December 29th, 2008


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So I have some great friends on my journal already, but I love meeting new people.

I’m known online as Silver. I’m 23, female, and live in the UK, not too far from London. I’m bisexual and technically single, I guess, though I’m still very much in love with an ex. I live alone with my German Shepherd dog, Cory, and eight gerbils. My family are utterly crazy, but I love them anyway. I pride myself on being open-minded, non-judgmental, usually very tolerant and hard to shock. I suffer from manic depression, post traumatic stress disorder and an anxiety disorder, bad enough that it does affect my every day life. Currently I have one tattoo and am desperate to get more done.

I usually update regularly, and post about pretty much anything. My family, my dog, sex/relationships, funny things that have happened, life in general. I rant quite a lot. I post a lot of photos. Sometimes I share amusing things I’ve found online – jokes, pictures, videos. I write fanfiction and original stories, and sometimes I post bits of writing. Sometimes it can be a bit dark and depressing, because I’ve been through some pretty bad stuff, but I try not to complain all the time.

I’m looking for friends who are 18 or older. I don’t like people who are racist/homophobic/sexist/etc, or people looking to cause drama. People who type really badly, or use text or net speak all the time just irritate the hell out of me. I’d like friends who update and comment on a semi-regular basis, but don’t get too stressed about it. (I’ll comment when I feel I have something to say and it is fine if you do the same.)
bicycle day goofball.

I'm so awful at these. It's almost shocking when people respond.

Hallo! I'm Hannah. I can unicycle and pop my jaw in tune to twinkle twinkle. I like to write songs and seduce people with my eyes. I'm a rambling busker (no worries, most people don't know what it means).

I'm gonna be up front about this: I suck at posting on occasion. And when I suck at posting, I suck at commenting. My livejournalness comes and goes in phases.


a.) I want some new friends, and that will probably motivate me to suck less.
b.) When I don't suck at commenting I'm good at it.

You could always give it a try.

Comment here, please.

This is me, made awesome by a beautiful sunset.

This was the worst and least intriguing add-me post ever...

Hello =]

Hello everyone =]
My name's Steffanee. I'm 18, I'll be 19 in February.
I took a semester off from school and will be attending classes next month at the University of Michigan, studying Psychology.
I'm a HUGE reader, and I have loved just about every book I've ever read, and as of right now, I am in the middle of four books.
I'm a little bit weird, but it keeps thing interesting.
I love talking to people, although I tend to be very shy.
I like helping people out when they ask for advice, or making up inside jokes.
I love to write, and I have written short stories for a community on LJ.
I love talking about music, any genera, but my favorite band will always be Avenged Sevenfold.
I also enjoy talking about fashion, books, movies, Pin-Up Models, and just life in general
I have an insane obsession with tattoos.

All my posts are friends only, but I love meeting and reading other people's journals.
I try to post as often as I can, seeing how the last two journals I had, I lost track of.
I like to leave comments and keep in touch with every friend I make on here, because no matter where or how you know them, friends are friends.

I promise we will keep this interesting. =]

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bam glasses

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so here's the basics:
my name is samantha, but most people call me sam or sami.
i'm from southern tennessee.
i'll be 18 in two weeks.
senior in high school.
i don't know what i'm going to do with my life.
my plans are always changing.

H.I.M. piercings. tattoos. hello kitty. marilyn monroe. invader zim. metal. rock. pop. techno. industrial. bright colors. victorian stuff.
D.I.Y. marching bands. horror movies. bam margera. writing. pen pals.
shopping. coffee. redbull. marlboro lights. green, pink, purple, and red.
poetry, both reading & writing. good books. scrapbooking. making stuff.
fullmetal alchemist. spongebob. family guy. jackass. viva la bam.

humidity. it doesn't snow in southern tennessee. music i can't understand.
insomnia. hot weather. snakes. bugs. abuse. ignorant rednecks.

+ i don't really like people that hate life & always talk about how bad theirs is.
most of my friends are atleast 17 or older because i don't like immature people and internet drama.
DuNt TyP33 DiiS W3iGh oR i'LL 3@t YeRR KiDzz.
i don't comment every single entry, nor do i expect the same.
but i like people i can actually become friends with.
out of all the people on my flist, i talk to about 4 of them.
so i want more friends.

add away=]
btvs: family
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Hi there! I'm Zuisa (real name: Jacki) and I would like some new LJ friends.

I'm a senior at Minnesota State University, but I'm from Massachusetts and have also lived in Utah and China. I like to move. My B.A will be in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese, but I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. I do know that I want to go to graduate school, but I don't know what for.

My passion and interests mainly lies split between foreign language/cultures and theater. I love acting, directing, scenic construction, dancing.... anything. I work for a summer stock theater company every year. But then I also do translation work for fun. I'm an odd duck. I speak very passable Spanish (I understand almost everything), mediocre Mandarin Chinese, and I read French very well and am working on being to understand it when spoken. Actually production of French can wait. I also took a semester of Arabic and it was so difficult I kind of wanted to die. I do want to give it another go, though!

I also love video games (mainly JRPGs) and television. TV shows I am watching now are more or less just Heroes and The Office, but I have a yearly love-hate relationship with American Idol and I keep meaning to catch up with Ugly Betty. Past shows I will sometimes still blabber about include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and Joan of Arcadia. And when I'm feeling really nerdy, a terrible/fantastic campy show from New Zealand called The Tribe.

I don't update terribly frequently (a couple times a week, usually) but I'd like to both post and comment more in the new year. I hope to be LJ friends with some of you soon!
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I've decided that for 2009 I want to record as much as I can on LJ. I'm shooting for 365 days of something, be it a post, a picture, a lyric or a fact. I moreso prefer to read/comment on journals so I'm trying to force myself to post every day.

I think it's time for new friends so that I have more of a reason to come here every day and can keep that goal.

About me:
-21, about to graduate college
-Looking toward law school
-Rides horses
-Journalism major, hating it
-Lives with her best friends
-Taken, but no gushy love stuff
-Fairly cynical, likes to wax political occasionally
-Tries not to be ridiculous/emo/offensive.. but we all have our moments.
-Pretty open minded politically, sexually, beliefs-wise
-Hard to offend
-Writes about her wacky family a lot
-Loves to travel and brings back more than t-shirts

Preferably I'm looking for people between 18-30ish. Not looking to read those who write only about relationships, when depressed, or about getting drunk/high. Not that I have an aversion to any of it, but eventually I will tire of the same thing every entry.