January 19th, 2009

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Hallo. I'm Shannon, twenty years old and from New York City. I've been backpacking through Europe since September but I'm returning to the States in a week. My entries lately have been a weird combination of travel log/personal memoirs/philosophical musings ... well, as of right now, just about everything on my journal is public, so you can see for yourself.

I'm usually a big commenter (not so much as of late because my internet is spotty while I'm traveling). I'm not going to defriend you if you never comment, but it would be nice if we could communicate somehow ... through comments, and even through AIM/FB/etc. if we become closer.

The interests in my userinfo and the artists on my last.fm should answer any other pressing questions. :)
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Shhhh! Don't Let Anyone Know that I Have No Friends on Here!

 That's right. I'm a loser!



HA! Not really. I'm awesome.


Wait, does that make me sound narcissistic? 


You know what, never mind. I don't care anymore. Next topic of discussion..


Yes me!


Yes you! You, right there reading my words! Here is the deal. I'm looking for some good blog buddies because 1.) I live in a very small everyone-knows-everyone kind of town in the middle of nowhere NY and its really hard to find some new faces and make new friends here, 2) I made a new LJ account and have one friend to my name which indeed causes me to make a sad face, and finally 3) Because I know you are awesome. Don't you try to hide it from me ;)

Now you might be asking "Why should I, being as awesome as I am, become friends with this looooser?"

(Or hopefully Soon-To-Be-Blog-Buddy!)

Just click the link below to read more about
how awesome I am who I am! Don't worry, its just a cut. So forget about clicking a bunch of offers and stuff just to be friends with me. Its cool. I would not do that to a friend...

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I like to interact (at least a little) with my livejournal friends. Occasional, relevant comments are nice. I post a significant amount of pictures - maybe too many - and rarely do I use a cut.

Sometimes I'll get too busy for LiveJournal for weeks at a time, but I always return and other than that, I'm fairly regular with updating and reading friends' journals. (If you're particularly interesting, I'll even be very careful to go back and read all your entries that I missed.

I'm 21, live in Montana (United States), teach snowboarding, love dogs, go to college, and am (slowly) learning Russian language. I'm interested in Science (especially biology) and art/technology (media arts)

If you add me, I'll add you back so you can check out what my journal is like (most of it is friends only) and if you don't like it, feel free to un-friend me. No commitment necessary.

Let me know if you're interested.

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Wellllll.....my name is Ashley. I'm 20. I've lived in Los Angeles, California my whole life, except for this one time when I decided to go move to the middle-of-nowhere for 6 months after I graduated high school in 2006. That was interesting. And it smelled like cows. But here I am again. I make art. I go to FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising,) and no, I have not seen LC. I want to work in some aspect of the film industry. I've grown up around it and love everything about it from acting to the aesthetics.

I have a massive obsession with Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and really anything Andrew McMahon related. Then there's The Beatles. They also have my heart.

Good grammar is a lot of fun too.

My layout currently looks like html threw up all over it, no worries, I'm fixing it. So for the time being I apologize, but yay for friends pages.

Anyway, I read everything, and comment quite a bit, which is what made me realize I needed to join this community - livejournal is dying and there is not enough to read. That's where you come in, so add, you don't need to worry about commenting on my friends only post in my journal, it's really just to keep the stalkers away.
tea and milk love

Nice To Meet You?

I'm going to put this simply.

I'm 21, female, from the UK.

I'm looking for new friends. New people from any walk of life. People who will listen. People who will interact. 

I love reading. Some of my entries are devoted to that.

I love writing. It's a great ambition of mine and from time to time I might share some of it with you. The rest of the time I document my struggle to make it as a recognised writer.

I hate Twilight. Probably the worst thing to grace bookshelves in years, so don't add me if that's your soul interest in life.

I don't mind if you're in a relationship. I'm in one too. But don't just gush about your boy or girl like a twelve year old because I've been there and it's boring. I admire people with real relationships - all the love and all the hate.

My life confuses me. It moves me up and down, turns me inside and out. But I'm trying to make it the life I want to live. I'm trying to turn my experiences into something worthwhile. If not, I'm just trying to enjoy myself.

I have fun. I have serious.

If you'd like to add, see my friends only entry =]

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Yeo .

I'm Sarah, 16, from Northern Ireland. And yes, I've had livejournals before but there's always been a terrible period of posting a fic, never updating and having to get a new one out of sheer guilt. But imma try and make this one work.

I have an obsessive personality ... kinda. Welll about some things. And I'm indecisive.

Comedians. Music. Film. Design. Writing.
That's pretty much me.

Well if you haven't been put off by my irritatingly unbecoming ramblings here, give me an add and we'll see where it goes ;).
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She's in this mood to pimp herself...

Melanie is a twenty-three years young newspaper reporter/photographer living in a small town by the water in Washington. She’s a single blue-eyed, curly brown-haired French/Scottish/German/English American Gemini who is living life to the fullest. She’s a writer, reader, photographer, smoothie-aholic, music whore, hiker, camper, sailer, stargazer, dreamer, sports nut, gamer girl, chocoholic, shy social butterfly, sometimes shop-aholic, half movie junkie, wannabe traveler. She's honest, caring, patient, loyal, stubborn, easy-going, optimistic, talks a ton and is a great listener. Her journal is NOT censored. She writes about work, family, guys, sex, emotions, frustrations, lame things that make her giddy and life in general. Please be 18+ before attempting to add her.
♪♫♪ Who I am, Who I’m not and Who I wanna be ♪♫♪

P.S. I don't always speak in the third person. :)

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hey there.
i think my userinfo sums me up pretty well. all my interests are listed there.
i'd like someone who has the same interests as me and is 18+. (or at least out of high school) i dont want to hear about how much you hate high school. i dont care.
i read my friends page a lot and comment often, so im looking for some friends who will return the favor.
add me?

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  • Im Dara Shea Thacker<3
  • Born 8/11/94 ---> yes that makes me 14 <3
  • im a Freshie ---> at brandon high <3
  • Currently in Brandon, Florida ----> the sunshine state <3
  • My favorite color is PINK <3
  • My favorite music is every kind <3
  • My favorite movie is We are marshall---> and Marley and me <3
  • I can be very random but very fun----> RAWR! <3
  • I love writing and art but i might not be the best --- > owell i try <3
  • I've screwed up in different points in my life, nothing to serious but enough to regret --> =(
  • im working on fixing that ---> one step at a time <3
  • and i fall for guys soooooo easy haha owell <3
  • Im here to write and make new friends <3
  • ill add pretty much anybody --> unless u scare me --> no offense there <3
  • hahaha <3
  • ------> so add me?  <3 
  • please <3
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I just changed journals and I'm looking for new friends.
I don't care how old you are or your gender.
If we have things in common add me and I'll add you back.
Even if we don't add me anyway.

(no subject)

20. Female. Politics/History student. Scotland.

I've just come back to livejournal after a good few years. My posts and updates used to be shit, mostly cause my life used to be shit :) I'm not looking for new bffs or a solid group of friends or anything, just a little network I can share my thoughts, opinions, daily doings and whatnot with.

I'm 20, so no one under 16 please. I don't profess to be the most mature person but I just don't think the content of my life is always suitable for young 'uns. :)

I most certainely won't censor my journal, so do not add me if you're offended by drinking, drugs, sex, swearing or bitching as these may occasionally make an appearance.

Add? :)