January 4th, 2009

New Year, Fresh Start

 New journal, experienced user. In search for new friends to facilitate a "fresh start" of sorts.

I'm practically 22, and just about to enter my last semester of college, where I am majoring in both English and Communications.

Starting an internship in two weeks with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

I lived in London for a short period of time, which was probably the happiest time of my life to date. 

Theatre and music are my two main passions in life, despite the fact I have little practical experience in either area.

I am currently training to be a copyeditor.

Slight obsession with Stephen Sondheim.

Never been in a real relationship due to extreme awkwardness in uncomfortable situations and my ability to attract only the neurotic and the sociopaths.

I believe in ghosts.

I <i>will</i> be updating at least every other day.

Am starting the process of scouring the city for a job relevant to my education.

I go to the movies at least once a week.

I am willing to add anyone and everyone interested in adding me. I have no age limits, though I would prefer not to read a journal that is nothing but lists, quizzes, and test things.  They perturb me.

Check my profile for those interested in the music, movie, hobby lists.

Cross posted, please don't hate me.
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hi, new year new friends ya know :)

jo, 18 19 soonish. i ramble about the same things, friends, work, life, deep and meaningfuls as well lol. anyhoo i comment a fine ammount and i like lj friends.
that sounds really dumb but ohwell >.<

add me if you like :)

(no subject)

Hey everyone! Ahhh, so here goes:

My name is Margaret.
I'm 19.
I was born in San Francisco, but I was raised here in New Jersey.
I'm a classically trained violinist.
I've been dating my boyfriend, Rod, for a little under three years now.
I'm addicted to coffee and cigarettes.
I work in a Barnes & Noble.
I'm going to school for an R.N. degree.
I've been here on livejournal since 2005.
I'm not gonna lie... I love like Spongebob Squarepants and his oh-so-silly antics. XP
I'm a typical college student: I love the beach in the summer, shopping at the mall, and partying on the weekends.
I'm a movie buff, and will talk anyone's ear off about the latest movie I've seen.
My favorite music includes The Counting Crows, 311, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, Rage Against the Machine, and Muse.
I'm really mellow, and I love making new friends.
SO... Feel free to add me!
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☼ Keep it simple

Name:  → Kamaria
age → 20
school → Evergreen State College - Film Major
sex → female
likes → old music (also, hip-hop, classic rock, japanese music, world, anything really), games, rain, kickball, hookah, cigars, texting, Text-RPGS, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Wanna add me? I'm a comment whore, and I will always comment for you if you do me. I don't like adding friends who don't bother ever talking or make an effort to get to know you. I don't fangirl and talk about real life mostly, but I'm always happy to add new friends. So don't worry, I wont bite~

plz to be going here so you get an add~

livejournal.. because
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New year equals new friends

Who/What am I? - LAZY LIST STYLE!

* 24 year old "boy" (turning 25 tomorrow, ugh!) from Montréal, Canada.

* Recently got out of a LDR.

* Computer Science graduate and 3rd year Software Engineering student.

* I'm a caffeine and sugar junkie. For me, coffee is good, but heavily sugared coffee is even better. In fact, I really like putting coffee in my sugar.

* I'm an avid web comic reader.

* I'm a music freak. Any genres. From Classical to Metal (but I am particularly fond of anything progressive).

* Movie freak. Foreign or Mainstream. You could even say that one of my hobbies is to study imdb.com.

* I call myself an "admirer of new technologies".

* I'm sometimes obsessive, and often a perfectionist.

* Le français est ma première langue. / French is my first language. Therefore, do not be surprised of having to deal with a few French posts in my journal once in a while although I have a filter for these. (*Psst* Google translation is your friend!).

* I was born in the town where you can find the world's first UFO landing pad (just in case you need to be reassured: Yes, I am from planet earth).

* I rarely refuse to help people out without asking anything in return (which, sadly, is not always a good thing).

* You could say that I'm a quiet and laid back person, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the company of others.

* I have an affinity for video games. I only wish I had more time to PLAY them.

* I dig information.

* Looking at the clock at 11:11 makes me go "HMM".

* Remembering that there are exactly 11 vowels and 11 consonants in my full name makes me go "HMMMMM".

* My favorite color is blue (just 'cause I'm sure you were all dying to know this).

* INTJ, obviously. All personality tests I've taken so far have led me to the same result.

* I wish to travel the world after my studies (Possible destinations include: anywhere... but I tend to be attracted by Asia in general, e.g. Japan).

* I read Wikipedia without having any goals whatsoever.

* I have a penchant for random lists (but I take it you've noticed that by now).

* I'd appreciate it if you told me a bit about yourself if you plan on adding me.

* Photography is one of my new found hobbies. Ever since I've been struck by a sudden impulse to spend a good amount of money on a new SLR camera and lens, I've found myself going on regular "trigger happy sprees" around the house taking pictures of my floor, cats, rolls of toilet paper - and basically anywhere else depth of field can be applied to. -- Heh. Hopefully I'll be putting my new toys to "better" use soon. ;]

By the way, here's my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shinytoasters/

(only go there if you want to see silly cat pictures... I don't consider myself a good photographer in any way whatsoever.)

*sigh* See profile for more info. This list is the result of my 3 years add_me membership.

What you can expect to see in my friends-only journal:
- Random rants about anything and everything.
- Dorky stuff.
- Comics.
- Pictures.
- Personal stuff.
- Memes/Quizzes/Surveys/Lists (once in a while -- but not too often)
- And, well, anything that I feel like writing about. :]

You may add me if:
- You want to get to know me -- not just as "another person" to comment in your journal, but as a friend (oh, but you know, that doesn't mean that you HAVE to comment on each and every one of my entries).
- You're not scared of profanity. I can swear like a sailor depending on my mood and the weather.
- You're mature (age does not matter), somewhat smart (by your own standards, of course :]), open-minded and do not fear geeky things and conversations.
- You understand that English isn't my first language. Yes, I'm not a very good Shakespear user. -- I rather use swords. Spears are too long. (Man, what a bad joke).
- You follow internet fads/memes.
- You're not scared of randomness.
- We have some things in common (not mandatory, but it helps!).
- A priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartender says... What is this, a joke?

So there. I hope that's enough to convince a few people to add me.
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new friends please.

I'm Amanda. Twenty One. Mommy to twins that are almost a year old. I ♥ rock music (Marilyn Manson is my favorite). Obsessed with all things faerie. I love to read & make blinkies. I don't do drugs and I'm not mighty impressed by people who do.

Other things I like: Hello Kitty, cleanliness, tattoos, AFI, Tool, Guitar Hero, DDR, Shopping, Runescape, Spirituality, Big Love, Documentaries, cheesy reality TV (Rock of Love, Celebrity rehab), the Twilight series, & plenty of other things.
be happy love life


My name is Caity. I'm 19. I'm a Cosmetology Student. I've been with my amazing boyfriend Jake for almost 3 years now. Besides going to school I do childcare. I'm a Christian girl, although I accept people for who they are and hope people accept me back. I'd like to think I have pretty good morals, although I'm not perfect. I'm way into fashion, writing, reading, movies, and music.

I just deleted tons of friends off my LJ and am looking for a few good friends who have a lot in common with me. I'd like to be more "real" in my journal this year, last year I tended to just write out what I did that day (lame, huh?). I'm also looking for people (boys or girls...doesn't matter) who are pretty close to my age.

I can be a little neurotic at times, a little naive at times. I'm lovable, yet crazy. If we'd get along comment here or at my journal, I'd love to add you back.

(no subject)

you are interested in reading longer, well thought out posts.
you enjoy observing the artistic process.
you have an active interest in books, music, maybe knitting, or some other creative outlet

...you may consider adding me.
inevitable betrayal

just a typical "add me" post.

I've only been using this livejournal to read/comment on communities.
But I have a lot I need to write down lately, so I've decided to actually keep a journal.
Therefore, I'm looking for a few friends.

19 years old, vegan, bisexual, pro-choice.
I am compassionate. Maybe too compassionate for my own good.
I like computers. A lot.
When I 'grow up' I want to be a software developer.
I never want kids, but I don't hate them.
My journal contains swearing. I don't swear to be provocative, and I don't swear excessively. But I can't help doing it a bit. I haven't even managed yet to stop swearing in front of my boyfriend's parents without even noticing.
I also post girly/tmi stuff. If you get squicked out by me mentioning I'm on my period, I'm probably not the right friend for you. I will be courteous though, and try to remember to eljay cut anything that involves phrases like "bloody uterine chunks" or "ginger arse hairs".
Some days there's nothing more I want to do than drink, smoke, and get delivered home in a pizza delivery car. Other days, I can't think of a better life than staying in with my less-raucous friends and playing Scrabble or Talisman.

If I sound any fun and we have anything in common, add me. It'll encourage me to post :)

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so, i'm ashley, i'm going to be turning the ripe age of 19
in a few short weeks.
i'm a freshman in college
@ the university of wisconsin-milwaukee.
it's cool here. it may be a tundra, but it's not the nothing-but-farmland
steriotype i know you have of it.
i was born in england and i've been living in the states for about 15 years now.
i'm a music major
[ alto saxophone, clarinet, french horn, percussion ].
i have a twin brother
and we have younger twin siblings.

enjoys - music, jazz studies, drumming, art, theatre, boyfriend, orange things, magnet boards, nests of blankets/pillows, being passive-aggressive, cupcakes, rearranging furniture, shopping, yelling obscenities, creating socially awkward situations, contradictions, texting, chewing gum, apple products, being counter-productive (facebook!!1!), laughing, my friends, nachos, baseball, coffee, tea, playing in the rain, holding hands, cuddling, running, getting my swell on, saying insightful things in french, drawing stars all over everything, playing pool, buffalo wild wings, being at the lake, colouring, summer time, etc.

yeah! <3

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hIi... iM dAna.........

iM daNa...... n iM 17.

I haV depresion.... n I somEtimes self hArm.... cauSe it gives me somethin 2 feel........ im so emptY n lonEly.....

I lyk 2 spEnd most of mY timE reading & riting poetryy..... n songs.

i lurvE stePheniE mEyer....... her BooKs aRe so greaT....... i waNaa bE a vampiRe so I can b wit EdwaRd CulEn foReverr....... he iS so sXc n PerfEct n i Luv him...... i h8 bEllA n wiSh shE woulD die so I cn haV edwArd..... thEy aRE the best booKs of all TIme........ i WilL luV theM fOrever.......

i LovE all vampiRe things....... espeCiialLy vamPire RomAnce beEcoz it iS darK n hawt...... especiAllY emO vampirEs...... onCe I reD a story AbouT 2 oF thEmm aNd it maD me crY so Badd cauSe it waS so Gud N sAd n I identifIed witH theM....... i UnderStoOd them better Than ppL underStand meE...

i Am misunderStooD bUt thAt is oK beCuz I am noT conforMist liKe everYone Else.....

i lUv thE colOur blAcK beCoz it Is lyk Me....

n i Luv the xfiles 2 bcoZ iT is DaRk n MulDer is sxC......... tho thE comEdy epIsodeS r dum.... i lIked thE 1s whEre they talk abOUt death.........

O.... n iM bisexUal n i WilL neveEr chAnge thaTt...........

iM dAna...... adD meee...
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love

Hello again,

Hello all!

I just want to say : I’m horrible at introductions so just bare with me…

My name is Natasha I am 19 years old. My birthday is in July. I’m a college art student and soon to be a mother in August. I post art and pictures, sometimes ..well a lot of the times without a lj-cut. I’m very mature for my age. You would think I have lived a hundred times over. I often speak in riddles, and wear my heart on my sleeves. I’m sort of in an emotional state at the moment. Almost four months ago I was in a car wreck, almost killing me. Left me with both my feet broken and my right arm broken completely in half. I have recovered fully but had to have surgery in November so I could have full use of my arm. So there are lots of entries about my wreck along with photos. I’m obsessed with owls, wolves, and the color teal. I love the out doors. I couldn’t survive without music, food, or affection. I update when I can, I’m not one of those people who update every single day of every single hour. I do comment, but when I don’t, don’t think I’m not reading your journal. Sometimes words are not my best and I can’t find anything logical to say. I like to get to know (on a personal level) who is reading and commenting my journal. :]

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(no subject)

Well. I'm Rocco. I'd like to have some friends on here as most of mine have MySpam and refuse to join LJ. Therefore, I refuse to join MySpam on principle. And I mean, getting to know other people can only be good, yes?


- I like books, the interwebz, Lindt chocolate, my bed and lemon meringue pie.
- I am a rabid Doctor Who fan, and also a rabid fan of most Britcoms.
- I'm Australian.
- I am a grammar nazi, yet I often make typos. My entries are riddled with them. Not entirely grammar related, but you could possibly yell hypocrite if you so desired.
- I am a math and science nerd.
- Hobbies include watching Doctor Who, Photoshopping, reading, maths (Algebra that doesn't require too much thought.), MSN and mudkipz.
- A lot of my sentences begin with so.

So yes. I am looking for people to add me, so I may add them and have more journals to read and comment on. I don't like adding random people. >< I do like to prowl around LJ and comment, however, and like to read comments I get. If you are go to add me, please have the ability not 2 typ lik dis or I'll go spare. Thanks.


Hello to everybody, I'm Julia!
I dont even know what to tell you about me besides my interests!) My mood is very changeable, this day i'm lamb and next day i'm lion, you know) I love my parents, i have some problems with them, but who doesn't??)
Likes: dancing in r'n'b style, drawing by pencil, Britney Spears (it's britney bitch!:)),Rihanna, Kanye West, r'n'b and pop on the whole, Twilight ( there are millions of us....we will reach you too *crazy laugh*), friends, RPG games such as Oblivion and Fable, shopping, fashion, Robert Pattinson, The IT Crowd,  snowboarding( a little bit:)), reading classic and sci-fi books: Arthur Conan Doyle, Terry Pratchett, Strugatskie (yes, i live in Russia!:), Christina Aguilera's "Dynamite", rainy weather, cocoa.
If you add me,i'll always add you!:)
Good day!

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(no subject)

My name's Justyna, 20, Polish. Currently studying French Philology. I live in a dorm with two girls who turned out to be pretty ignorant. Sometimes I write about them. Sometimes I write about tv shows I watch. I really like fantasy but that doesn't mean I watch only this kind of things. I read slash stories, I suspect it has something do to with the fact that I like girls equally as boys. I think BBC show Merlin is an epic gay romance - that's why actually I like it, otherwise with too clean castle and all historical inaccuracies watching it would be just a waste of time lol I love taking pictures which means I post them quite often. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I figured I still have time to decide.
Anyway, I like reading people's journals, even though I do not always comment. Feel free to add me :)

(no subject)

Name - Bunny
Age - 23 :(
Location - Southwest UK
Interests - Comics, video games and cute things. Other stuff in my user info! I'm rather random, and hyperactive so some of my entries can be weird.
Looking for - people to give me a free 7 day trial! No catch! Seriously, add me and see if we get on. If we do - huzzah! If not - then you un-add me and I'll do the same, no hard feelings. I want new journals to comment on, and I want to update more and get comments*.

If you do add me please either comment here or on my LJ and let me know, otherwise I won't realise and won't add you back!

*I feel like I should add that I want to get to know people properly! I made my best mate on LJ, so I'm not just about the comments ;D
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(no subject)

* Hi I'm Lia
* I don't like to give my age out but I'll tell you anyway. I'm 17
* Live in upstate NY and wouldn't have it anyway else
* Have many fears and they consume me. One of those fears is riding in a car.
* Love language. French is my life. I've been studying it for 5 years. I'm known as the French nazi in my school.
* Just started learning Italian and Spanish this year.
* Love music. I don't have a favorite kind, Music is music. My fav band is Panic at the Disco and has been for some time now.
* Love to read. My favorite writers are David Sedaris and Chuck Palahniuk.
* Goofy, Sarcastic, Unique, Ecstatic, Liberal, and Outgoing.
* Plays Guitar
* Like to write poetry or random haikus about what I'm thinking or how I feel.
* Love to watch movies and tv. My fav movie is The Fall and my fa tv shows are Nip/Tuck, The Tudors, and Dexter.
* Not a hater. I am not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, religious.
* I've been on hiatus for updating my journal for a while cause my computer died, but now I'm back
* I don't know what else to day.

If you want to add me comment my friends only post.

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