December 15th, 2008

I Is Fairy?

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I am poetic, profane, 26, bored, and mobile. I am a have a twisted sense of humor, love animals, and have a very lonely journal. I am obsessed with music. I am Katt <3 I appreciate all forms of art & expression. I do media design.  Add me I add you!
modern pierrot

'Melodrama Queen' Seeks Like-Minded Friends~

Hey, everyone.

My name is Manda, but "hey you" works :P
I'm 21, a college drop-out (my life seems to be defined by this), and I've been working various customer service and kitchen jobs for the past couple years. I plan on changing that soon enough. I have an interview at a financial institution on Monday. Wish me luck!! My 'dream' has always been to be a baker and own a European Cafe. But. Reality.

I'm not married or engaged, I'm happily separated. I'm not fanatically religious but I'm feeling the burn of the upcoming Age of Aquarius, so I'll more than likely be posting nutty New Age psychobabble here-and-there. Politically, I'm apathetic.

LIKES: retro fashion from the '50s and '70s, German wines, growing palm trees, making pillows and toys for cats, pretending I'm a 'gud enuf' writer - I like my fandoms and fanfiction and Photoshop (but I won't spam, don't worry), Mopeds (dream #4: own a Moped with a custom paint job), the colour pink, and cooking for friends. Yaddayadda, blahblah. Please ask if you want to know more~

LOOKING FOR: Friends :)
Music: Phil Collins

Hey everyone!

I've had my LJ for a few years now, but recently I've started posting more, so now I'm hoping to find some more LJ friends!

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I get along with most all kinds of people, and I try to be as active as I can in my friends' journals through commenting and such. I don't post all the time, but I probably check my Friends Page a bit more than I should. =P

My journal is Friends-Only (with a few exceptions, mostly poetry) but I will pretty much add anyone as long as they seem cool. I mostly write about whatever's on my mind whenever I decide to post, real-life stuff, bits and pieces of babbling about my fandoms, and the occasional poem or short story.

If you want to add me, go ahead and do so or comment here.


add me? (;

My names Jessica Perry & I'm new to Lj. I'm almost seventeen years old & I'm a junior in high school. I have a nineteen year old boyfriend named Ian. My eighteen year old sister Dee, is my best friend. I love all types of music except for oldies. I' m a Miami Dolphins football fan & I love Marshall University. I'm currently thinking about joining the Army so that I can go to college & become a veternarian. Finally I'm very open, opinionated, & entergetic. CTBA
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Will S.

Add Me Please



Name: Will


So, I'm a newbie here on lj. Still trying to figure out the software and tools.  Suggestions appreciated.


I love taking random walks here and there, browsing people's work. You don't have to add me if you don't want to. But I will gladly add you myself. Just ask. It's free.


I'm trying to post something about once/week. Generally, I like funny stuff. But usually I just take a different look at common things. My sense of humor is on the dry side. I try not to be offensive, but, well, you know how that goes. Some of my entries will be a little longer than what you usually see on LiveJournal. 


I try to be politically grammatically correct, but I'm not always successful. When I get careless, I do tense shifts. Feel free to help me here.


I don't care about age, ethnicity, gender, etc. OTOH, your favorite debilitating disease is extremely important.


When people ask, I try to be helpful and supportive.


What I really need are friends. My only friend right now is this old tom cat by my chair. 

So be the first on your block network to "friend" me.


But wait! There's more!


I have an entry in my journal that explains how to set up a counter for your own journal. Check it out.


So, please add me. Please? Somebody? Anybody? Anybody? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?

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barbie u&#39;z a hoooo!

(no subject)

i'm pretty fun.
my entries are interesting.
i get along with everyone.
just looking to make friends, and read other ppl's journals.

but please,
don't be boring.
don't bitch if i don't comment every 1232 of your entries, and most of them are surveys.

i don't update everyday. at least once a week.

so let's be fraannnns. <3

comment on my friends only entry, i probably won't check here.


My name is Kristen
I am currently 19 years old and hating it.
I go to community college and I cringe at the thought that I go to it.
Two surgeries, one friend dead,One bad break up, One trip to the hospital, Two friends that I saved their lives, I thought my life would be much calmer after that but I was wrong.
My entries are long because there hasn't gone a day with out something big happening.
I enjoy music a lot I like mostly anything rock. Emo-Death Metal and all that in between
I read a lot of books.
I try not to watch a lot of t.v
I like to leave comments every now and then
I'm on here way to much.
Feel free to add me but please tell me if you are going to do so.

Five minute freewrite.

I am a girl who loves more than she should,
I am a young lady who knows more than you'd think she would.
I am a daughter and sister who aims to please,
and a friend you can come to with unfailing ease.
I am a thinker, a speaker, a singer, a writer,
An actor, an artist, a lover, a fighter.
I am outspoken, sarcastic, quick-witted and yet shy
I am caring, yet abrasive
And no one knows why
I am a wild heart yearning to be free:
I am all of these things,
but mostly...
I'm just me.

That's me, the best I can figure.
I'm not particularly interesting,
but I'd like to get to know you.
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A bit of PR :) (Немного пиара)

Hi, I'm a Russian singer, writer, musicmaker and poet, journalist, actress, dictor, photomodel and RJ, VJ and just a good girl :)
Yol'll find in my journal my poems, my stories, my songs and so much another art :)
It's me :)

For Russians:

Привет, я певица, писательница, поэт и композитор, журналистка, актриса, диктор, фотомодель, радиодиджей, телеведущая и просто гуд гёл :)

В моём журнале вы найдете мои стихи, песни, рассказы, рецензии на книги и кино и т.п.

А это я:

[misc] starbuckscoffeeyum

(no subject)

hi! i'm new to lj and decided something: it's good to have friends. please add me?
-i like tv. heroes, how i met your mother, pushing daisies, the big bang theory, dead like me, that 70's show, scrubs, gilmore girls, the office, the soup, gossip girl, big brother, stylista, project runway, friends, will and grace, and kath and kim.
-i like broadway and musicals. rent. in the heights. spring awakening. wicked. avenue q. west side story. a chorus line. in the heights. chicago. cabaret. [title of show]. hair. hairspray. mary popping. young frankenstein.
-i like books...too many to list(: but i love harry potter. although i'm not a dork. i read a lotttt of other books, promise.
-i like reading journals. i like knowing what's going on in people's lives. and it's awesome if we have something in common.
-i like people. even if we have nothing in common, but you need some friends, or i sound interesting...then add me! because friends are always fun to have.

plus, i promise to comment a lot and never leave my journal unattended for over a week.

haha, please add?

octopus; diona

the girl next door.

i'm not new to livejournal, i've been around since you had to have an invite to join. obviously this hasn't always been my user name however it is the one that's fit the best. i go through my times when life gets too busy and i don't update much and i even get bored with lj sometimes, but i always seem to come back. i won't comment on every entry and i don't expect anyone to comment mine all the time either - i know we all have lives away from the computer.. hopefully. if i find myself skipping entry after entry a person writes because i don't relate to them i'll do a friend's cut. i want friends that i have things in common with, people that i can connect with. i have a little bit of info on my profile and a little more in my friend's only entry. there's also a longer bio at my site. to get to know me any better you actually have to add me.

Status : [happily]married ♥
Name : diona reneè
Age : 25
Ink : seven[sofar]
Holes : currently12[2]
Ethnicity : caucasian[mutt]
Zodiac Sign : cancer
Children : looking to adopt independently
Pets : [one]hamster. [two]cats.[three]chihuahuas.
Besties : wayd[vic]amber[krissy]melissa[hope]
Quote : beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart

& last, for those that want a visual(or two);

plz leave a comment if you're going to add me, k? thnx. ♥