January 2nd, 2009




Laura, almost 17, from Spain.
  • Love to write, and to listen to music
  • Narrow-minded? Better stay away
  • Classic Sci-fi and Romanticism: best genres
  • Music: the more indie, the better.
  • But I never put down some mainstream
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Hey there!

Hey guys, my name's Dani and I live in Miami, Florida. I'd like to have a few more friends just to read up on and comment with. I like fashion, skateboarding, drumming, working out, animals, music, and cooking. If you have those interests or are just intrigued feel free to add me and I'll add ya back! :)

Much love,

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New Year, new Friends. Add me.

I have been updating quite a bit; I post a lot of my artistic endeavors, and when I am not posting I truly read and try to comment with real meaning.

add me, add me, add me.

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Hi! I'd like to know more people who update in German or have lived in Germany/Austria. I'm considering studying in Freiburg as an exchange student next year.
I'm a Finnish university student, female. Joyful and bubbly but a bit too self-centered at times. Big on liberalism and equality. Agnostic, aiming at vegerarianism, treehugger (literally, too!) All kinds of non-German interesting people are welcome to read my journal, too. I also know Swedish and would love to practise it.
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hello! My name's Viktar. I am from Belarus. I'd like to have more friends.
I badly speak in english and on it I would like to correspond with the person knowing english
MJ Back

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The name's Nicole. 
20 years old.
Been on Live Journal for years now.
Created my first journal back in 2004.
I live in Central New York.
I'm bisexual, but lean more towards girls.
I am hooked on Harry Potter. Fan fiction, everything, you name it.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the best Television show ever, I don't care what anyone says. ^__^
I'm kind of a nerd.
I love meeting new friends, and would love to get some more since I'm now out of college, and back into the swing of things here on Live Journal.
There's so much more about me that I can write, but I don't want to make this too long >.> haha

Want to be friends? =)
Comment me. <3

hi there....

Hi! Oh, what to write....   hmm.....  Well, besides being female and almost at the age of 40.  Yes, 40.  I guess I should start off saying that I do know the laws of punctuation and spelling but have an internal rebellious need to break as many as possible.  If this bothers you, you may not want to add me.  I post at random and have a new journal but am not really new to LJ.  I have had an account in the past but became lazy and well...kinda forgot about it.  ANYHOW...that was then.  With the new year, I am going to make every attempt to read and comment as often as possible.   Some of my interests include pretty  random stuff. Hope this intro. is ok. I REALLY detest writing intros...I know I sound like a geek...((shakes head)) I just know it.....
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Well hello there!

My name is Fernando.I'm 16 years old...new to Livehournal.
I love Music such as Dance Gavin Dance,Queens of the Stone Age,Linkin Park,Innerpartysystem,and many more.
Favorite movies include A Clockwork Orange,The Star Wars movies,The Dark Knight,and Enter the Dragon.
I'm gay,but straight guys are welcome to add me as long as you don't constantly think i'm hitting on you (I fucking hate that!)
I'm very chill.I act like a straight guy.If my hair looks bad one day,I just put a hat on,I don;t cry about it like some gay men....
I love playing Pokemon.
I love cooking.
I would say i'm rather intellectual...

What i'm looking for:
Smart people.
Preferably men.
Peepz dat dont talk lyke dis.
People with strange quarks.
People with long intriguing journal entries.


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Hello! I'm not really new to LJ, but this is a new journal. So, about myself:
  • I'm 20.
  • I'm liberal and a feminist.
  • I'm majoring in English and American lit.
  • I have a weird sense of humor and am considered strange by a lot of people.
  • I'm currently addicted to The Sims 2.
  • I rant  a lot and like to read other people ranting (as long as it's not a string of swear words--I like more verbose rants ;D).
  • I role-play on the weekends.
You can check out my journal and profile to read more about me. I'm not necessarily looking for people with similar interests, just interesting people.

(no subject)

this journal is a personal venture.
i am so used to seeing the same frame of mind, it's time to broaden my horizons.
hopefully this can be an eye-opener for you too.

each week i will post a new question here, relating to any aspect of life.
answers can be anonymous or not, it's up to you.
participation is definitely appreciated :]


hey all

Well I'll start with my name is Christine and I'm somewhat new to LJ but have really enjoyed it so far. I like reading what people write and I also like the free feeling I have when I write down my thoughts as well....so....add me
Hellish fun


 I'm Sunat Iah^^

So, I seriously don't know what to type about myself.  Ive had an account on LJ before but I never had any time to post anything, didn't take it much serious, so I lost it eventually. Now I have decided to try it again this year, 2009.  I'm in a good mood, full of inspiration and energy.
Ive moved to a new city, so I have very few connections, I hope I gain some friends here^^

Here's some few facts about me:

- I like writing short stories and poems. I also enjoy music, mostly all kind of genres. Depends on my mood..
- I love photography, and play with photos allot. I'm in an exploration/discovery stage. just experimenting for now...
- I'm Manga, Anime addict..I've been watching it for so long, I'm kind of jaded now-a-days. I have become very picky and I carefully choose what I spend my time watching.
- Being from 3 different nationalities myself, I like different languages and tend to pick them up fairly well. I speak 4 different languages and I'm currently studying Japanese.

So please, don't hesitate to add me. ^^

Walter White

Friends Needed

Hi everybody! My name is John and I'm from northern Michigan. I'm almost 27. I have a girlfriend and she's the one who got me into LJ. I really love music. They call me the Music Man. I listen to all kinds of music (except country), especially metal. I also like to play video games, especially Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can check my profile for some more of my interests if you'd like. I really need some friends here on LJ. I am looking for anybody with similar interests, male or female, or just anybody who might like to be on my list. I'd appreciate it if only people who will read my entries and comment on them add me. I don't post every single day, but when I do I feel like my entries get ignored most of the time. My girlfriend always gets lots of comments on her journal. Not fair, lol. I'm a really nice guy and I love talking to people. If you're interested, please comment either here or in my journal. Thanks much! :)

Me and my mom :D
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