January 21st, 2009


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Hello! :D

- Wina, 21, Jakarta (Indonesia)
- Law student, working my way to graduation.
- I'm 4' 11" and balloons scare me like hell.
- I love music, i mostly listen to The Beatles, Elbow, Gomez, Kings of Leon, The Fratellis, and some more :)
- Top 5 Movies: Dumbo, A Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, Big Fish, and The Science of Sleep.
- Top 5 TV series: Chuck, Pushing Daisies, The Office, Life On Mars, and Scrubs.
- An avid football (soccer) fan, esp. Liverpool FC and FC Bayern München :D
- Other interests include Lomography, grocery shopping, taking (and posting) random pictures, and biting my nails.
- Ducks are awesome, i think.
- I always try to update at least twice a week and i also comment as often as i can, because comments are love!

oh, and
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New friends, any age, race, or gender. would be truly awesome! :D

Hello :]

Hey my name is Jessica. I just made a new lj so i'd like to make some new friends on here. I have pink hair and a pet bunny named Roger Rabbit. I draw a lot also <3

I know these are crappy cell phone pictures but my digital camera needs a new battery and these are all I have atm.
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if you're an artist/ musician/ photographer/ tv/ person of the arts especially add me.

what happened to livejournal? it's all funky now... i use to have one a few years ago.

anyways, i'm a girl from seattle, wa orginially from long island, ny.  i'm a musician and producer.  things have been weird and changing lately in my life-- for example: i never thought i'd be sad over being alone because i've always wanted to be alone, always. i've just needed a place to write my thoughts down, post my photography, music, various shit that could be anything that i'm working on and i just want to communicate with others. i miss having completely anonymous stranger friends. i don't pass judgement on people cause the hell am i to do that? so you can be as freaky as you want and i'll still accept you for who you are. some of my favorite bands are the helio sequence, god is an astronaut, radiohead,  smashing pumpkins, rolling stones ( i saw them, yes!), john lennon, and mew and so many more others.

you don't have to be an artist of any kind, i'd just really like to have some on my list because seeing what people create is my whole entire life and i'm always looking for collaborations. i'm gonna be trying to figure out this whole new lj setup for the next hour, i bet you. so just add me.
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rock and bird

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I really do live a Bohemian lifestyle (I'm aware of Czech history, yes, but I am using this term loosely) in it's philosophical term, not in the fashion sense. I have no regard for any conventional rule of society or behavior. I enjoy taking my time, seeing and reading up on art, literature, and philosophy, and going to coffee shops to write and observe people. I love concerts especially jazz and classical. I honestly do things that will make me happy, and turn a deaf ear to people that are concerned about me not fitting into this Western ideal of working 100 hours a week. I enjoy travelling and learning from the people that I meet in my travels. I love lemondae and lazy strolls around parks and nature. I like weekend boyfriends. I admire my free-spirited nature. I'm always trying to look to add some awesome bands to my iTunes. My goal is to learn as many languages as I can. This is what I have so far: Fluency: English, Spanish. Basic German and Hungarian. Basic reading in French, and a basic understanding (orally) of Portugese.

F. From Budapest, Hungary now, but I lived in Miami, FLA before and New Orleans.

I am Eli, pleased to me you :D

Reborn LJer. Add me?

    I used to be big into LJ, then it got tired and boring. I'd like to try and get into this again. But one small problem, I don't really have anyone to read my journal.. therefore I am looking for new friends! =)
   So, want to know a little bit more about me? Here goes.. I just recently turned 21. I'm from the Boston area and am inlove with all Boston teams. I'm not currently attending school, but I am not a bum. I work 2 jobs and spend most of my free time with my boyfriend. I write poetry and plan to post most of it in my journal. That's basically it, for more info hit up my journal there's a whole "Get to know me" post.
    Add me, you know you want too =)

Hello There!


General: I'm a nice and friendly geeky gamer who sometimes rollerblades.I like comic books and all that stuff,I wanna work at Gamecrazy someday.
I have Playstation pajama pants,I like Spider-man alot.just check out my profile.

Games:Final Fantasy,Devi May Cry,God of War,Metal Gear Solid,Star Ocean,Dark Cloud,Rogue Galaxy,Midnight Club,Gran Turismo,
Grand Theft Auto,Spider-man Web of Shadows,MotorStorm,Uncharted Drake's Fortune,Heavenly Sword,Resistance,LittleBigPlanet,
Lord of the Rings Conquest,Dead Space and more. Playstation is Win. I want some good PS3 friends.

Music:Metal,Metalcore,Rock and some random stuff.

Movies:Lord of the Rings,Matrix Trilogy,Rocky,Rambo,Boondock Saints,X-men,Spider-man,Iron man,2008 Hulk,Speed,Terminator,Predator,
30 Days of Night,I am Legend,Apocolypto.
Jim Carrey, Jet Li ,Ray Liotta and Sylvester Stallone are my favorite actors.

TV:Battlestar Galactica,Stargate Atlantis,Legend of the Seeker,The Office,Space Ghost,Robot Chicken.

Anime:Bleach,Soul Eater,Code Geass,Samurai Champloo,Elfen Lied,Dragon Ball Z,Claymore,Devil May Cry,Wolf's Rain.
I love Johnny Yong Bosch and Steve Blum, my favorite voice actors ever.

I have so many fandoms It's not even funny.
Well this is just a glimpse of my fandoms and stuff,check out my profile for more!
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Awesome Vendetta Mask

Just to reiterate

 I'm fun, I don't hurt anybody. Completely harmless to society.

I'm a housewife cartoonist with two teenagers living in Canada with show up to my elbows.

Television. I love it. Cartoon shows, love it too.

Reading, I do lots of it.

Age is no barrier. 

I try and answer all of your comments. I try and read yours.

Friend me, I'll friend you.


I was once known as Mister_Rant, and I used that blog to write anything I thought was funny. Quite often, the jokes being made were at the expense of anybody or anything I observed out in the world I thought deserved it. Sometimes they were Republicans (or the government in general), other times it was a company releasing a stupid commercial (or engaging in questionable business practices). Sometimes it was the people (the every day consumer) who might have unknowingly encouraged said companies to engage in such crappy practices in the first place. 

Obviously, I had a very full plate.
I don't want to be Mister_Rant. We're still idiots, but I'm tired of bitching or making fun of things I'm often unable to control.

Name: Ramison_Travers

Age: 34

State: (for now) Indiana

Sex/Gender: bi-sexual male

Occupation: domestic observer (disabled couch potato)

Marital Status: 2 failed engagements, now a committed relationship.

Interests: The paranormal, politics, women, men, bdsm, Not reality television, Tom Waits, Blues, Classic Rock, science-fiction. writing, multiple sclerosis, disability.
Paris love


Can we be friends please? I've been on LJ for 7 years now and have just started fresh with a new username. My name is Sasha and I am 21. Currently a full time nursing student in this boring town somewhere in North Carolina. I always read, comment when I have something to say, and post as often/seldom as I feel necessary. I love my family, friends, pets, and boyfriend. My sanity is music, figure skating, being active, the outdoors, and travel.

See my userinfo if you want to know <3

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