January 1st, 2009

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I am Sarah~

I am 17.. feel very old though. o.o;;
I live in England, but I will be moving to Germany soon~

Interests: Japan, cute things, art, animals, lolita fashion, pullip dolls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer~
Vampires, NY, Geisha, DOA, Hello Kitty

Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Nirvana, Bjork, Nana Kitade, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens
Movies: House of Flying Daggers, Kill Bill, Little Miss Sunshine, Cruel Intentions

I make lists a lot.
I am really shy.

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-Born && Raised in South FLA-

-I love to have fun. Im always laughing, joking around.
-Meeting new people is so much fun. i love meeting people from other countries too. New cultures are fascinating.
-Music is my passion. Although i cant sing a note...i love to listen to anything...ANYTHING. Country. Rock. Punk. Alternative. Acoustic. Pop. Rap. R&B...you get my drift...

im new...and need some friends.
so addddddd me♥
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I'm 22 years old.
I live in the beautiful SunShine State.
I love my dog Cooper, My MINI Cooper S, My iPhone, My MacBook.
I love my friends, to laugh, & to smile. 
Add me! I'm looking for new friends. 

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New friends for 2009

- Nicole -
- 24 years old -
- Born and raised in central Florida and northeastern Pennsylvania -
- In a relationship with Nicholas for 2 years -
- I have an associates degree in Liberal Studies -
- I attend East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania majoring in Hospitality Management -
- I work at the district county courts -
- & at a bank (on weekends) -
- I ♥ music. all kinds of music -
- Currently I'm listening to a lot of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift & Britney Spears' new CD Circus -
- I've had my LJ for 4 years -

I'll add anyone who wants to add me back!
Hoping to find new friends for 2009!

♥  Nicole

so it's been a while...

I want to start the new year with some new friends.

There's not really much to say about me. My journal is all about being, gay, depressed and miserable in the country I live in.

And sometimes I have some edgy opinions. I'm so edgy I cut myself. (Metaphorically speaking).

So just add me, it's even better if you end up hating me because I'm into e-drama.

Add me

My name is Heather. I've had 10,000 ljs before, but they don't seem to stick. It's one of my resolutions to keep this one up. I'm 23 years old and currently studying computer networking and support systems, but may change that depending on how my math classes go. :/ My interests are sumo wrestling, pole dancing, cooking, gaming, collecting things, making lists, belly dancing, animals, drawing, and volleyball. I'm pretty laid back and hard to offend, but I do love ranting.

Oh God

Hello, my name is Ace.
I've had many ljs before, but then things in my life start to change, and so do I, so I stop writing.
I like reading what other people have to say, about their lives and experiences.
I don't sugar coat things very often.
I've had a very troubled (more so than most, less so than some) past and childhood.
My blog deals with sex, drugs, alcohol, self-loathing, complement fishes and pity parties.
If you can't be mature, I don't want to deal with you.
I am who I am, and anyone who can't accept that or feels the need to put me down can just skip over me, please.

Thank you, I look forward to perhaps gaining some new friends :D

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Hi!! I'm Liz!
I'm 19!
I love commenting and reading about other peoples lives.
Willing to be friends with anyone.. to a degree
i am pretty bubbly and optimistic
i do update some sad and rebellious stuff, but pretty much its happy.
i'm in college
i'm from the garden state. =] (South Jerz to be precise)

add me =]

Add me (:

Mara, 15 years old, Germany

I love:

  • My family, friends and dog
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Movies (A-Z)
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Everything that’s English
  • Coffee and Coke
  • Icons


Collapse ) Happy New Year ;)
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