January 5th, 2009

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I just did a complete friend's cut and rename of my journal to get a fresh start at LJ.
So I came here to find some new people I might have something in common with. HERE GOESSSS:
(also, I'm nicer than I sound. PROMISE?)

my name is arielle.
I want to be an actress; therefore, I am destined to live in a cardboard box for the rest of my life. I don't have a filter between what I think and what I say, and that gets me into trouble. A lot. I'm extremely crude the majority of the time, or offensively sarcastic the rest of the time, and I normally give the impression of not being very nice. But that's not the case, I just speak the truffff. Or maybe I am just being a bitch. I have a paralyzing fear of bees-- I sat on a whole hive when I was little. I have to turn my 6 lights out at night in a particular order, or I can't sleep, which I hardly do anyway. I love all video games; I play World of Warcraft like some people shoot heroin. I enjoy every movie, no matter how shitty it is, ESPECIALLY horror movies. I'm a pretty swell person. Get to know me or I'll fucking kill your entire family.
here are some things I don't hate.
TV = Doctor Who, Dead Like Me, How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, Torchwood, Scrubs, Dexter, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, House, Top Chef, The Office, Reno 911, The Mighty Boosh, The Colbert Report, Ghost Hunters, Flight of the Conchords.

Movies = Session 9, Hostel I & II, basically all Horror movies, Fight Club, Reefer Madness, Pan's Labyrinth, Donnie Darko, The Illusionist, Boondock Saints, Shaun of the Dead, Black Sheep, National Treasure (yeah, that's right), The Pagemaster, The Breakfast Club, Primal Fear.

Books = I love all comic books. Also, anything by Stephen King (don't judge, yo), Martin McDonagh, Edward Albee, Terry Pratchett, or H.P. Lovecraft. Neverwhere, Flowers for Algernon, The Pillowman, Metamorphosis, Coram Boy, 1984, World War Z.

Music = Other than showtunes and some assorted classical, I like a lot of really random shit. The Shins, Scissor Sisters, The Fratellis, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Keane, Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Queen, Spoon, The New Pornographers, The Holloways, Regina Spektor, The Kooks, Cold War Kids, ALO, Matt Costa, Andrew Bird, Nellie McKay.

harley quinn

add me?

I'm Rachell. I'm 23 years old. I'm a film student at the University of Hawaii.

Reasons to Add Me/ Random Info:
- I'm doing a Project 365 in my journal- where I post an image of myself a day for a whole year. I don't have a proper camera, so it's just PhotoBooth and Poladroids for now.
- I'm obsessed with film. By film, I mean awesome movies. My everyday conversations are littered with movie quotes and references. Recent favorites: Hamlet 2, The Big Lebowski, Flight of the Navigator, and True Romance. If I could be any actor, based purely on the roles they've played, I'd be one of the following: Danny Glover, Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Morgan Freeman, and the guy that played Rufio in Hook.
- Totally in to the Discovery Channel. I <3 Deadliest Catch with the conviction of a thousand Arabian Princesses. I'll watch anything narrated by Mike Rowe. Also, I secretly plan on marrying an Alaskan fisherman one day. lol
- I collected 'Harley Quinn' comics, but stopped when I got all the ones in her series. I wish she'll appear in the next Batman movie alongside Poison Ivy. Currently really in to the 'Scott Pilgrim' comic series, and am actively stalking Edgar Wright's blog as he's doing pre-production on the movie.

So yeah. Add me?
credit to death_lollipop

giggity giggity.

hi, i'm jen ^_^

i'm 19 years old and i live in not-so bonnie scotland. (scenery yes, perpetual rain and wind not so much.) i'm a pretty active lj-user and love reading about other people's lives!

things i like - sports, animals especially horses and my doggy, new york city so much (i want to move there!), penguins, simon amstell, jimmy carr, michael mcintyre, hello kitty, twiligh (but i am NOT a robert pattinson fangirl!), gossip girl, one tree hill, my wii, heroes and lots lots more.

things i don't like - people who shove their religions down other people's throats really annoys me, and anyone who TYPZ LYK DIS. other than that, add me, i'm sure we'll get along great =]


add des.

Name & Age: Des, 23.
Location: Dana Point, California.
Loves: Art, Tattooing, Airbrushing, Pinstriping, Goldleafing, Music, Writing, Skateboarding, Eating.
Hates: Being strung along, spiders and other bugs.
Add me if: You intend on keeping in touch, reading my entries, have something interesting to say.

I'm a sweet hearted goofball, that made a long awaited return to livejournal, just looking to make new friends and meet new people. :D

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Hello fellow earthlingz!

Third time posting here, I am unjuicy because green hirsute aliens stuck a straw in my skull and slurped up my creative juices, so please bear with me.

Add me if:
-You love food!
-You don't mind me rambling on and on about something that barely matters(trust me, I do that very very often)
-You are half insane, like me
-You can bear my rantings
-You post often! (join the club!)
-You like pic spams
-You dabble in photography
-You are selling insurance/blenders/the new vitamin beverage/medicated plasters/George Bush figurines/vibrators thank you very much, but no thanks
-You are God
-You are Yoda
-You are Satan
-Or Darth Vader

Do not add if:
-You are a proud owner of a sex Livejournal, or whatever. I am terribly innocent and pure. Like George Bush.
-You just want to spam your friends-list :(
-You don't update your Livejournal at least once a week
-Your eyeballs explode when they read some swearwords/cusswords
-You like Cristiano Ronaldo (wtfbbq)
-Your Livejournal is wholly in some other language other than English
-You are George Bush
-You are an alien seeking to exterminate all humankind (unless you allow me to join you)

1a)I whine!
1b)I emo!
2)I shit!
3)I cuss!
4)I'm sometimes crazy!

Yup, that's about it. See you guys around.
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I'm Froggie.
It doesn't matter what age I am.
My hair has been black, blonde, brown, blue, pink, purple, orange, red, gingerish, yellowish and green. Several times each, for many of those.
My favourite music consists mainly of industrial and darkwave. Favourite artists/bands include Emilie Autumn, The Cure, Angelspit, She Wants Revenge, ThouShaltNot, The Cruxshadows, Neil Gaiman and The Dresden Dolls.
I do comment on the journals of all those on my friends page.
I have a wonderful boyfriend.
I'm into corsetry. Haven't done waist training as I already have freakish proportions but I am severely interested in it.
My journal is a complete mishmash of everything going on in my brain, which means that it is [oh dear] rated 'MA'. May contain nudity, sexual references and adult themes. I rarely swear, but there may be some in there.
I'm pansexual.
I love to read. This includes horror, fantasy, science fiction and splish-splashes of non-fiction and crime.
I'm a huge film buff. I watch roughly three films a week.
Not a big television fan, but I do love Dexter, who makes me feel happy inside.
Please comment if you add me!

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Hi there!

I'm Tracy
Sales Associate & Criminology/Music Student
Age: 20
Interests: singing, dancing, playing the piano, guitar and drums, sewing, painting, photography, watching movies, care bears, arthur,law & order svu, southpark, documentaries, working out, painting (by the number LOL ) animal activism, reading, stuffed animals, Sound of Music, food & sleep, solitaire, online snakes and ladders & monopoly

Dislikes: rude people, sexual comments, taking the bus, mayonnaise

Add me if you'd like to read to all the drama that goes on in my life as written in my LJ ( which I have just returned to ) or add me on msn, my email's listed under my profile. I look forward to making some new friends and keeping in touch with anyone who adds me! =)

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I really do live a Bohemian lifestyle, in it's philosophical term, not in the fashion sense. I have no regard for any conventional rule of society or behavior. And I'm not talking about being some poser hipster or some punk scene kid.

I enjoy taking my time, seeing and reading up on art, literature, and philosophy, and going to coffee shops to write and observe people. I love concerts especially jazz and classical. I honestly do things that will make me happy, and turn a deaf ear to people that are concerned about me not fitting into this Western ideal of working 100 hours a week. I enjoy traveling and learning from the people that I meet in my travels. I love lemondae and lazy strolls around parks and nature. I like weekend boyfriends. I admire my free-spirited nature. I'm always trying to look to add some awesome bands to my iTunes. My goal is to learn as many languages as I can. This is what I have so far: Fluency: English, Spanish. Basic German and Hungarian. Basic reading in French, and a basic understanding (orally) of Portugese.

I grew up in Miami, moved to New Orleans when I was 18, then this September I moved to Budapest, Hungary. My two loves of my life are Budapest and New Orleans.

I have no rules for friends, but just don't bombard my friends page with quizzes.

23. Female. My name is Eli, what's your's? :)

(no subject)

I'm Nikki, a 21-year-old Canadian who is always in search of a larger audience. My journal consists mainly of the following: photos, art, boyfriend/sex rambles, weight loss/ healthy eating and exercise, poetry, music, movies, stories of my grand adventures while travelling.

I add everyone who adds me.

I'd love to get to know you!


and the boyfriend:

adddd meeee

I live in England, i'm at university (studying journalism) i'm 22.

I generally write about friends, my boyfriend and strange nights out that get too messy.
Also general wonderings about life and such.

I tend to get a little anxious far too often, take a few too many drugs, love music - especially into electro at the moment. I've been with my b/f for nearly 4 months but i've never felt like this about anyone before, i'll never meet anyone like him again. I'm pretty quiet really, an introvert - and i struggle with analysing situations and conversations too much. I can't handle stress. Sometimes i don't know where i want to belong, things don't feel right at home, but sometimes don't at uni either, i get confused.

I like food, raves, my hamster Simian, my friends, Alex, making things, clothes, hot chocolates with cream, pizza, takeouts, living away from home, bass, films, nights in, my blanket.

I'm very open-minded.

Add me =)

(no subject)

I'm Rachel, I'm sixteen years old and I live in Brisbane, Australia.
Favourite TV shows are Bones, The X-Files [I have an EPIC LOVE for this], Doctor Who, Blackadder, and anything britcom.
Favourite film genres are period, slasher, serious romantic [none of this romcom crap], and a bit of horror.
Best book of all time is Anne of the Island from the Anne of Green Gables series.
All music is good, unless it's that country/western or hiphop./rap  or mainstream top 40 crap.
My favourite genres are soundtracks, symphonic rock, darkwave and... ABBA. I dunno what genre it is. Don't judge! ><

Pineapple juice is just awesome.
I watch TV on DVD more often than I watch TV on TV.
I dye my hair a bit. I've had it reddish orange, bright red, purple, blonde [which is my natural colour] and pinkish.
I own 43% of my family's DVDs.
I like to walk.
I love language.
I am a hopeless romantic & optimist.
I cry at the stupidest things.
I own a legal copy of Adobe's Creative Suite 4.
And use it.
I like to sleep a lot.
I am a grammar nazi. HEIL GRAMMATIK!
Oh, yeah. I speak German. 
Aaand... I think that's about it.

Comment if you add me.
Add me, I add you back. Mmhmm. :D