January 6th, 2009


Erin =] Add me!!

This is me.
My names Erin.
I'm 20.
I have an amazing boyfriend.
I posted on here before but I wanted to get a new name so I made a whole new journal haha.
I'm in college.
I love pink and green.
I wear leggings and uggs pretty much all the time.
I love music and sports.
I'm not a bitch.
It's hard for me to be mean and rude.
I love making new friends.
Add me if you want to know more =]

Helloooooooo <3

Hello, hello, hello.
I have no friends, so plz, plz add me.
I am quirky and fun and always comment.
I eat EVERYTHING with chopsticks, I'm addicted to Hello Kitty and red licorice.
I wear wigs and listen to punk rock.
I am heavily tattooed and burn everything i cook, yummmmmmmmmmy.

Thats meeeeeeeeeeeeee XD

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ok. I'm going to try something slightly different.

this is a totally anonymous journal. sorry - no pic, age, location, whatever. I already have a journal where I document all the boring day-to-day crap. this is for everything else - the stuff I can't post about because too many RL people know my LJ name - the personal and inappropriate stuff.

expect to hear about: my relationship, my sex life, my drug use, my frustrations with girls/boys/myself/fucked up western culture... for once I just want a place where I can be 100% open and honest, so this is it.

feel free to add me. I will add you back. for some reason (probably too many years spent on LJ) I feel pointless writing entries without an audience to read them.

Nice to meet you)

I'm Kate)
I'm 20)
I'm psychology student but not only!))
I'm very interested in photoart, cinema, literature... maybe art at all)
I'm a beginning actress and take part in performances
I love music and I think that music is life)
I like travelling and adventures.
I'm go in for sport, especially such kinds as mtb and swimming)

And I want to find interesting friends for my new LJ) Perhaps, not only for LJ.

New Here.


I'm married to a former Marine.
I am fairly random... I will write about everything and anything. I do those writer blocks when they interest me, I will do an occasional survey, or post a joke.. but mainly I write about my life. I'm currently tryin to lose weight, so there will probally be posts about that. I'm also Wiccan. I'm a fairly deep person and pretty opinionated.

Add me if you'd like.

And if you have any questions... ask!

(no subject)

Hello, I am a 22-year old boy from Manchester, UK. I'm in my last year of a computer science degree, so I'm one of those boring geeks, not a cool geek sadly. I've been on lj a while but I've never really posted much as I have no-one on my list, I'd like some interesting people to read about too :)

Some possible deal-breakers:
* music taste here: last.fm/user/xerosis
* I have a macbook that I run linux on instead of mac os (sorry mac fans)
* I used to smoke but I gave up, I still like a crafty one now and again though
* I can't drive
* I like converse
* I wish I was House from House
* I think kids are awesome
* My nickname has been kiwi since primary school
* I've played guitar for ages but can't seem to get any better than average
songs for a dead pilot.

no lil wayne joke in the subject line.

so i was going to write "add me, so i can get it juicy for ya."  but then i thought maybe people would assume i liked lil wayne (WHICH I DON'T) and i'd get lj adds from people who i don't love.

my name's scotty.
i'm roughly 30. 
i'm getting married in october.
i manage a wine shop. 
i love my cat, velouria.
i like music that includes, but is not limited to:  modest mouse, the pixies, bjork, the cure, billie holliday, low, songs: ohia, etc.  current favorites are yeasayer, animal collective, mgmt, tilly & the wall.
i like movies/  movies - vin diesel = what i like.
my livejournal is completely friends only.
i update when i can, which is sometimes a lot, sometimes never.
i journal about my job, my fiancee, my cats, sometimes i review movies or books.  sometimes i post pictures. 

add me.  hilarity will ensue.

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New Year. New Friends?

I'm just going to say I'm 15, I'm getting pretty damn close to it anyway.
That's what's important to me.

I just realized I probably sound like a horribly boring person. I promise you, I'm quite interesting.

I generally write about school, boys, theater, and the joys of being a teenager. I lead a very responsible, clean lifestyle. I'm not organized at all at home, but when it comes to school I'm incredibly organized. I enjoy cleanliness and organization.

I update frequently, every day or so. I like people who comment often. I'm terribly awkward. Hell, you've probably seen me around this community posting every once and a while.

I like people who live similar lifestyles to me. But then again, I like people who are 110% different. I dunno. Add me. We'll see.

Hello everyppls!

My name's Sarah and I'm lookin for some friends to add to my journal. I'm 24 years old and am currently taking psychology in uni.
I'm vegetarian-Only my 4th year or so as one but I love it!! I'm interested in animal behaviour and different cultures-I find most things interesting really. Most of my journal seems to focus on the spiritual/paranormal topics but once in a while I'm sure to discuss life and the everyday ventings that come with it. 
     My FAV secret movie  (don't tell anyone...sssh) is the Labyrinth with David Bowie-So if you love that movie too-add me and I'll be happy lol.
My fav book is Where the Red Fern Grows- If anyone got through that book without crying-don't add me b.c that's heartless LOL. just kidding. But seriously, love that book.
I am a spiritual medium-so please don't add me if you're skeptic or cynical b.c I'm not wanting a debate ...
I love to hear from open minded people-so if you would like to add me..Please do!

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Hi. New Friends?

 Hiyah. The name's Nicole. I'm 22. I live in Florida. :) I love hanging out with my friends, taking goofy pictures. I love my boyfriend a lot. 

I love meeting new people. I love different cultures. I love my little dog Cooper. He is the sweetest, but also the devil.

I just bought a 2008 MINI Cooper S back in August. I love it dearly.

Add me. I love new friends. & getting to know new people.


bite me.

(no subject)

i'm twenty-one, and will soon be graduating in may from college.
i'm majoring in graphic design. i like to do pretty much anything i can.
sometimes i update a lot, and others not for a while.
i do however read my friends entries everyday.

add me?


My name is Paul and my entries tend to be quite lengthy, I read other journals on occasion but usually stick to my own, so if you enjoy reading a large detailed story that’s almost episodic in nature then I'd say putting yourself on my friends list is a good idea. I'm a 20 year old Mainer, I've had my ups and my fair share of downs, the story is emotional but It's made me tough.

I'm a Wrestling fan and writer by nature, I don’t know if my life will go down one of those paths, but it's worth mentioning, I want to do some short stories in the future and you can expect to see them posted in my journal no doubt. My journal is friends only but most likely I’ll add you no questions asked.

Lastly one of my biggest Idols is superman and I can honestly say through all the tough times allbeit he's fictional the morals and lessons you can learn by following a true hero can make a life better.

Collapse )

Add, please?

Hi! My name is Maria and I'm 24 years old. I'm from Chile, a small southamerican country. I have a journal for a while now, and for personal reasons, I had to delete it, but now I'm back for good!

Some basics. I'm an unemployed decoupage artist who's planning to go back to college to study english to spanish translation this year. I live with my parents, though I don't get along very well with them because, well, I don't have another choice.

I love to read, bake and decoupage. Right now I'm reading the Twilight series and loving it!

I swear I'm super nice, a good commenter and a good friend. Wanna add me? Please leave a comment in my friends only entry!!
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(no subject)

I'm Kim, and this was me, BEFORE going out for my 18th birthday [which was last Tuesday btw].
I think I look like a spam, but my boyfriend says it's good, cause I look animated...But what does he know, he's bald! Aha, I kid. He's lovely. And I love baldness.

I live in Tullibody some of the time, and Glasgow some of the time, because I'm at uni there, studying Business and Management. As I type this, I should be studying for my exams of that subject, but I have my priorities straight, yehh.

I like music. Lostprophets [are they ever releasing a 4th album? no?] and Fleetwood Mac are possibly my top 2. Although I adore Journey, Paramore, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Avenged Sevenfold, Rage Against The Machine, Cage The Elephant, 30 Seconds To Mars, Biffy Clyro, Adam and The Ants, Children of Bodom,  and I have recently discovered Heart. Failing that, I got 2 Shakira albums for my Christmas..

I like a lot of tv programmes && films also, but I'm getting sick of looking at my own words.

I don't comment, unless I feel the need [although I may start? Idk] and I don't have a clue what I'll update about, as I just deleted all my entries. It'll most likely be about me being ill, my boyfriend, things I buy, uni stuff...The usual, run of the mill stuff. Please don't let that put you off though, I need stuff to read damnit! =D  
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Copy & Paste, yo.

First of all, I'm terrible at writing descriptions about myself because the truth is...people will come to their own conclusions about me, and my opinion is biased. I'm Nicole, and I'm 19 years old. I'll be turning 20 on the 14th of February; don't 'ooh!' and 'ahh!' about me being a Valentine's Day baby because it has yet to prove to be a good thing. I live in a small town in upstate New York and so far, the only complaint I have about it is the fact that the winter here is absolutely terrible. I'm 1 of 7 children, and yes I am the youngest. I'm spoiled rotten by my parents, but they've also taught me what morals, values are, and how rewarding it feels to do something on your own. I graduated in 2007 with a 3.6 GPA and went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2007. I didn't get what I had hoped from the experience of being away from home, so I chose to take a semester off. You can judge me for it, or you can (which is my advice) shove it. I'm kind of selfish and very impatient. I have little tolerance for ignorance, pig-headedness and self-centeredness (is that a word?). I'm a grammar nazi, but Lord knows I make my fair share of mistakes. I've loved, lost, and I like to think I've learned. I'm currently in a relationship and I have been for 4 months now. He's honestly...my better half. He makes me see the good in myself but he doesn't sugarcoat my flaws and instead helps me to improve on them. The ones I can't improve on? He loves me for it. Anyway, I don't want to flaunt or ramble on about my boyfriend. I guess if you want to know what really goes on in my life, about the people who mean the most to me (and don't) then you should add me. I'm not too picky.

I do, however, want to mention a few things about my journal...I will update about anything and everything I want. I bitch and moan and complain about my life instead of doing my best to change it sometimes. I talk shit about people I don't like on and offline, but don't worry...I don't care if you take it outside of my journal, because chances are I've already told them how I feel. I don't always comment on my friends entries. In fact, I find that I have very little time to do so with work and my so-called social life. I don't like to add people who update 2-5 times a day, nor do I like to add people who don't update except for maybe once every few months. I'm by no means a comment whore, but a comment from you once in a while would probably raise your chances of being kept when I do my monthly friends cut. I like to know that the people who are on my list at least make some sort of effort. Other than that, see my friends only entry, fill out the form, and then add me. It's as simple as that.