January 3rd, 2009


Hey! Super new and looking for LJ friends...

So, obviously I joined this community to meet new LJ friends.

I'm a student at San Francisco State University (yes, I've seen some crazy shit...ask and I'll tell!), I love to sing and dance, I attempt to play my guitar moderately ok, I know I worry way too much (hypochondriac status), I love movies, reading celebrity gossip, having deep discussions, and I love to laugh.

I pretty much would love to get to know you. Add me and lets meet. <3

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so my name is Dara & i'm 20 years old.
I live in NYC & i love it.
I'm a down to earth girl, but i am blunt. I tell the truth & i don't care. I am nice but sometimes i just don't want to deal with certain people so i won't.
I love my blackberry,cigarettes & redbull. I am obsessed with leggings and uggs & that is pretty much what i wear.  I am loud and i don't care if we are inside, i do not use my "inside voice." I act like i am 15, but i have a mind of a 30 year old. I always take pictures, so expect them in my journal (yes i use lj cut, hahaha) i talk about my life, i talk about personal things.I do random post as well.
i am a girly girl & i have a boyfriend of 2 years. I am a competitive dancer & i teach dance.
i'm honestly not super picky about who adds me, but please if you are illiterate do not even bother...really. please
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looking for some new friends :)

Hello all!
Since it's the New Year, I wanted to start it by making
a bunch of new friends and this is as good a place as
any to start :)

I'm 20 and I live in Toronto, Canada.
I'm currently in University and trying to start a band
so I may do some shameless self-promoting in my journal
sometime in the near future once that's up and running :P

Hmm... about me...
I'm kind of a dork, or so I'm told on a regular basis.
I love photography and doing silly photo shoots although
I haven't done one in ages. Also, I post a lot of snapshots
of my dog and I in my journal. I also enjoy playing video games and watching
movies. Some days I just sit in front of the television
and watch hours upon hours of films. I'm the kind of
person who takes recommendations seriously so if you're
into watching movies and like talking about film, we'd
be great friends haha.
I also enjoy writing fiction and/or prose which I tend
to post in my journal.
Despite all the fun and games mentioned above, I'm also
only human and sometimes get down, which shows in my
journal too so I'm not always happy-go-lucky.
Oh, I also love baking/cooking and sometimes post pictures
and recipes of my concoctions!

I'm looking for any friends really, I'll add pretty much
anybody who'd like to be friends so if you're interested
just let me know :)

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  • czarny

Heylo :)

  • Name's Ali
  • 21 years old, 22.. tomorrow!
  • Live in Yorkshire in the UK
  • At University studying business
  • Love languages, food, independent cinema, different types of music
  • Bit of a homo. ;)
  • Any questions just ask~

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My name isn't important but I'm 18 if you needed to know. I live in North East England with my mother and an assortment of other family members. I collect penguins and like drinking tea. I don't know what I want to do with my life but I'd kinda like to be as famous as Johnny Cash. I can be defined in one word "cunt" I've just given up the cigarettes and I'm a nymphomaniac with type two bipolar. I want a pet angelfish to call george but I'm not allowed them. I'm deathly afraid of snakes. I suck with grammar amongst other things. I'm a manipulative bint but I'll tell the truth. I', currently listening to Bowling for Soup because it just came on Kerrang.
I don't know what else to add. I'm a fucking loser.

Go to my friends only page to comment, then add me. thanks.

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Hey, my name is Corey and I'll be 22 years old on January 28th. I'm a pre-transition ftm transsexual who is 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins. I'm also vegan, pro-life, liberal, feminist and an atheist. Add me and I'll add you back.


My name is Keisha, and I'm almost 15.

I am EMO and fucking proud!
I decided to be emo, so I can be different and express my emotions.
I self-harm and I have diagnosed with major depression.

I'm bisexual, and I completely support gay/lesbian rights.

I like blogging, writing, photography, and listening to music.

I love My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights, and Alternative Press magazine.

Add me if you want.


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jazmyn. female. 17. japanese/irish descent. bibliophile. poet.
who likes fall foliage, jones soda, history, reading, wilco, barack obama, england, russia
who will be an ASL interpretator, famous, the one who got away
who is not racist. xenophobibic. homophobic. religious.
who is a member of the national honors society. nerdy. funny. perverted. outgoing.

My favorite person ever is Viggo Mortensen. I like linguistics and am currently taking Spanish in school, but I always like to learn more. I'm very open minded and I love learning. I love going to concerts. You can check out my music at my last.fm here. I love politics and I love learning about other countries and how the US can be stupid haha.

I don't know what else to say. Check out my profile for other interests!
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Hello there!

My name is Nicola and I'm 20 years old. I live in England where I spend my time either drowning or slowly freezing to death, but you get adjusted to it eventually. I'm in university at the moment doing a degree in english literature and early childhood studies after which I hope to do a post grad in teacher training, although I'm not sure what the chances of actually passing this degree are!

I am slightly obsessive about movies. I usually watch at least two a week, and sometimes way more! In general my favourites are comedies and horrors but I'll give pretty much anything a try. Some of my favourite movies include 10 Things I Hate About You, Titanic, Cars, Love Actually and Van Wilder, so it's fair to say I like a bit of variety! I also love to read, my favourite authors including Alice Sebold and Jodi Picoult.

Personality-wise, I am one of those annoyingly optimistic people. I just get on with life really, no point letting things hold you down. I love meeting new people and so am one of those obnoxious people who'll try to talk to you on the train, and there is nothing in the world that I hate more than going to the gym. I talk and talk and talk and have a sore throat after any party from just how many people I've babbled to.

Want to be friends? Great! Please make sure you add me first, and then comment either here or at my journal to let me know that you've done so. PLEASE only add me if you actually want to be friends. I hate having people on my friends list and having no idea who they are, I like to actually talk to you and get to know you so please only add me if you like doing the same.

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ii'm an emO frOm australiia. mii fav band iis my chemiical rOmance. dey r so cOol. ii culd liisen 2 dem all daii lOng. black iis mii fav cula. i h8 wiite n briit culas. ii wuld lyk 2 b a vampiir bcuz dey r cOol.

iim miisunderstOod sO ii deciided tO b an emO bcoz ii makez me diiferent and ii stan Out

ppl teaz me for beiin diiferent but ii dont care bcoz ii no dat dey are just stuk iin a rut iin maiinstreem sociity.

and iim biisexual. deal wiit iit.

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i am bEka.

i livE in australia.

pEople dont likE mE vEry much but i know tHat my truE friEnds will accEpt mE for mE.

i havE sEvErE dEpression and sElf harm somEtimEs.

i am vEry accEpting and likE pEople for who thEy arE, not what thEyrE trying to bE.

i am attractEd to dark things.

i lovE vampirEs and dark faEriEs.

thE colours black and rEd arE my favouritEs. thE black rEprEsEnts the dark in my soul and thE rEd rEprEsEnts the blood i have spilt, and also the passion i havE.

plEasE add mE and commEnt.