December 26th, 2008



well hi there.
i'm looking for more personal friends.
i don't like large friend groups, just around 10 good
people to have on my f-list that provide constant communication
and good friendships :]
i cut friends that
> don't post regularly or
> don't post interesting things regularly or
> donesn't comment entries

so, i'm ashley, i'm going to be turning the ripe age of 19
in a few short weeks.
i'm a freshman in college
@ the university of wisconsin-milwaukee.
it's cool here. it may be a tundra, but it's not the nothing-but-farmland
steriotype i know you have of it.
i was born in england and i've been living in the states for about 14 years now.
i'm a music major
[ alto saxophone, clarinet, french horn, percussion ].
i have a twin brother
and we have younger twin siblings.

enjoys - music, jazz studies, drumming, art, theatre, boyfriend, orange things, magnet boards, nests of blankets/pillows, being passive-aggressive, cupcakes, rearranging furniture, shopping, yelling obscenities, creating socially awkward situations, contradictions, texting, chewing gum, apple products, being counter-productive (facebook!!1!), laughing, my friends, nachos, baseball, coffee, tea, playing in the rain, holding hands, cuddling, running, getting my swell on, saying insightful things in french, drawing stars all over everything, playing pool, buffalo wild wings, being at the lake, colouring, summer time, etc.

yeah! <3
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I'm Katie, 27, and current living in Boston. I've been living there for six months now, and come from California. I am laid back, and love to post on my fandoms sometimes. Sometimes I'll post lyrics or book quotes that have touched me. I can be sarcastic. I like to get to know people on my friend's list. Love learning about different countries, and reading other people's writing. I may not always comment, but I do read entries. Sometimes I don't know what to comment with, but I do try to find something. I'm looking for new people to add to my journal that comment and update. Some with similar interests would be nice.

Love: traveling, reading, writing, movies, thunderstorms
Music; Jamie Cullum, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Kanye West, BBMak, N Sync, Hard Fi, Oasis, New Kids On the Block, Usher, Gregory and the Hawk, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys, Eminem. I have more listed at my Huge love for British music.
Movies: Harry Potter, Good Will Hunting, Mallrats, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, Identity
TV: The Simpsons, LOST, Pushing Daisies, Coronation Street, Prison Break (though haven't been watching this season)
Actors: Wentworth Miller, Daniel Radcliffe, Shia Labeouf, Matthew Fox, Tom Hanks
Actresses: Kate Bosworth, Laura Linney, Angelina Jolie
Books: The Gemma Doyle Series, Harry Potter series, Twilight, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Ernest Hemingway, To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye

bella sol pink hair


Hey there!
My name is Kelly and I'm 20. I live a pretty normal life. I go to college with my wonderful boyfriend of over 4 years. I have a very conflicting personality- I love fashion and dress "girly" but I thrive on rock music, love horror movies, and appreciate dark/goth art. I don't really fall into the category of any stereotype, thankfully. I pick and choose from different lifestlyes to create my own.

[Music]: System of a Down, Evanescence, Korn, Serj Tankian, Scars on Broadway. I can play guitar. I don't play every day but it's an occasional hobby of mine.

[Art]: I absolutely love art. Salvador Dali is my favorite. I draw often and I post pictures of my work.

[TV]: Family Guy, Friends, Desperate Housewives, and the occasional guilty pleasure of SOME reality shows.

[My journal]: I'm looking for livejournal friends that both update and read often. I frequently comment and don't get too many comments in return so I feel I need to re-vamp my friends list. I write a lot about my boyfriend, family, friends, and the daily happenings in my life. Often, I use my livejournal to vent about frustrations I see in everyday life. I post pictures quite often. I'm not looking for people to argue with. Just letting you know before hand: I don't like Obama and if that bothers you, some of my entries may bother you too.

So that's pretty much me in a nutshell. If you think we have enough in common, comment and let me know!


Hi everybody!
My journal is locked,but we can be friends!

- COMMENT to be considered
-Tell me why you'd like to be added.Who you are.(Things in common)....
- If you add me, please at least let me know by commenting to this post and I might add you back

A few words about me (You can read them in the sidebar)

My name is Daria,but my friends call me Dasha or Shprotya(Шпротя)
I`m 18 years old girl living in Russia .Yeah,I`m russian and i speak poor english.I`m sorry for my mistakes
I`d like to find some foreign friends(Obviously,english speakers)
iLove: Rock, rock`n`roll (Cold,12 stones,Evans Blue,Linkin park,Trapt,The Beatles,The Who,Nirvana),indie,pop music. Books( I like "Twilight"  xD, but my favourite writer is  Henry Rider Haggard ). Retro style, i like to make photos; rain ,autumn, summer, winter, nature, Movies (Tristan+Isolde ,Interview with the Vampire,Troy,Alexander). Animals(guinea-pigs,dogs,lions,tasmanian devils),New Zeland, Russia 
iHate: Stupid people xD 

You are welcome!

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ermm, hi:)?!
I like meeting new people, and i'm a complete livejournal loser at the moment so yeah, you know the story.
The Cure and Kill Hannah are my favourite bands.
I live in England. It's cold and wet and windy.
I like apple pie and vodka. too much maybe, idk.
do add me though, I quite fancy some interesting people to talk to :)

oh, and here's my myspace and