December 17th, 2008

OMG number one fan

greetings and salutations


I'm Sharona, it's 4am and I've got a big final tomorrow, so I'm rekindling the LJ flame. I would love to make some new friends! I'm 21 and a student living in New York City. Most of my entries are about my adventures, travels, random stuff and happenings. I like to include pictures and too often bad metaphors. I'm all over the place most of the time...

I really enjoy reading and commenting on other people's entries, and like to get feedback from my friends as well. Ummmm, what else to say?

I like: traveling, comic books, animation (I visited Pixar this summer and almost died of over excitement), tattoos, dressing up like a superhero, drug & addiction studies, jdramas, russian soaps, bad television (gossip girl, trashy mtv reality), adventures, video games, experimentation

I can't make good lists but I make a mean cupcake.

let's be friends!
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so it's almost 5 am, couldn't sleep..i figured why not join lj again?

i'm nicole...i love writing random post,along with extremely long ones to. i basically write everything & anything that happens to me. photos and such are including in these posts
i would LOVE some friends, people who are interested in actually reading though.

please feel free to add, anyone!


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My name is Courtney, I'm seventeen years old, and I live in Northern MIchigan. I'm a senior in high school, and I update my journal about daily and comment just about everything.

I love reading (my book list is here) . I also love music. My current favorites are Manchester Orchestra, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, and Kevin Devine.  I'm also a big fan of pop culture, writing, blogging, etc.

I'm accident prone, and I write about that a lot. I like to think I have a decent sense of humor, and I'm going to start working on posting more pictures in my updates! 

If you think we'd get along well, feel free to add me!


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I'm a 20 year old college student.  I'm kind of quirky and ridiculous and my entries are often less than tactful, but I have fun.  Since I spend too much time on the computer, I read and comment pretty regularly. 

This is the most recent picture of me, I think I'm trying to be that guy from Immortal.
n728435458_5041376_480.jpg picture by twatfarm


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My name is Amelia Michelle. I'm almost 26 years old, domesticating it up with my boyfriend and our two cats. I'm an openly pansexual/bisexual/queer (I'm not good with labeling myself) fat chick from Columbus, Ohio. I work from home as a ChaCha Guide and a fat girl porn model (though I don't post porn in my journal, so please, perverts don't bother).

I like: sunny + warm days, thunderstorms at night, blogging, crossword puzzles, cuddling with gorgeous women, pornography, cigarettes + alcohol, foreign films, all kinds of music (indie, especially), my dvr, Christmas time, penpals, politics (Team Obama), patterns, baking, domestic things, fashion + treands, bright colors, eye makeup, little kids, weenie dogs, texas hold 'em, interesting books, my handwriting, daily planners + to do lists, dancing, karaoke, and making people smile.

I don't like: close-minded people, racism, people that try to shove their religion in my face, swiss cheese, snow (at all, ever), the end of Christmas day when you realize the magic is almost over, rude people, large crowds, snobs, people that make fun of others simply because they are unfortunate looking (communities to make fun of makeup and hair don't count because you are dumb enough to do that to your face), people that don't really listen, the color brown, brussel sprouts, and the fact that I am 99% sure I'm infertile.

I'll Add: people 18+, women, men, mothers, child-free people, domesticated people, non-domesticated people, college graduates, high school dropouts, rich people, poor people, people with opinons, people that are sad, people that are happy, and people that will bring a bright spot to my life.

I Post: long updates, short updates, random updates, stuff about my relationship (it is lacking), stuff about my job, surveys, memes, and the occasional picture.


Hey there.  My name's Kevin.  I'm 20 years old.  I go to my local community college and work construction.  Basically joined this because I'm new to Livejournal and it seemed like a good way to network with people.  That's the right internet lingo, right?  I guess I should do what everyone else is doing and list things.  Well, here we go.

I like cartoons.  Yeah, I know.  South Park, Family Guy, the old Batman cartoons from the 90s.  It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, 30 Rock, The Office.  Alot.


I've got an eclectic taste.  Mainly the underground street punk stuff but I've also got some N.W.A. and folk music on my Ipod. 


All of the Chris Nolan Batman movies.  (I was a batman fan before Heath Ledger came around, I assure you.) Alot of 1970s grindhouse movies, exploitation, blaxploitation, horror.  Basically, if it's not PC and makes your stomach churn....I probably own it. 

I've been known to play video games alot....Yes, I keep getting nerdier and nerdier.  But I do go out for the occasional drink with my friends and try to get to every local show that I can get to.  Well, bottom line is....ADD ME.


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hey, I'm not really new here, but I just wanted to make new friends.
I'm straight, but not prejudiced in any way. I'm friendly, yet akward and I come off
as cold in school. I'm 15 turning 16 soon. I'm going to be honest here, I'm a little
bit of a hypocrite, and I tend to be moody. Not like PMS-ing moody, but just deflated.
I like to write. I would love to hang out with friends, but I don't have any, so
i'm use to soltitude. But here are some facts about me.




likes to read/write


kinda weird

all time low and the maine are my favorite bands

wants to live in NYC or Portland

used to have an eating disorder

social outcast

I hope we can be friends, cuz I really need some XD
jag - kaffe 2

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I am Elisabeth.
I am 24 years old.
I live in Sweden, moving to the US this summer to work as an au pair.

I like to laugh, sleep and eat.
I also like cooking, baking, music, going to concerts,
photography, tattoos, shoes, shopping, reading and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Music I like:
Kent, Morrissey (as well as The Smiths),
Ramones, Minor Threat, Misfits, The Pogues,
Refused, Black Flag, Rancid, Turbonegro etc
(I do listen to more artists and more often than what it says on my last fm.
I just don't have last fm open that often)

Looking for new cool and fun lj's to read.
You have to be 17 or older.
(you add me first and tell me either here or in my fo-post)

and this is me, about a year ago:
(i now have red hair)
bam glasses

one milkshake, two straws.

so hi, i'm sam.
nice to meet you, let's be friends =]

here's the basics :
samantha-jo, but call me SAM.
my friends call me jo, but only in a really deep manly voice.
i think it started as an inside thing, and it just stuck.
i'm seventeen & a senior in high school.
i don't have a job, and i don't know what i'm doing with my life.
i'm useless like that, but i'm not a bum i swear!
i don't drink or do drugs, but i have. a lot.
i'm a horror movie nut.
i'm a gamer, reader, writer, thinker, lover, and procrastinating perfectionist, among other things.

God. my besties. my bf. music. movies. b-rated horror. fantasy. hollywood horror. tony hawk's pro skater. world of warcraft. soul calibur. mortal kombat. super smash bros. DDR. rock band. guitar hero. good books. Christopher Pike. texting. myspace. html. my youth group. shopping. love. sex. sarcasm. marlboro lights (i've cut back a lottttt). junk food. root beer. penguins. learning. porn. the mind and body. medical books.
hello kitty. invader zim. bam margera. HIM. tattoos. piercings. cuddles. huggles. kissies. open-minded people. deep conversations. inspiration. movies/songs/people/random objects that move me and make me think. life. drawing. song lyrics. zombies. slasher movies. singing+more

liars. fakes. insomnia. shitty friends. bad hair days. failing tests. jerks. idiots. bitches. most people in general. okra. when people say mean things to me. triggering things. getting the bottom of my pants wet. december and august. bad memories. nightmares.+more

don't add me if:
you're immature and can't handle entries about sex.
you're an atheist because it's "the cool thing" nowadays.
however, i dig people that have good reasons and argue the scientifical reasoning of religion itself, not people that bash God just because they're little emo bitches.
you get easily offended.
you have no sense of humor and you hate your life and everyone/thing in it.
you do hardcore drugs and think it's fucking cool.

add me if:
i sound okayish.
you're funny/nice!
you're nerdy!
you like huggles!
you can do the doom dance!

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I have a name, but in my life it has proven rather fruitless. You can may call me Jude, as many do, or Blaine, as most do (taking the lead of my senile grandmother). I love to write and I love people. I'm on LJ to share my thoughts with those who actually intend on reading them, though, so please don't add me if you don't want to truly get to know me. I do my best to comment often, though it can't always be every entry. I'll take an interest in you, though, and I promise I'll hear you out regardless.

I'm a performer, the biggest part of my life being music and all that implies. I'm quirky, I'm sometimes a bit socially inept, and I'm passionate as hell. When I love, I love with all my heart and I don't discriminate. I can't be bothered to list my favourite artists, but do feel free to check out my profile (:

I enjoy books a great deal. I have a wondrous obsession with the world that is Harry Potter, but please don't let me scare you off- I read "good" things, too... though they may not come up as much. I don't watch a lot of television, but I love fashion/America's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, and Bones.

I definitely don't mesh well with close-minded conservatives (calm, calm, I'm not saying that all conservatives are close-minded!) but I'm not looking for a debate so don't be put off. If you want to add me, I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask!