January 9th, 2009

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I just started live journal and im looking for some friends...

I'm 18
Go to college (which i love)
Love love love going to concerts.
My favorite bands are Say Anything,Paramore,Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, And Mayday Parade...im also in love with the Jo Bros...Dont really know why haha.
I love laughing, being crazy and doing crazy things.
I love people and making new friends..

you can add me if you wish =]
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Hello world.

I'm funemployed so I'm on livejournal more than I used to be, thus I need more things here (like friends) to suck up the hours of the day.  I'm Kat, I'll be 23 in a few weeks.  I for the record, live in Michigan.  I for the record, will live in Chicago starting this summer.  I own two Welsh Corgis.  I'm often single and sometimes in a relationship, right now I'm in the "often single" stage of things.  I am a dork, I like television, reading, and fandoms. 

A random list of things I enjoy: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Chinese Food, Ben Folds, Photography, Baking, Writing, The World Wide Web, Fashion, The Word 'Bitch', My BFF, AIM, Shiny Things, Quotes, Fanfiction, How I Met Your Mother, Youtube, Mean Kitty, Sleeeeep.

Things to know if you add me?
-I am a post whore, and will bore you with a million posts through the day.  It can be a heartfelt entry, or just me talking about how awesome the sandwich I had just enjoyed was.
-I don't tolerate dumb people, so don't be dumb.
-I'm apparently going to hell.  Please don't bore me with "I love jesus" posts. (Not saying religion isn't grand, I just would rather hear about YOU since we all know what Jesus is up to these days). 
-For the love of god, use a cut if you post a million pictures.  I'm sure you are very beautiful, but good god I check my F. List a lot and it's boring if I scroll over your entry for ten minutes.
-I don't care how old you are, just have something in common with me.

Oh yeah, I'm a cake decorator when I'm employed.  I also have a crush on Alton Brown. 
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Hi my name is Antoinette, my friends call me Annette. I've got really attached to
Livejournal and I've made a few posts but I would really like to make friends with
someone who can comment me and I can comment them. I love music so much
that I feel it is a huge part of who I am. My musical taste is varied in genre, but I
am in love with the '60s, '70s and '80s rock 'n' roll era. My favourites include;
Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Kinks, Joy Division, The
Strokes, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan
...the list is endless. I also love fashion but not
in an obnoxious way but as an art form, and I view it as another way apart from
music to express the essence of ones life. My fashion is a mixture of 'tom boy',
vintage rock 'n' roll and classic elegance. I hate the way in which society makes
women think they should be obsessed about the way in which they look, as perfectly
said by Elaine Miller from 'Almost Famous':

"Look at this an entire generation of Cinderella’s and there's no glass slipper."

Once I start writing I can't really stop, my mind is constantly jumping from one
thought to the next, and back again. I'm just a normal 18 year old, in university, in
England, with the normal problems of love, life and loneliness.
I'm currently on
a quest to find myself and hopefully start a band. You can skim through my journal
posts and see if were compatible, if so add me and explain a bit about yourself, but
it doesn't have to be epic. 

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Hey, I’m Liz and I’m 19 years old.
I try and update as often as I can, which is usually every day or every couple of days. My entries are mostly about my day and can get kind of long sometimes.
I’m shy, clumsy, quirky and a little bit dorky.
Some things that I really like are: writing, movies, fall, tea, Disney, junk food, imagination, puddles, magazines and the colors orange and yellow.
I don't drink or smoke, but I don't mind if other people do.
I don’t always comment on every entry, but I do always read what other people write.

Movies-- Titanic, The Last of the Mohicans, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Election, Harriet the Spy, The Devil Wears Prada, Almost Famous, Catch Me if You Can, About a Boy, Love Actually, Life as a House

Music-- The Killers, The Postal Service, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Brand New, All Time Low, The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, The Spice Girls, Queen, Radiohead, movie scores

TV-- Big Brother, Nip/Tuck, Daria, Gilmore girls, The Office, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Doug, Invader Zim, Survivor, Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years

Books-- Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, Perks of Being a Wallflower, A Separate Peace, Harry Potter

Add me if you are interested =]

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My Name is Chase. I'm 18. Trying to get new friends on here. I just started my second one because I didn't want my real life friends to see some things because it be about them. I don't know you don't have to add me.  I placed a photo below but I'm not sure if its large enough haaa.


That's me and my girlfriend.

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I must admit I feel silly doing this but since I just did a large cut and have been using this more~

♦ I'm nineteen and a bit reluctantly living in the United States I want to move to Europe, preferably somewhere in Scandinavia.
♦ Even more pointless information: Born under the wrong astrology sign (all sources agree I should be a Capricorn), agnostic and "not looking" (I was raised in an extremely religious household, but try my best not to be spiteful over the whole ordeal), bisexual and not at all angsty about it
♦ I'm going to officially major in anthropology (starting next school year) all the while trying to meet the pre-law requirement. Yes, that makes perfect sense.
♦ I'll get it out of the way since some people have a bias: Yes, I am a manga and video game fan, but they're rarely the central focus of my entries.
♦ My main fandoms include Axis Powers Hetalia, Wild Arms 2/3/5, Suikoden III/V, D-Gray.man, Kuroshitsuji, Avatar, Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon (video game), Earthbound/Mother, House M.D... and plenty of older things I don't mention enough. (Saiyuki, the Samurai Deeper Kyo manga, Elfin Lied, Kino No Tabi, Fullmetal Alchemist...)
♦ I have an obsession with languages. I even try to learn other languages for fun.
♦ I'm very opinionated and I love friendly debates. I think the longest comments I've ever made have been political based (and you may call me "the crazy commie Muslim terrorist from Mars" if that gives you any idea which part of the spectrum I lean towards), but I never have any intention of offending.
♦ Expect a lot of entries about life occurrences, fandom (I usually try to avoid making entires that are about nothing but fandom), music (+uploads), and memes (again, often not alone).
♦ I'm the type who will almost always write entries longer than a few sentences. I'd prefer if you do the same.
♦ Be warned that I can come off as bitter and cynical.
♦ I'll admit that since I'm fairly secretive, I don't write extremely detailed entries about my life that often, but don't mind at all if other people do.
♦ If I like you... I'm prone towards commenting too much. Apologies.
This explains more + some of the above in more detail. And the interests part of user infos is always useful.

Please don't add me if:
♦ You're one of those people who will donate whole entries to what you had for breakfast. I just don't care.
♦ You just want to increase your flist size.
♦ You take fandom far too seriously.
♦ You only talk about your children.
bettie page/shoes


Hey gals, I'm Lindsay! I just started a new all-in-one beauty blog. Check out my info and the journal - it's full of tips and tricks, fashion help, product reviews, and tons more. I'd like to get more advice-oriented, so feel free to message me your beauty woes, and I'll answer in the journal! Also, all comments and friends are welcome! Thanks!

its not a secret; why do you keep it?
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Hey, My name is Marley and I'm 19 and new to Livejournal. Looking for friend's that comment and that I share some interest with.

Here are a few thing's that I love;

Music! Music is very important to me. I'd probably die without it lol some of my favorite artist are; The Who, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontage, The Beatles, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones.. ect

I also love; Art, Poetry, Movies, Dancing, Photography, The Ocean, Coffee.. ect

I'm not to fussy, Just looking for new friend's that I aleast share something in common with. (:

If your interest just comment here > naives.livejournal.com/648.html then add me (:





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  - I'm Ned, I'm 23. I like hiding from most people, preferably behind a book.
- Not keen on posers, or pretentious people.
- I'm pretty old-fashioned in my attitude to relationships, but people label me
'prudish' - whatever.

I'm into: Twee Pop & Indie Rock, dying my hair unnatural colours, piercings, Morrissey, malingering, old video games & trying vainly to keep warm. I'm pretty awkward, socialising makes me tired. I'd like to be LJ friends with people who are similarly shy & unconfident, know all about being lonely, can spell & punctuate to an acceptable level, have a quirky sense of humour, update fairly often, share my interests, comment a bit & are the kind of people who'd rather be hiding from a camera than posturing in front of it. I do comment, but it's not my number one priority in the world


Hi, i'm Vic, i'm a 25 year old male from London, England.

I'm a medical student whose journal will be basically a combination of my day, my thoughts and my opinions.

I'm interested in people in general and intend to reply to all comments...but just want to make friends really. Preferably the non-judgmental, funny, yet mature type who would like to comment on my life and can give advice. (not the one's who have a complex about the size of their ahem "lists")

I  like most things music, film and foodwise - quite the sporty individual but not excessively...and i play waste many an hour on video games. (It's an addiction) but yeah, i'm going to be a doctor and the balance between doing the things i like to do and the things i have to do will be tested.


I'll be adding photos at some stage, but yeah, if you're interested - just add me.

Take care