December 11th, 2008

Newbie. Add me?

Hey Loves,
My name's Nicole, but call me Nic, without the "K" though.
My 21st birthday is next week. =)
I am currently taking some time off of school to "find myself."

And I've just started up a new journal, cause before I could never keep up with them. But now I want to actually use it and am looking for some new friends. Since I have none. Take a look at my journal, there's a whole "About Me" post. Feel free to add me, I'll add you back loverfaces. <3

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I'm a 30 year old artist, teacher looking for new friends.

My posts tend to be about :

My poly  "un-relationship"
politics (liberal)
and random daily life

Add me if I sound interesting!
missing, need, love


My name is Brittany.

I'm 20 years old.

I'm new so have mercy on me!

I am an optimist.

I love guys. Looking at them, talk about them, etc. Specially those tall, pale ones. Yum.

I love eating food. Its ALWAYS an awesome experience.

I love adventures.

I am a dreamer.

I love people.

Constantly looking for ways to improve my life and others.

Guilty pleasure: techno!

I'm looking to make REAL friends. Don't want big list of strangers.

So, if you like or share theses certain qualities, comment me or add me. ^_^

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It's been a while

But I think it's time for me to refresh my friends list.

What I'm looking for:

Someone who likes the same music as me (specifically Panic at the Disco, Jimmy Eat World, The Academy Is, etc etc). Who likes being creative. Who can comment spam with me, especially stupidly long comment spams involving ridiculous, made-up stories about people and things. Someone who isn't shy. Someone who understands the ups and downs of ~life~.

Who I am:

I'm Sara, I'm 22, and I'm from Jersey. I work retail (which at this time of year is an EPIC FAIL). I love internet jokes and internet lingo, as long as iTz nOT LiEk Diz, OkAAAyZ?

I'm into bandom right now, and I'm of the opinion at the moment that if you don't know what bandom is, maybe you shouldn't add me. :( Nothing personal, just ... I tend to flail about bandom stories and pictures and the like, and it kind of takes up most of my time on the internet.

I love stories, songs, and movies about true love and love conquering things and the feeling that love is part of something bigger than anyone understands and love love love. It all makes me weep like a baby, but I adore it.

I don't believe in any sort of religion, so ... there's that.

Also I swear in my posts. A lot.

So if you want to add me, comment here or at my journal. Please don't just add me, because it confuses the hell out of me, lol.


I think it's a little strange to post in some of these communities but I'm totally doing it anyway purely because I love talking to new people.

My name's IJ and I'm a nursing student at uni.
I'm a total woman lover... a dyke or queer, depending on which circles I'm in. It's a big part of me, so I do write about it, but I'm not offended if you're offended by it - just don't add me =)
I'm a political person and a bit of a basketcase - in the best possible way. I always have my camera on me. I think the world's so artistic and beautiful that I just take photos of everything.
I'm a Harry Potter fanatic - it's glorious, and a devotee of The L Word.
I'm a gym junkie and I love indie music, art, photography, tv, my laptop, my permanent markers, beer, cards, and naming inanimate objects i.e. my car, laptop & ipod.
So that's me in a nutshell. I post about anything and everything. I'm completely honest - there ain't no point in lying here.
If people add and post, I generally do the same back =D

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Looking for a few new friends, yet again.

I'm all over the place, really.
My mind always races & never shuts down.

Highly opinionated, introvert, always wanting something more, lazy, sleeps too much, more than any text on a screen could say.

I rant, vent, think out load, anything & everything.
Nothing is censored.

Turning 21 in another month & would like to add people around that age.
I post pictures often.

A major in communications.
I hate florida & want to desperately move.

I read entries but don't comment too often. Unless there's something worth saying.
I don't expect millions of comments.
But if you comment me, I'll do the same for you.

If you want someone who bases their life around your journal, move on.
I'm making it perfectly clear I'm not a frequent commenter. So if you add me, expecting you to magically be different, you won't be.

I'm a grammar nazi & if you don't have proper grammar, we won't get along.

So, if you have a sense of humor, opinions & can spell, feel free to add me.

I enjoy talking to people I add.

(no subject)

This is the first time I think I've posted here....

I'm Sarah. I'm 21 and a barista for a failing coffee company. I took a brief hiatus from school, but starting again in January (boring...)

I'll be quick, just looking for some new friends on LJ. Seems like everyone has gone over to myspace or face book and left their journals inactive. I'm trying to be better when it comes to commenting and updating.

That's all, I'd love to meet you so go ahead and comment or add me! yay!
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