January 15th, 2009

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Hey everyone!

I started this journal about a year ago, I had a different one, but I wanted a place where I could write about whatever. That explains why I don't want my friends back home reading this one....thus the search for new people.

I'm 20 and a junior in college. That being said, please only add me if you are over 18. I'm a double major, English and Spanish. It's a 6 year program, which sounds awful, but I'll be able to do whatever I want when I'm through. I go to a small school in a small town, but the people I've met make up for it.

I love autumn, coffee dates, movies, and music (especially new music, mixed cds make me happy). I prefer flip-flops to shoes. I'm random. I'm extremely opinionated, and too honest. I value other people's opinions. I love photography....if I had a dream job it'd be that or working in a mental health ward of a hospital. One of my goals is to live in Mexico for a year sometime after I graduate. I love to read. I am omnisexual, so if that bothers you don't add me.

I'm not huge on commenting, but I do comment if I have something to say. If you're interested comment here or on my friends only post.

Need New Friends

I'm not new to LJ - I have an older account but it's become a bad memory for me and I wanted to start a new one - a new fresh start.

I'm 28 years old, deaf, female - graduated from college in 2004 with BS in Business Admin.  I'm currently working for a federal agency in the Human Resources area.  I'm fluent in sign language and can speak well - when I try.  I'm an expert at lip-reading and can hold converstations with hearing folks one on one without using an interpreter.

I'm interested in making new friends.  I'm very open minded, honest, funny and can be a smartmouth sometimes.  I will be updating my LJ at least once or twice a month and I'll try to leave comments when I can.  I read my friends page on my cell phone (during my hour and half commute one way from home to work). 

If you're interested, leave a comment here or on my friends only post and then I'll add you back.

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hei =D
♥ my real name is samantha jo, but everyone calls me something different.
most commonly known as sam or sami-jo.
♥ 18 as of 12:30pm today.
♥ senior in high school. president of my local HOSA (health occupations students of america) chapter. most popular and well-liked senior 'freak'.
♥ waynesboro, tennessee = born, raised, current residency.
♥ i love who i love, regardless of sex. but i usually like girls more for some reason. my lovelife atm is a little...warped, to say the least.
♥ i'm wiccan. there were a few months where i attended a southern baptist church & i LOVED it. but i realized it wasn't my thing & i ended up not being very comfortable with the whole christianity thing. i've been learning & practicing wicca since i was about 10. i love learning about different religions, but bible thumpers tend to bother me.
♥ i have 11 piercings & one tattoo.
♥ i write about everything in my journal. at any given time i may talk about more mature themes. if you're really against gay sex, sex in general, drug usage, self mutilation, and foul language, well you probably shouldn't add me.
♥ i'm bipolar. i'd say you'd notice pretty quickly. most of the time i'm happy-go-lucky and hyper as shit. but you know, there are the extreme lows too.
♥ i like to add my lj friends on myspace & text them. i try to actually get to know my lj friends, rather than just scan a few entries and ignore them.
♥ i'm not usually this html happy. but it's my birthday & i wanted this to be pretty. =]
♥ if you'd like to add me, go to my FRIENDS ONLY entry & add me first. i'm not really all that anal about it, but it's easier for me. i have a HORRIBLE memory & i've been known to comment a 'hey will you add me' with a 'sure thing!', only to forget about it.
so be a dear & help me out with that. also, i rarely check my email for community replies...so yeah.

music - i listen to EVERYTHING. from queen to cradle of filth, i love it all. my favorite band is H.I.M & i'm a little overly obsessed with them.
reading. video games. horror movies. hello kitty. invader zim. make up.
root beer. glowsticks. DIY. cartoons. neon colors. the color green!
crimson. dark purple. black. grey. victorian stuff. bargain shopping. goodwill. marlboro lights. jack daniels. art. poetry. techno. penpals.
marijuana. nursing. anatomy & physiology.
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Looking for more LJ pals

Melanie. female. 23. reporter/photographer.

I've been part of Livejournal since 2003, though under a previous name. I've been at this name for over a year now. I love the LJ friends I have, but I'm looking to add some for more conversation and perspective. :)
I don't update everyday, though I wish I did. Perhaps someday I'll get into the habit. Sometimes I go in phases and I'll update multiple times a day for awhile, then I'll go a bit without. But I'm decently active.
I don't comment my friends all the time, but I do eventually get around to reading everything. I do my best to comment when I can. I don't expect comments all the time, but I do enjoy the conversation. :)
I'm honest in my journal. I can be super happy, I can be super emotional. I talk about work, gossip, sex, ranting, food, friends, and anything else that is on my mind. I try to be considerate and warn when I talk about something people might not like, but I don't hold back just because people might read it.
I'm non-judgmental and I expect those who add me to be the same. I won't tolerate racism, prejudice or blatant discrimination. This is different than ranting.

I'm one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, but it doesn't always reflect in my journal because it's where I write my thoughts and feelings.

There is more about me on my profile. Please let me know you've added me, and I'll most likely add you back. :)
let me break the ice

Whats in front of me? i just can believe, oh your tempting me.

The names Courtney <3
.. 19
in college studying to be a paralegal
*hopeless romantic, easily pissed off, lover of complaining.
Smoker, addicted to sex, pretty things & of course livejournal :)
I have 2 tattoos and piercings.

Looking for friends who update and comment regularly :)
.. try me, I might interest you <3

(leave a comment on my friends only post, add first & i'll add back)
xoxo, Courtney
the rasmus

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Hi there =)
My name is Laila. I'm 21 years old. I'm in my senior year of college in Baltimore, MD with a major in writing and a minor in theatre. Cliche to say, but music is my life. I plan to become a music journalist. I currently write for 3 music publications and just finished up an internship with Alternative Press Magazine. I spend a lot of my time going to concerts and interviewing bands. Some of my favorite bands are Otep, The Rasmus, New Years Day, Straylight Run, Eisley, Nine Inch Nails, The Doors, Flee the Seen, Schoolyard Heroes, Misfits, Paramore, Orgy, Tegan and Sara, Now, Now Every Children, Julien-K, Garbage, Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Charlotte Sometimes, A Kiss Could Be Deadly and Electric Valentine.

But enough about music =)

I lived overseas most of my life, in Istanbul and Dubai. I loved it a lot and I miss it a lot; I like to think that the experience made me a more open-minded person. My parents currently live in Ohio, where I spent my senior year of high school and go back for breaks.

I'm a lesbian, and it took me a LONNGGGG time to give myself that label lol.

I like reading, writing, music (if you haven't figured that out yet =p), watching netflix selections and having coffee or dinner with friends. Posters cover my walls and I like funky clothing and band merchandise.

I'll admit that I've been a bad commenter and updater in the past, but I hope that this will change that =). I'm trying to get over a lot of self esteem issues and love life more, because it's really not as dramatic as I make it =p.

And just for the hell of it, picture under the cut.
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I'm Meredith. I formerly had another LJ but changes in my life and the times have led me to delete and purge (how frightening sounding!) and make a new journal.

I'm 21 and live Sacramento. No, I'm not in college. I tried it and it wasn't for me but I think I'm happy otherwise. I work in my parents bakery making cakes and designing them and driving them out to our customers. My secret dream is to work in a tattoo parlor. I'm not that ambitious but don't really care. I'm happy and that's what counts! It really bugs me when people assume I'm stupid because I don't go to college. I really like people who are openminded of my lifestyle and my choices and don't tell me what I should do with my life.

I'm an obnoxiously huge beatles fan!

I've been on LJ in various forms since 2003. I'm an addict :)

MAJOR AMORE: The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Holly Black novels, fairy tales with a twist, video games, naruto, death note, hanging out with friends, lemons, creative writing, lacrosse, dance, going to SoCal, rainbows, glitter, pretty things, photography, web design, horses, magic, comedians, icing and cakes