - In a relationship.
● I try not to post too much about either of the above, unless they are largely dictating my life at the time.
● Currently rekindling a long lost passion for the arts, various of them.

I'll friend you back if you leave a comment on my friend's only entry - found here.

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im not going to write a large essay about myself.

instead, ill go for the basics.



pierced, not yet inked.
music: hardcore, psychobilly, death metal, punk.
im addicted to texting [unlimited<3], spongebob, monkeys, and monster energy drinks.

i always have sleepovers.

i have social anxiety irl.

i have separation anxiety kinda =/

but ya. get at me, ill try to be a good lj friend =]]

ohh, and a pikcha =]
birds // kurt halsey

Hello there.

My name is Tiffany and I'm twenty three years old. I live with my boyfriend of three and a half years. I just recently took a hiatus from LJ for about seven months, because of personal things going on in my life. You think that would make me write more, but to write I have to be vulnerable and I wasn't ready to be. I am ready to share again and would love new friends to share my life with and to read about. I'm a lover, of most anything, but if I don't like it I really despise it. This is with all things, even people.

When I am involved in the LJ world I am all about loyal friends, who would like to comment and be commented and who update regularly.

I love knowledge of every kind, I am constantly reading to figure out as much as I can about anything that I can. Pretty much anything can interest me. I work at a bookstore, currently, who knows where I'll be working tomorrow. I'm trying to fit my life together, as I have always done. Haven't we all?

I mostly write what's going on in my life, what's on my mind or beating up my brain, random thoughts, sometimes ramblings and will also now be posting my writing (which you can ignore if you're not into that sort of thing).

Comment my friends only post, please.

Looking for some new friends

Looking for some good, quality LJ friends. :)

- I'm Alysia. It's pronounced like the username.
- I'm 19.
- Attending university in Arizona.
- Majoring in psychology.
- I have a love for the arts and creative things.
- I am pretty much a stoner who dabbles in other drugs, but gets her shit done. If that offends you I'm not the gal for you.
- I can get along with pretty much anyone.
- I also LOVE Harry Potter.

Add me if you're interested! :)

Another go

I'm a 24 yo boy from Portugal.

I love music. I constantly listen to music and it's the topic of most of my conversations.
I enjoy comedy and funny situations. I'm the clown of my friend circle.
I can't relate to most human beings. The ones I do relate to I keep very close to me. It's very hard for me to truly like or care for someone.
I am shy and not very good in starting up conversations.
I am not religious or spiritual. I believe in personal freedom: everyone is entitled to do whatever they want, as long as they don't bother other people with it.
I am not prone to judge people based on superficial things.
I consider myself a good person to ask advice from.
I've been through a lot in my life.
I am not a positive person; I'm realistic enough.
I'm generally content with my life.
I'm sarcastic and make fun of everything. I don't care much for people who are easily offended.
I'm easily bored.

I do not post on my livejournal often. I post mostly about music or about random stuff that comes to my mind.

That's it. Add me if you think I'm interesting enough, I'll most likely add you back.

Here's my previous entry: click.
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what up, chummmp

Hi im matt, just looking for new people to add to livejournal.
I have only recently been on live journal, but i write excessively and am good in terms of commenting. I really just like getting to know people well, establish and maintain connections especially around the world but also in australia.

I tend to write about life in general, am 95% honest, i feel i have good insight into persons from training and experiences, etc. I am 23, but have yet to hear anything that i have been shocked about (except animal cruelty). I've heard it all from child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, suicide, yeah, you can name it. But i don't tend to write about that. I also do not tend to write about what i did today, or what i ate, any medical conditions/diagnoses, my kids (not that i have any) or about my pets. Gotta keep it interesting and relevant. Hopefully i am

So the basic demographics:
name: matt
age: 23
lives: NSW, Australia
Education: 5th (Well 6th in a month) year Clinical Psychology
plans: move to New Zealand, North America, UK, do PhD, buy a house, who knows
Music: lots of music (from madonna, queen, queens of stone age, dandy warhols, smashing pumpkins, coheed and cambria, radiohead, sigur ros, ministry of sound, the killers, to give idea of breadth)
Dos: bodyboarding, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, golf, gardening, tennis, soccer/football
Dos nots: very little, can't think of any


IMHO, age, gender, race, educational background, favorite animal - they don't really matter. So I'll cut right to the chase.

I write "snark", or funny parodies, of situations I encounter in my own life. I don't feel right talking bluntly about my personal life (for one, I realize that it's boring - plus, I'd rather make fun of things than anything), but if you're relatively intelligent and can pay close attention, you'll find that my journal is quite personal in an indirect way.

If you don't quite understand me, take a few seconds and glance at my journal. I'd enjoy receiving feedback and getting to know some more cool people. :]
stock- giraffe

(no subject)

Are you in a long term relationship?

Have you been with your significant other 1+ year? Are you commited/engaged/married?
If your in a serious long term relationship, and love talking about your significant other, join our_happyending

Its by far the best relationship community on livejournal! Its well over 1 year old, and is very active!

There are weekly text and photo themes
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There's member of the month.
[Everyone is eligable for]

Personalized graphic offers.
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Photo contests
[Everyone can participate & vote!]

[Of all kinds]


Much more you need to join to see!

It's a great community to gush about your significant other, make some friends, and have a great time!

The community is very active. There's at the very LEAST 3+ posts a day.

Please go read the userinfo then join today!

In the introduction post, please make sure you tell them smashleighfig sent you!!!

This is me

Okay well this is me.. I'm Kristen. I'm 19.. I been using this journal for 3 years. Lots of memories. I have a lot to say. I enjoy peoples opinions. My entries can be disturbing... Thats pretty much it I don't know what else to say.