January 25th, 2009

hey there!

My name is Cameron and I'm 24. I'm an otherkin (wikipedia it if you don't know what that is), I'm childfree and happily engaged to my girl (who is also childfree and otherkin).

I'm new (well not actually but it's a long story) on LJ so I'd like some (non-judgemental) friends.

Hope to see you on my f-list soon.



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Hi, I'm Brittany. I'm Canadian, a smoker, and an avid reader. My favourite bands in general consist of GISM, Anti-Cimex, Disrupt, Nausea, Maho Neitsyt and Stalin, but my music tastes also have a tendency to vary dramatically from time to time. Return of the Living Dead is my favourite film of all time but I also love Taxi Driver, Gummo, and anything with Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff. I'm constantly creating things, I love to sew, embroider, knit, paint, collage, write, draw, as well as do various combinations of those things. I also drink a riduclous amount of tea through-out the day. Feel free to check out my profile to get an idea of a few more of my interests. I'm in an odd situation at the moment, and a lot of my writing will be surrounding that, so please if you do decide to add me be a fairly considerate person.


hi im new here.
my names ella
- 16
- single
- senior year
- mentally ill (social anxiety, depression)
- i love animals
- blonde
- love tommy hilfiger
- love frangipanis
- plans to study medicine at uni
- south australia
- want to get back into horse riding one day soon
- i want a dog, either german shepherd, golden retriever or maltese x schitzu x cavalier
- love to travel
- very lonely
- love new underwear
- miss starbucks
- self harmer
- i have 5 ipods
- i was at boarding school for one year. now i am a day student there
- love pyjama pants. have about 10 pairs
- love burberry scarves
- i like to swim and go to the gym
- my favourite food at the moment is pasta

thats it i think.
add me if you wish.

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Add meee

Ah, so I'm Robyn. Unbelievable as it is, I'm 21. And actually, I've never been out since I turned it...

I'm not typical, at all. Blogging makes me feel amazing. It's almost addiction I have to say.

I like to keep up with world news. I adore a good debate. Talking is my favorite thing to do.

I have a boyfriend that I've been with for almost 3 years. He was my best friend for two years before that. Yeh, we're pretty cool.

Photography is amazing, even though I didn't go to college for that. I actually have an Associates degree in Computer Information Technology. I'm still a waitress, though. Finding a job SUCKS.

Oh, and I'm lactose intolerant. And I'm allergic to some pain medications. And I'm listening to "Breathe On Me" by Britney Spears at this very moment.

Hah, I'm REALLY random.

Anyway, add me. I'll comment your posts, you'll comment mine, it'll be beautiful.
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Looking For New Friends To Read

Here I go, I am Toni (that's girl Toni). I'm heavily into photography and tattoos. I love doing self portraits and urban photography. I post a lot of art and psychology. Here's a few visuals of me:

904016.jpg picture by xitah

update1.jpg picture by xitah

If interested add me and I'll return the favor.


This is me

My name is DeAnna, I'm 24 and I live in Columbus, OH.

I majored in Forensic Psych in school.

I don't have a license, but I made it my New Year's resolution to get one this year.

I'm a part time mom to my 6 year old niece.

Some of the things I love: The Office, Ryan Lochte and all things Olympics, Gossip Girl, Arrested Development, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, Ice Mountain bottled water, High School Musical, going to the movies, my friends, my family, my job, and President Barack Obama.

I love all kinds of music. I go to concerts just for the atmosphere (going to a Fall Out Boy concert soon. I dislike them, but it's gonna be outdoors, and I love those).

I'll pretty much read anyone's journal, and I don't believe in friend cuts (I think they're mean). I have met a couple of friends in real life, and still hang out with them today. I don't update everyday. Sometimes I will update for 2 weeks straight, then I won't for another 2 weeks, just depends on what's going on. Same with comments. I do it if I have something to say, but I do read entries.

If you want to add me, comment here, or on my Friends Only post (that is a must... in the past some have added me without telling me and I didn't know until I looked at who friended me).

maybe, maybe, maybe I'll document this part of hell

I'm resurrecting this livejournal (hopefully?).

I'm sure you care about what interests me, so I'll tell you the same trite shit everyone else does.

I like philosophy and Eastern European literature.
I like cigarettes, sex, and drugs. I don't care for parties much, but I go because I can freely engage in the aforementioned activities without rebuke.
I'm pretty fucking intelligent. Match me.
I love meeting strangers.
I'm OBSESSED with the show Skins. I adore Cassie and Effy, simply because I see myself in them. I'd kick it with Chris or Tony all the time, though.
Other than Skins and Trueblood, I avoid television.
I swear like a sailor sometimes, but not always.
I stopped caring and that's terrifying.

I'm kind of bitchy and mopey on my lj, but it's ranting. So don't hold it against me.

Really, I just want friends who are like me. I don't wanna be a number on your flist, I don't want to see your naked pictures (unless you're a sexy man) and I don't want to comment you incessantly because you don't get that validation in real life.

Oh yeah, I'm a girl and nearly eighteen years of age.

Ignore the Atonement icon, ok?

I like the heart. It's like a fucking machine.
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20/f/the projects

i was born in the wagon of a travelin show, my mama had to dance for the money they'd throw! well, actually those are just the lyrics to a cher song, but... it's close enough.
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