January 7th, 2009

hello =]

My name is Katherine, but many call me Kitty. The nickname was given to me by my group of friends back in high school and it always just stuck.

Just turned 19 last month and live in the state of New York.
I am currently a Childhood Education Major with a concentration in Sociology.
On the side, I play the violin and piano (big orch dork back in high school haha). I also teach these instruments to little kids in music centers, when I'm not at school.
I believe that I am an easy person to get along with and try to go each day with an optimistic attitude.
Lately I haven't been posting much in my livejournal due to being so busy/sick during the holidays, but that will change.
I also have a great interest in photography and usually always have a camera on me. This will lead me to having quite a bit of picture posts.
I am Bisexual, but I tend to have a stronger attraction to girls.
Green Tea ice cream is the best =]
I love to read, but tend to start more books than i actually finish.  I also read a lot of romance books which has turned me into a hopeless romantic.
I love to make new friends and learn about the place and culture that individual belongs to.
My best friend has turned me into a hockey fan (Pittsburgh Penguins!) and now love to go to games when i get the opportunity.
I hope to one day have the ability to speak french fluently.

I hope to find some new friends soon =]
take care & happy new year to you all!

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just me

Hey there from germany :)

Hello everyone:)

My name Is Mandy and I’m a 24 years old girl from germany
And I’m writing in english most of the time.
So I really would like to get to know some nice, open minded and maybe creative people from all around the world
Furthermore I take this as an opportunity to improve my english so native speakers would be very welcome but of course I wouldn’t mind if you are not.

About me:
Baiscally I’m a nice,open minded and creative person
Who is interested in art, reading, music, people and stuff
But actually that’s not all I’m writing about.
More likely I’m writing about daily stuff, my ideas, things that happened and what ever crosses my mind.
Currently I try to finish my education as a nursery teacher ( or what ever you may call it)

You also will find photo posts, paintings, drawings, and personal thoughts In my lj
So I would really appreciate if we would have some things in common but its not a must.

Just ask if there is something you’d like to know :)

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Hi i'm Louisa.
I'm 19 but sometimes act younger.

Err basically i want new friends because this is a new journal and i haven't got any yet.

I'm not adding real life friends to this because i talk too much anyway so they already know everything.

I'm very friendly and will add you back.

P.s my journal is about hair and beauty products.
But mostly random bits from my day.
I post wuite a lot.


 I'm Meghan. 
I am 21.
I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years.
His name is Phil. 

My journal is new
but will mostly consist of: 
Other boys


Seeing how those are the things that consume my life. 

I am running late already for work. haha. 
SO Add ME!!!!

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I'm 22. I'm at university in England. I study Journalism

I write whatever i feel like. It might be happy, it might be depressing, it might be thoughtful, it might be about me, it might not, it might be plain stupid.

I party a lot. I love electro music and raves. I like a lot of other music too. I take drugs. I drink alcohol. I smoke cigarettes. I'm still healthy enough.

I love: my hamster. alex (although i havn't told him yet) my friends, unhealthy food, bass, neon stuff, making stuff, decorating stuff, interesting people, open-minded people, unusual people, going on unexpected adventures, doing things to make people smile, drinking tea.

I'm often confused. I love my family but dislike going home. I struggle with anxiety. I like to think i'm a nice person. I'm introverted. I have interesting thought patterns! I like doing silly stuff to pass time. I get way too stressed.
zacky v, avenged sevenfold

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Hi everyone! I'm Ashley & I'm 18. I'm from Boston, MA. I'm a freshman in college. I'm undeclared at the moment & I have no idea what I want to study. I work at CVS/pharmacy which "owns my soul."

My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Good Charlotte, the Honorary Title, Lannen Fall, Metro Station, & Panic! at the Disco. the Jonas Brothers are my guilty pleasure :(

I love going to shows & just hanging with my friends. I have two dogs, a pug & a terrier/lab mix that I love soo much.

My favorite book is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I also love the Twilight series, though I'm not a crazy obsessed fan.

I just made this new journal cause I was getting sick of my old one
& wanted to make some new friends :)

Friends please? =]

Hiiiii guys and girls :)

I'm Louisa, I'm 18 and I come from London (or as some call it Laaaaaandaaaaaaan) the great capital city of the UK, however I only reside there during the holidays, during term time in Reading, studying History at Reading Uni. 

Its the little things in life that make me happy, therefore I don't have a preferred type of music taste or genre of films or books, I read, watch and listen to anything and everything that I can get my little hands on, because I love it all.

 If you're into pictures then this is moi with one of my best friend Cordes;


I love my livejournal like mathematicians like their milk, aka A LOT, I update practically every day, mainly because I am sad and have no life and also because I just love to write....however who knows whether my journal will be to your taste? In case you're wondering I tend to write about the parties/clubs I frequent, this boy I am currently dating (who I am kidding he's basically all I talk about, so if you're not a romantic and hate everything to do with it, don't add me), the stupid things I say and do, my complaints about the essays I have to write and the things I get up to with my friends.

Comment wise I'm getting better, I used to be pretty shy and therefore was pretty awful at the whole comment business but now I comment far more often.  :)

Add me please? I don't bite and I really need more stuff to read to help me in my times of procrastination :P besides, according to sources I am a nice girl..... :) <3


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Second and hopefully last post here - for a long time anyway.

Hi. I posted here a few weeks ago, so I apologize to post again. But since the turnover rate here seems pretty high, maybe someone else would be interested in adding me? Yeah, I dream big. I would still enjoy befriending a few new people, though. This is pretty much verbatim from another post I made to a completely different add-me community. I can't really think of a more creative way to "advertise" myself at the moment. Sorry. So...

I'm 23 (on the edge of becoming 24) and female. I live somewhere in the US with my partner (she's my fiancee actually) and two annoying cats. I'm currently unemployed; I used to work at a cafe, but I quit this past September. Unfortunately anxiety and depression seem to be holding me back from getting another job quite yet. I've had a really weird past; I was raised in what is essentially a cult (I'm an ex-Jehovah's Witness), and so I'm still dealing with a lot of the psychological effects of that.

My journal mostly consists of my current life experiences (usually deeper than just a run-down of the events of the day). I talk pretty frequently about religion from a secular perspective (I'm currently agnostic), but I'm not obsessed with that topic and I discuss other things as well. Despite that I'm a woman of few words offline, I do tend to let my guard down a lot and be rather verbose online - in both my posts and comments. So if that bothers you, I suppose I wouldn't be a good friend for you. I like to think what I write usually has a point, though.

Interests-wise... I'm not really much of a "fandom" person. I do enjoy watching movies, reading books (I'm attempting that 50 book challenge this year... again), music, art (admiring and studying it; I'm pathetically inartistic - at least in a visual sense), European history, and writing (usually short stories that you can be thankful will never be posted in my journal).

Anyway, I hope I didn't write this post solely for my own amusement. So if you'd like to add me, please comment here or in my journal. Thanks! :)