December 19th, 2008

Iron Queen

Let's be friends

Hi there. I'm looking for some new friends.

Some info about me:

[x] I'm 23
[x] Recently moved from New Jersey to Florida
[x] Looking for a job (thanks crappy economy!)
[x] Have a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts
[x] Have an Associate's Degree in Public Administration
[x] Want to attend law school sometime in the future
[x] Aspire to be a published historical fiction writer

You should add me because I am genuinely looking for new friends. I'll keep up with reading your journal and comment as much as possible.

See my profile and click here if you'd like to know more.

Add me? Please comment here to let me know. ♥
  • lethalz

lindsey deee.

hey. i'm lindsey, i'm 18, and i'm down to make new friends.

things i like: bicycles, chicks, rainbows, sewing, cute shit, all music, rats, dogs,
collecting stuff, friends, getting presents, giving gifts, 420, being meeee!

things i hate: pollution, inefficiency, close-mindedness, rude people,
perverted old men, perverted young men, guys who try to show you
their peewees [i dont care how convenient the internet makes it.. ew. ew.]

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btw. if you're gonna add me, comment on my friends-only post after you do it. thanks =]


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  • ohdara

3:52 am....what the effffffffff

hellllooo, i can't sleep =]

i'm dara, 20 . i am starting the phase of LJ again people, so friends are basically needed.
i love writing about all different things, and i love reading other entries.
i love photography & cigarettes.
i'm down to earth and lovable person and i think i'm pretty cool if i do say so myselfffff

basically , if you add will always get a nice comment from me. i pinky promise ;]

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(no subject)

hi :D i'm not new to LJ, just looking for new friends.
i'm dani, i'm 19, and i am probably one of few non-homophobe jamaicans you will ever meet. random tidbits: i'm a first-year university student studying the sciences. i love music, good movies, great books. i'm optimistic, sarcastic at times a lot of the time, and fun-loving. i love art, fashion, music, photography, FOOD. i really like thai food, an unhealthy amount. and sushi. mmm. i like to make my own clothes, though i sometimes get too anxious to finish the job. i try to find inspiration in everyday life. i really like to make people laugh :) i post about my life, things that inspire me, things i need advice on, things i just need to get off my chest. i do picture posts every once in a while. see profile for more info!
i'm looking for friends who have common interests, friends i can get along with. i like to comment, so long as i have something useful/funny to say!
comment here if you add me :) peace!
me n mike


My name is Krystal and Im 23.
I live in PA. I went to college at Penn State for psychology. Im hoping to go to grad school!
Im a family person. Im really close to my family. I have 2 amazing sisters and amazing parents.
Im also a big friend person! I have the best friends ever, I dont know what I'd do without them. I recently lost my best friend to cancer, and I miss her so much.
I mostly am a chatty person. I love Grey's Anatomy! Im a big animal lover. I love making new friends! Im a facebook junkie. Feel free to add me!! :)
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=) Hello.

I am faithfully sporadic.
I like authors which include Austen, Lyell, J K Rowling, Clayton, Graves, S Heym, and more, in which I illustrate my own scenes from. =)
Often, I travel away from my home.
I live alone.
I think I am basic.
book: go away, seriously
  • 10pm


so i'm looking for some new lj friends! i've been on lj since 2001, i've been posting more lately, and would like to read more journals. my name is katarina, i'm 21, i live in toronto (ontario, canada), i post about my life. i also like to dabble in photography, and currently i'm doing a 101 things in 1001 days list. feel free to check out my lj and please comment here or on my friends entry post :D

a quick one.

I am Vicki:) I just switched user names and I am looking for friends with similar interests/situations. Here is my 411:

-I'm 20.
-I am a blond going brunette.
-I am single.
-I consider myself the queen of smartass-ness.
-I am a shy girl (hence the name). I am 'blogging' about my transforming into becoming a social butterfly.
-I love music, photoshop, make-up, cats!, step up, fruit roll ups, and fabric softener. But I have other interests you can find in my userinfo. Those were off the top of my head :-p
-I would prefer 18+ but you can always comment me at my journal to be consider<3


(no subject)

I'm Peter Pan; love me.

Okay, I'm not Peter Pan, but I do think I'm 5.
I'm actually a 20 year old female from Utah.

Fun facts about me:
-I think everything is funny and I love to laugh. I will start laughing with abandon if someone else is laughing even if I missed the joke, or even if I'm sitting quietly and something funny that happened 10 years ago comes to mind.
-From that, you may imagine that I have a very vivid memory. I do. I will describe these ridiculous memories and your eyes will glaze over. Love me anyway.
-I'm cute.
-Oh, and I quote unquote save lives and get paid (admittedly not much) for it.
-I'm bored now because I prefer to be really ridiculously overbooked. Yay! I will be next semester.
-You may have seen me on here before under a different username.
-At least I'm cute.
-Oh and...people with lots of rules not welcome. Lol.
agd: colin &gt;&gt; light

back for round two...

I tried my hand at this earlier in the year and had pretty good success; most of those guys have stuck around! XD  I figured it's about time to throw this out there again and see if I can add on some more awesome friends. ^_^

I'm 23, going to grad school in Orlando, Florida for my Masters in Forensic Science.  I have my BS in Chemistry from USC (and no, not SoCal.  South Carolina is the real USC!)  Yes, I know I am a nerd; I would've majored in Math if it would've given me an opportunity other than being forced to teach.  I love playing video games, and am a movie freak.  I also love reading manga and watching asian dramas.  I'm obsessed with taiwanese dramas/actors and cpop.  I love animals, and have two bettas, a hammy, and a crazy cat that I like posting videos and pictures of. 

I'm not really picky with adds. You can be 15 or 30, as long as you're mature and don't talk in myspace lingo.  I wish I was creative enough to come up with something catchy to grab your attention and make you want to add me, but sadly I fail with the witty remarks.  Feel free to add me though! =D


Heyy, my name is Chandler
and i live in Ottawa, Canada.
im obsessed with music, movies, books
and enjoy photography, playing my guitar, writing songs/poetry, among other things.
im 16 and am in grade 11.
i like to think im mature for my age, but i really am still a child.
anyways, im just starting this journal up and need some fun things to read/ people to read my stuff
looking forward to it

( not the best picture, but im too lazy to look through all of them, and this was pretty recent..)