January 12th, 2009

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Hey! I'd like some new friends. I love reading other peoples' journals when I'm bored at work.

I'm 26, living in Toronto, Canada. I love a lot of things, but mostly: hockey, writing, photography, 80s music, drinking and animals. I write in my journal a lot, mostly about work (I work in advertising), my kitten, strange things that happen, rants and raves, and I love posting pictures.


Hey everyone!  Um, name's Hadrian.  I'm 23.  Go to college trying to get a degree in Bio and hopefully med school after.  I have a plethora of interests and obsessions, I'm easily entertained, I'm easily bored, I love everyone, but I hate everyone, I have a weird outlook on things, I'm crazy, I'm mellow, I'm green, and I'm blue, but if you add me I'll add you believe me it's true, so if you want to meet someone who's weird, random, strange, awesome, and crazy, ADD ME!  

The end.


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Hi! My name is Melissa, and I just made this journal so the only friend I have added right now is my twin sister, lol. I'm 19 years old, freshman in college in Michigan, United States. I'm a fluent commenter and updater :)

I'm a reality tv fanatic.
I'm in love with Gossip Girls, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives.
I love to shop, and I live to have a good time!
I don't let go of things too easily, and I hold on to silly things.
I want to live somewhere warm when i'm older; preferably Florida.

Please feel free to add me!
I talk alot about myself in my first update that is locked for friend's only.
It would be nice if you were close to my age as well, so we can at least relate once in awhile :)
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looking for friends :)

hi my name is John. I am almost 27 and from Northern Michigan. I love music, reading, and watching movies. check my interests on my profile to find out more. I am looking for friends who like to comment. please either comment here or on my journal to be added.
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Hello! This is a relatively new journal, but I've been livejournaling for a few years.

I'm twenty, pretty nerdy (I role play, like Star Trek, still play Pokemon every once in a while :p), a liberal feminist (though honestly I don't often write about politics in my journal), I'm majoring in English and American literature and I work as a writing tutor (but to hell with grammar! This is my personal space!). I have a strange sense of humor and I fluctuate between being silly and light-hearted and super-tense. I worry a lot, and I'm trying to break that habit.

I'm looking for anyone interesting. You don't need to have the same interests as me, I like reading about different points of view. I comment whenever I have something to say and I don't expect potential friends to be serial-commenters.
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  1. My name is Mandy. (Amanda Legally,but I haaattee that name!)
  2. I'm 19. (though,don't let that fool you,i'm wise beyond my years. I've been through things I shouldn't even think about at this age.)
  3. I was born in Brooklyn,NY,Raised in Palm Beach Florida,moved to Gainesville Fl to go to school,and now live in Cary,N.C.
  4. I lllooovee writing,but I don't have the time to do it as much as I'd like,so,I don't post everyday.
  5. I'm a perfectionist....I'm not afraid to admit it. I won't post unless it's a "perfect entry".
  6. I'm a neat freak,some say I have O.C.D. .....I do not....their just jealous that my house/car/life is organized.
  7. Music awakens my soul on a daily basis,I enjoy everything,no really...honestly....everything.
  8. Tinkerbell has been my nickname my entire life,because like her,I'm short,sassy,and blonde.
  9. Coffee is my drug of choice! PERIOD.
  10. I can be a girly girl ( I like to get my nails done,I straighten my hair, I wax my eyebrows) but I'm not afraid to tell you like it,I have a mouth,and I know how to use it,insult me or my loved ones and you WILL get an ear full.  I came up with this quote awhile ago,and I've stuck by in ever since: "The fact of the matter is,I know what I want,and don't care what I have to do to get it. I'm the girl you see with her nails done and her diamonds blingin' who ISN'T afraid to throw a punch,or get up in ya face and tell you like it is!"!

 *So,Do I Sound Like Someone YOU'D Like To Be Friends With?  If So,Drop On By My Journal Give It A Read,And If You Like What You See,Add Away Babies,Add Away:) *
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Hi, i'm Nicole. I'm eighteen and a freshman in college. It's been a while since i've been on here, but i'm back to meet new people hopefully. Most of my interests and stuff are in my info, and i'm a generally easy-going person. I'll try to be a good friend :]
Love hearts


I’m Katie, twenty two years old and I’m from the lovely wet country known as England (yes, if you probably haven’t guessed….it is raining). I’m not new to livejournal, infact I was a frequent lurker/writer about five years ago but just grew tired of it I guess. However I am back now, with a new journal and a busy new year ahead of me - so plenty to write about.

Here’s some random bits of information about me:

+ I’m incredibly random - I WILL talk about anything.
+ Fun loving
+ Have quite a sarcastic sense of humour (you have been warned)
+ My boyfriend is in the army and goes on tour to Afghanistan in early March for six months.
+ I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to taking photos

 I love chatting in general so I thought this was generally a nice way to get to know people on livejournal. Looking forward to getting to know some of you soon :) x

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My name is Massie, I'm 21 years old :)
I have firey red hair and dangerous blue eyes with the personality to match.

I'm pretty much obsessed with my boyfriend.
I'm your average preppy "IT" girl, with a dark twist. I suffer from depression & severe anxiety. I occasionally let loose by popping pills and drinking too much. I'm the girl who seems perfect from the outside, but is screaming inside. This journal is where I let my screaming out. Its the one place where I don't have to live up to anyones expectations. You'll really get to know me here. Other than the occasional freakout, I can be a very happy person.

I enjoy fashion, Top Model, Juicy Couture, Wild nights out, friends, etc.

I'm very open minded and I try to be as good of a friend as I can to everyone. So go ahead, add me, you won't regret it ;)

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Hi, My Name Is Megan.
I'm just a chick from beantown tryin' make something outta nothin'. 21 years pretty young thing. Gettin' $$$. I'm chasin' pipe dreams. Pursuing happiness. Tatted up. Livin' glamour. Loyal but I got a potty mouth. I am deaf. Taken to an amazin' boyfriend. I got a little cute feet. Few hold weight in her life, but would give give her left leg and right arm for those do. This journal is a much needed outlet that allows me to express myself when I have nothing better to do. Sit back, relax and enjoy this journey of my trails, and every day ramblings.
Psst, I'm sucha doll, trust meeh ; go on my friend only entry and asked to be add !!

Please, please to ask me to be added. It's annoying when random people addes me without telling me who the hell they are lol.
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wants to be added.
Notes of warning: I discuss almost every topic, whenever the mood takes me, regardless of who I might offend. Because I really don't care. You shouldn't either.
I won’t do add-backs if you wRiTe LiKe ThIs. Or if you have no grammar/spelling knowledge. It is intensely annoying and just succeeds in making you look stupid and ignorant. I have no time or patience with people who seem to have no grasp of the English language.
Occasionally I add people just because they look interesting and I enjoy their journals. Strangely, even if they don’t add me back, I don’t mind.
BE a friend rather than a username.

Disclaimer I
I'll comment if I have something to ask or say about an entry. I am not one to comment with a 'Have fun at the party!'
However, this doesn't mean I do not read my friends page nor does it mean I don't care about them all.

Disclaimer II
Facts you need to know in order to understand me and my journal:
- I have a genetic disorder which confines me to a wheelchair. I only began using one when I was 15.
- I am clinically depressed. You need to remember to take my posts with a grain of salt. My feelings change somewhat quickly.
- I am my own best friend. I may appear "different" to some, but I like being so.
- I am a HUGE postcard collector. Be a doll and send me some of your state/country!
- I may be of Italian descent, however my mentality is as American as a hot dog.
- I intend to move abroad simply because I detest the US government.
- I am deathly afraid of cats. I had a traumatic experience with one when I was 10, and to this day I cannot be around one.
- If there is one true thing in the world, it's that I absolutely LOVE babies and toddlers.

- I'm looking for people who post (more or less) regularly.
- I actually want to get to know you. so if you don't intend to BE a friend, move along.
- I don't care (meaning you're welcome either way) if you're happy-go-lucky or struggling with depression, as long as you're real and honest.
- I like people who are passionate about the things they love...or hate; I like rants and rambles.
- I also like people who think outside of the box and aren't judgmental.

Don't add me without letting me know you've done so. And for the love of brownies, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST IF YOU POST ONCE EVERY 2 MONTHS!! It may look as I have 80 friends, but most never post.

Myspace me if you wish to talk directly.

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( tierney lenae ) <3 ., sixteen going on four ., giggly ., silly
recently heartbroken ., easily confoosed ., easily distracted
loves music ., goofy ., sortof insecure ., trying to be strong

visit my lj and comment to be added! c:

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My name is Charlotte and I'm pretty new to Livejournal. I've had one for a while now but mostly used to to join communities, but now I'm interested in actually writing in it.
I'm 18, soon to be 19. Freshman in college. Studying journalism. Kind of a loner.
Music, writing, and photography are my main interests.
People describe me as "artsy"

Want to be friends?