December 9th, 2008

Back on livejournal after a long hiatus

Hey guys,

My name is Charlotte. I used to have a livejournal account in high school but it's been a couple of years and I'm just kind of getting back into it.

The LJ format has changed a lot since I've been gone...heh.

Anyway there isn't much of anything on my journal yet but I plan to update it pretty often, and in the meantime I'd love to meet some new people around here. 

So what can I tell you about me so you can judge me and decide if I'd be a worthwhile friend...haha.

- The Princess Bride is my favourite book of all time and one of my favourite movies.
- Yes, I spell favourite with a 'u' since that is the right way, aka I'm Canadian.
- I watch The Office, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and just about whatever is on tv.
- I'm a full time university student, and I can't seem to pick a major.
- I'm 19 years old, liberal and open minded.
- I've been kind of obsessed with elephants ever since I saw this video wtf that is amazing.

Let me know if you add me, I will (of course) add you back!

Glee: Kurt *OH!*

(no subject)

I dislike people who snarl in pictures, purposefully show off their lip ring(s) IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE (they might as well zoom into it), split ends, organic chemistry, people who take pictures with their boyfriend/girlfriend kissing (I just think it's tacky :/), Socrates (although I respect him deeply), injustice, people who don't understand or appreciate dry humour, and flowery teas.

I like marriedtothesea, Kant, diet Dr. Pepper, Pete & Pete, soft things, easy homework, Led Zeppelin, people who use their turn signals, skinny jeans, French electronica, garlic, Zach Galifianakis, spelling humour, colour, theatre, differently, and foreign languages.

I am 21 years of age, Asian, a vegetarian, and obsessed with HP/Twilight.
I also have a strange obsession with Kevin Jonas even though I don't care for the Jonas Brothers.

Please comment here if you're going to add me :]
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new friends!

let me start off by saying i just got this journal && am new to this!


okkk so, a little bit about me.. my names yashidi(kind of like YA-SHITTY ha!) i'm 19 years young && i absolutely love my life. i love music, shopping, going out, riding ATVs && anything entertaining. my close friends are a very big part of my life. i have endless goals && ambitions. i'd rather be a failure at something i love, than successful at something i hate . i'm an optimist. i see the cup half full, not half empty lol. i might come off as a shy person at first, but get to know me haha. labels don't matter. i've never been completely understood, && i like it that way. i'm complicated sometimes, im a handful. its kind of my thing. =) add me if you'd like!
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I'm Laura. Laura Frenzel, in fact.

I'm from Adelaide, South Australia. I'm recently married to my wonderful Christian, devoted cat owner to Possum and am currently working as a Lawyer for the Government.

I have been on LJ for some time now, although under a different username, and enjoy developing friendships with people from a myriad of backgrounds all around the world.

I welcome anyone of friendly disposition to my journal and look forward to learning more about you.

My FaceBook is Laura Anneliese Frenzel
My Myspace is
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(no subject)

my name is kayla marie. i am broke, happy, optimistic, creative, and hopeful. i enjoy writing, reading, and making friends. i work for what i have/what i want, and i like to be able to trust people. i drink entirely too much coffee, and fall asleep too early. i love late-night incoming phone calls and speaking my mind. i'm in the process of forgetting regret; everything that has happened has put me where i am today. i begin college in january and i'm getting on the right track. i lost someone very important to me because i was selfish and blind; and since then i've become the person i want to be. i am stubborn, big mouthed, and strong willed. i'm sweet, honest, and i still wish on stars. i just recently enabled my comments again, so i'm feeling very social.


I'm Jennifer but go by Jenn,
I'm 23 years old going 24 at the end of the month.Married to the man of my dreams. we got married May 19th 2006 and we moved to Missouri because he is station here in White man Air Force Base, we have no kids yet not planning on any but maybe in about a couple years, I have 2 cats named Pogo And Toby, and I have A Chihuahua named Maddie shes so cute I love her and my cats a lot , I love animals . I love my family and friends the most I would do anything for them. I am hyper ,outgoing , silly  when I want to be and When I'm upset you will know because I'm all shorts of quit.
I love helping people and doing things for people more than I do for myself. I currently work at Taco Bell. Trying to find something better that will help us out.

favorite music :
Nick  Carter, Backstreet boys, the Beatles , Justin Timberlake , Leona Lewis, Craig David, Usher, Jesse Mccartney,
Aaron Carter, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith. Casting Crowns, Alter bridge , Radio City , All American Rejects, Jo Jo .

Favorite movies, : Cars, Titanic , Far from home, Monsters inc, Fly away home, Transformers, Hide and seek, uptown girls, Silent Hill,  I am  Sam, Man  On Fire, War of the Worlds, Wall-E,  all harry potter movies, all pirates of the Caribbean, I am legend, Raise your voice, The Game plan, Cinderella, Dreamer, Both of the Chronicles of Narnia movies,  Lilo and Stitch 1 and 2. Finding Nemo.

I like people that comment & I will do the same in return!

I would like people around my age 22-26 around their please! thank you!
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Awesome Vendetta Mask

Hi! I am interested in new friends

As per recent friending frenzies I am interested in making new friends. So add away. I'll more than likely add you back.

Some background:

Happily married mother of three
"Work" from home
One child is autistic
Übergeek who likes Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and other SF shows
I like cartoons far too much for a person my age
My friends range from age 16 to 70+
Live in Canada
I always answer comments put in my journal, though not always immediately (the three kids and all)
Spend too much time on computer
Opinionated but completely harmless to society

(no subject)

im new to lj

The names Jessica, Jess, but not Jessie.
18 years old & a freshman in college.
I plan on majoring in speech pathology.
I love to dance & wish i did it more in college.
I love to laugh and be with my friends.
I'm not the smartest when it comes to school, but that doesnt really bother me. im smart in other ways.
I love Gossip Girl and Jon&Kate plus 8. Because of Jon&Kate I want to have 8 kids.
Summer is my favorite season but I still love snow.
As of now I'm taken and happy with that.
I like to party and meet new people.
Other than that I just love to have fun and I try to live life to the fullest.

Just comment and i'll add you

Add me?

Right so I have had my lj for a while but want more friends. I would like some guys ( no one too old plz )to add me since I am 24/7 with girls. Girls add me 2 I will love talking 2 ya but I just need a bit of a change in my life.
I dont noe what else to say
I am 15
Natasha - NOT RUSSISAN but extremely pale with rich dark hair ( it looks okay )
go to an all girls school hence my previous comment
umm check out my blog to find out more
add me and I will add ya back

Peace x =P

Рейдерство в Омском речном порту - как все начиналось

ОАО «Омский речной порт» - это предприятие считали рентабельным. Предприятие, которое пережило годы перестройки, дефолт 1998 года, во многом благодаря устойчивому коллективу (у многих срок работы на предприятие исчисляется десятилетиями).
Что с ним сейчас творится – непонятно. Но видно, что происходит. Рады ознакомить вас с освободившимся кадрами, которых чуть не пинком выбросили на улицу, пофамильно.
Кого-то заставляют увольняться сразу, кого-то после отпуска. Кого-то в административный на полгода, а кому-то уголовное дело нарисуют. Кто-то сам сбежит, если как следует надавить на них. Например, начальник финансового отдела Огурцова О. П. – отправили в отпуск. Огурцовой О. П. предлагали написать заявление об уходе – она отказалась. Тогда состряпали приказ в административный отпуск и сократили должность начальника финансового отдела (еще летом по штатному расписанию), но ее так и не оповестили об этом и никуда не перевели. Заместитель генерального директора Волков С. В. – отпуск с последующим увольнением. Заместитель генерального директора Пилипенко М. В. – не выдержала, написала заявление по собственному желанию, сейчас лежит в больнице. Начальник юридического отдела Попова В. И, не выдержала, ушла на другое предприятие. Начальник ОТЗ Алищева Ю. А. ушла, не выдержала, по собственному желанию. Начальника службы маркетинга и контроля Воронину В. М. – отпустили, но хотели уволить навесить уголовное дело (спасибо, помогла транспортная прокуратура). На Лапенко О. В., начальника хозяйственного отдела – готовили уголовное дело, уволилась по собственному желанию. Главный бухгалтер Гавва Л. В. – тоже слегла в больницу, месяц на лечении, тоже обвинили в «смертных грехах». В освободившиеся должности вступают некомпетентные люди, даже без соответствующего образования. Что будет с портом? Открыта дорога рейдерам.
Уменьшились заработки плавсостава, то есть, либо выживай, хочешь работать – стучи на товарища по работе – руководителям: Овчинникову С. А. или Данилову В. А., можно дочери его, Овчинниковой А. С., которая работает в юридическом отделе, можно племяннице Давыденко А. М., которая, имея образование филолога, устроена на должность начальника отдела внутреннего контроля. Она и готовит для отдела кадров статьи на увольнение и дальнейшее преследование.

Сведем дебет с кредитом:
Начальник фин отдела – Огурцова О. П. – вывели из штатного расписании (еще летом) с уменьшением зарплаты
Заместитель гендиректора по флоту – Волков С. В. – в отпуск с последующим увольнением
Заместитель генерального директора – Пилипенко М. В. –написала заявление по собственному
Начальник юридического отдела – Попова В. И. – ушла сама
Начальник ОТЗ - Алещева Ю. А. - ушла «по собственному желанию»
Начальник службы маркетинга и контроля – Воронина В. Н. – сократили должность
Начальник хозяйственного отдела – Лапенко О. В. – заставили уйти под угрозой уголовного дела
Главный бухгалтер Гавва Л. В. – довели, сахар скачет, давление скачет, ноги болят
Начальник отдела труда и зарплаты – Алещева Ю. А. – ушла сама
Директор столовой – Коршунова Т. И. – заставили уйти
Заведующая гостиницей – Солсурова Н. В. – заставили уйти

Выгнаны, выдавлены со своей работы оказались в первую очередь те люди, которые в полной мере владели информацией о текущих делах порта и его состоянии, которое их стараниями все-таки поднялось из пепла. Остается один вопрос: для кого готовит управляющие места руководитель многострадального речного порта?


I've decided to start updating my livejournal again, so I need new friends!

-I write in complete sentences, with mostly proper punctuation and grammar.
-22, Northern California, college student, kinda neurotic, funny at times, etc.

Add me!
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(no subject)

My name is Jennifer, and i've been around the LJ block, lol.
I am twenty years old.
& friend-less.
I am a mommy :)
A med assistant student :)
In love with the greatest man ever.
& basically, im looking for people who are NOT the "norm" and people who are willing to be "HONEST" (honesty, whats honesty????) and witty, and cool.
I am looking for people who are sexy. and know it. and confident.
I am looking for people who just need someone to talk to every now and then
i am looking for you [YES YOU]
So add me please, i have one of those posts, you know.
And add me on the space :

:) peace, ya'll
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Kitty In Window

(no subject)

Hi kids. I'm Cynthia and I'm 26. I just moved back to Virginia after two killer years in an AmeriCorps program where I got to travel the country and do all kind of non-profit work. I met a lot of kick ass people and saw a lot of kick ass places. I miss it.

I've met a lot of great people through this community so I thought I would look for some new friends here again. :)

Things I write about:
*my family: I have two brothers in the military and I have a hard time with it sometimes so you might here about that.
*books: I read an insane amount and I love talking about the books I read and getting suggestions from my friends. I just bought my first graphic novel to read (Fun Home) and I'm super excited.
*tv/movies: Right now I'm loving Twilight, The L Word, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter and Weeds. I'll write about these every so often.
*my sexuality: I hate labels but I guess the PC term to describe me would be "bi-curious" This is a new thing and I write about it sometimes.
*politics: This is usually only when I feel super passionate about something. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-weapons, etc. I'm mad liberal. :)

Things I'm looking for:
*people who update REGULARLY. If you don't update atleast once a week or so, please don't add me.
*comments! I don't expect a comment on every entry but I ask for advice and opinions a lot in my journal, so I would love some new friends who will comment on my entries.
*open-minded people. Like I said, I'm very liberal but I have no problem if you don't share my views, as long as you're respectful about it.
*people over the age of 20. I just relate better to people closer to my age.
*people who would like to get to know there friends list as actual people. If you have 500 friends and just have them for the numbers, please don't bother. I like to get to know as much as I can about the friends on my LJ

If this all sounds peachy to you, please comment on my friends only post HERE. Tell me a couple things about you in the comment and I'll be sure to add you back. :D