January 26th, 2009

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Hi.. My name is claire and i'm 20 years old..
I have a little daughter name angie and she's 2, i love her so much.
I am a single parent and i am doing alright, although it can be a little tough sometimes. It's hard to meet new people, so i really want to get to know you all:)
I'm from canada, and i love it there.:) 

My favourite shows are One tree hill, Life, CSI, Gossip girl, friends, etc.. And i listen to mostly everything when it comes to music.

So if you want to be a friend, then go to my journal, and post there:) Then i'll add you..

I'm looking forward to it<3


Hi people..:)

I'm a crazy Norwegian girl who are ready to make som new friends:) I'm not entirely new to Lj, but i would like to get to know some new people. I want to add friends who comments and are willing to have conversations. I'm a little tired of just having friends on my list, just so they could be there. When i actually want people there who gives a damn:)

I'm 20 years old, and like i said, i'm from norway. I live in a city in my own apartment, which is fine:) So i'm single, and got really really burn in my last relationship. Still recovering from it, but im doing a little better now, than 6 months ago.

When that is said, i really enjoy watching One tree hill, Gossip Girl, Friends, 90210, brothers and sister, the mentalist, the L-word, Er etc..:) I am also a totally music person, can't be without it. Don't ask me what kind of genre i listen to, because it really depends on the song and the lyric. I also sing and write songs by myself, although i don't play any instrument, but i would love to learn how to play the guitar.

If you find any of these things interesting, then add me..:) Comment if you want to be added back:):) 

kiss kiss..

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Helloes, I go by thefuzzyhat or just fuzzy.  20 from Southern California...where there's a show about which specific county I am in...

A list of things I like shall suffice, I think:

+Reading. Always up for recommendations.
+Collecting movies. Again, I love recommendations.
+Drawing and making stuffs to sell on my Etsy.
+Video games.
(Various genres apply to all my likes. I am very, as my sister says, eclectic in my tastes.)

For info on what exactly I like, my interests in my profile are plenty.

What to expect in my journal:
I usually post about once or twice a week at most. I post memes, big news, links to fun stuff, and all the crafty/artsy stuff I have planned/done.
I like to make icons, every so often I post a link to my icon journal. I also write, fanfiction and original. But I don't usually post links to that unless it applies to everyone. I love taking requests for one-shots from a specific fandom, though. :D

The only time I have removed friends were instances where their journals had been basically abandoned for more than a year. I don't do cuts based on commenting or participation in my life. That's plain silly. Be forewarned, I swear. Not all the time, but in moments of great emotion.
But if I do friend you back, expect me to care about you. Yes, I love my Flist. Very much. <333

Oh, and I'm very friendly. >8D

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tabitha / 19 / Salt Lake City, Utah / bisexual

I am terrified of meeting new people, but on the other hand I love meeting people who I have things in common with. I love music, and going to shows, but being under 21 it is something I barely do. I am very honest, and I don't care what people think. Sometimes I am too honest, which messes things up or makes people not like me. I love sex, and I am completely happy with my sex life.

All well. That's me. :)

I like to post surveys, things about my life, love, and what is in my head. You will see entries where I am extremely depressed, complaining a lot, but there will also be some entries where I will be practically shouting with glee. Oh, the joy of bipolar disorder. I am very open, and talk about sex a lot. I suppose I may be a self-proclaimed addict.

photos for those you like to see who is posting

me and my boyfriend.

Add me if you like what you read?
Even if we have nothing in common, add me. I like to learn from different points of views.


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The Introduction
My name is Kryss. I'm a 20-year-old Communications Major in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born in Hermosa Beach, CA, and I love to go back and visit whenever I can. There's something so soothing about a walk on the beach. I am currently finishing up my second year at a community college and I am extremely burnt out on school. However, I plan to attend Arizona State University in the fall. I have changed my major many times but have decided on Communications because it seems like a nice broad major that I can do anything with.
Areas of Interest
I am also interested in Philosophy, Religion, Fashion, Literature, Art, Music, Natural Sciences, and Spanish. I hope to someday master the Spanish language and live for at least a year in Spain. I am infatuated with all related things, particularly matadors and gypsies. I love philosophical and religious discussions, though I claim no religion for my own. I guess my nerdy side comes out with the Natural Sciences... My first major was Volcanology, and I also considered Oceanography after taking a really wonderful Marine Bio course.
I don't watch TV much but I am a LOST fanatic! I also like 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and the occassional crappy reality show on VH1. I like renting movies or shows with the boyfriend, who I've been dating for 3 & 1/2 years. I love to read, but it's not very often that I actually do read. I am extremely open when it comes to music. I love everything from jazz to industrial to metal to hip hop to classic rock to indie to electronica to pop to... well you get the picture. The only music I hate is country. Gross.
About Me
I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I smoke weed. And I definitely mention it from time to time, so be prepared for that when you add me. I like to drink and party and get dressed up and go out and have fun. I also love to get outdoors in the sunshine and I appreciate little things like flowers and a cool breezy day. Going to the gym gives me a huge sense of accomplishment every time I go so I try to do that as much as possible. Plus it also allows me to eat more, and I love food. I post about the things that weigh down on my mind, and sometimes I post mindless entries about my life. I try not to post about my job because it's probably boring, but I really like my job, and it happens. I post pictures whenever I can. I have a BlackBerry and so I'm constantly doing the LJ thing wherever I am, and I never have enough entries to read.
About You
I am looking to add all sorts of people from all walks of life. I am really interested in people in general. It has been my experience that everyone claims that they are "open minded" but really no one is and it's been frustrating finding this out. I hope I can connect with some good people on here and I look forward to meeting you! Don't be afraid to add me. No hard feelings if we end up not liking each other :]

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 My name is Diana and I'm 22 years old . You could say I am a : 
       -History enthusiast
       -animal lover
       -movie addict

Random likes :

-  reading,art, vintage photos, surrealism, myths and legends,going to concerts,travelling and many others.

Favourite  books and authors  : too many to count - everything by Tolkien ; Kafka, Ernrsto Sabato,Hesse,Gabriel Garcia Marquez , Victor Hugo , Lev Tolstoi , Charles Dickens . Fantasy/SF likes : Frank Herbert, Zimmer Bradley , Terry Pratchett, Asimov,S.Lem

                   movies:   I especially enjoy Nouvelle Vague cinema
                               -favourite directors : Tarkovski ,Godard,Truffaut, Fellini,Kubrick , Igmar Bergman,Lynch,Almodovar,Akira Kurosawa, Coppola .
                        I can talk about films/directors for hours so add me if you 're interested :)

                  singers:  kind of eclectic -Janis Joplin , Edith Piaf , Led Zep , Wagner,Dvorak,Rhapsody,Nightwish,Franz Ferdinand, Dresden Dolls,Nirvana ,Velvet Undergorund

IMPORTANT : -My LJ is quite new, however I plan to post on a daily basis .

                          - Depression is a reccurent theme. Writing is cathartic for me and it helps to  put things into perspective.

                          - Some entries are fragments of my poems/writings. If you wish to comment please be sincere. I believe in constructive criticism ,not sugarcoating.
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I'm looking to share some brain ejaculate with more of those eager people who like to chat.

My name is Evelyn. My journal is full of rants and stories; I rarely post about mundane day to day things. I'm a recluse and I spend my days in thought.

I like to read and comment, because I'm one of those pitiful folk who takes a genuine interest in other people's lives.

Take a look-see at my explanation post and see if we might get along.
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I'm a female originally from Miami and New Orleans. I enjoy travelling a lot, and my journal entries are usually about them. At 23 I left the States for a little while and I am in Budapest now, living a dream. I like to go to typical touristy places sometimes of course, but I mostly enjoy taking the unbeaten path. I'm heading over to Bosnia this week, for example. My life is random, and I love it.

Add me now.

If anyone would like to add me, please do

My interests include

-animal rights
-spiritual mediumship
-animal behaviour, dogs mostly :p

Some more details about me are ...ummmm
I have a basset hound and two guinea pigs, I'm in university taking psych, and I am a fan of BTVS, Chuck, Smallville, and Bones!!!
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I'm not new to Livejournal, but I got a new screen name and am looking to refresh the friends list.

My name is Kalla. I'm a 22-year-old student at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan - way up in da UP, eh! - majoring in history and minoring in sociology. After graduation I plan to go back to school for my teaching certificate and certificate in Scandinavian studies. I hope to one day live/work in Denmark.

I split my time between college and my home near Austin, Texas. I grew up outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, though. At home I have four dogs of my own (out of the family's eight), one cat (out of the family's two), and a Russian tortoise. I train/show my dogs competitively and they definately take up the majority of my time when I'm not in school.

Outside of dogs and school, however, I love to be outside. I get my kicks out of hiking, backpacking, camping, playing frisbee, kayaking, swimming, and sailing.

I'm a pretty average kid, but I lead one of those lives where the weirdest things always manage to happen to me. My Livejournal is pretty much a way for me to discuss those things and get whats in my head down on "paper." Sometime its boring, but most of the time its pretty read-worthy. I take a lot of pictures and I post them just as often.

I'm looking to actually add people I will become friends with, not jut another username on the list. I am an active commenter and would appreciate the same, but its not totally necessary.

Add me if you're interested!

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Starting fresh on my LJ.
To get straight to the point, I'm looking for some interesting journals to read. But if you really need a long-winded description of myself, just ask :P (or read my profile)

Add me!

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my name's jennah, 20 yrs old, mom of a 15 month old boy and engaged to my high school bff. pink hair, piercings, loud, former and once-again prospective cosmotologist, math nerd, neurotic, nuyorican, living in venice beach, fl. shows, bars, 420, wii, hip hop, ocd - what my life mostly consists of. i can't stand reading about dumb/naive first-time moms; shitty, cheathing boyfriends; how badly you hate your job/family/life; all-around annoying people. if you're semi-normal, no mental issues and have a little spunk, by all means ADD ME!

note: i do talk about my kid and fiance, wedding plans, dumb people, hair/makeup, and i list alot. i try to post pictures but since getting a new laptop, it's been a little difficult transferring all, including my photoshop.

i'd love to add mommies/daddies, college grads, professionals, cosmotoogists, and locals. i'll obvs add other people, too, just try your hand. i promise i'm friendly unless you're stupid. :)

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Tranny (genderqueer; boy-ish)
Queer (likes girls mostly; could be called pansexual)
Involved (with a wonderful androgenius girl)
Seventeen (eighteen in May)
Senior (fucking high school)
Psychotic (only occasionally, but be warned; look out for missing punctuation)
Meme-grabber (it's a compulsion, unfortunately; mostly surveys)
Alliterator (another compulsion; alliteration is soothing)
Pantheist (god with a small g)
Friendly (enough)
Uncomplicated (comments not required or expected)
Bored (enjoy reading about people)