January 27th, 2009

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High school graduate.
Brunette, blue-eyed, and pale.

I just moved to a small town to be with my boyfriend while he attends a police academy for the next six months. I don't know a soul here and it's my first time living on my own. I've found myself in a small motel room while I figure out how to manage on my own, away from all my family and friends.

I'm very friendly, optimistic and fun-loving. I'm carefree and live for the moment. I love to party and am the type of girl who goes out clubbing every weekend. At the same time I'm perfectly content to lay in bed all day with a good book.

Art, Animation, Video games, Graphic design, Fashion, Reading Shopping, Music, Parties, Dancing, Running.

Liars, Ignorance, Racism, Discrimination of any kind, Immaturity, Bad grammar.

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my birthdays in exactly a week and every keeps asking me what i want to do and all i keep saying is " sleep" because that's seriously all i want and to do. i'm having a massive creative block and all i find myself doing lately is dwelling on shit that makes me hurt. why does winter do this to me? i can't wait til summer. i can't wait til this is over.

maybe reading your stuff will help me out?
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My name is Sheila but i am not new to LJ but i am looking for new friends here. I am 27 years old and i am an autograph collector. I work on Fanlists and Web Competitions when i am not working at Office Depot. I hope you like this profile and be one of my friends.
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hey, i'm Dara and i am 20 . I live in NYC . I'm addicted to coffee and cigarettes , and i would pretty much die without my blackberry . I'm obsessed with photography and plan on going to FIT. I'm down to earth and i love meeting new people, i'm so easy to get along with , but i been told i look like a bitch so whatever. There is nothing i like more then coffee, a good book & my bed. I comment people and love reading journals. I'm not sure what else to put about myself so that's it =)

journal is friends only, add me


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I'm Ashlyn, a 19 year old New Zealand writer. People describe me as a fun loving adventurer who will one day have a picnic on a traffic island and who lives in the middle of a bamboo forest.

I watch and listen to stuff, I read when bored [currently halfway through the Gnostic Gospels and 1984] and I work in a call centre for a major NZ bank. I painted myself green last Halloween and, obviously, I'm looking for more friends that can help me laze away the summer days.

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hit me up here or at my friends only entry to be added.
spock; energize
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Hey. I'm Liah and 18 years old and currently living in Singapore. I just got this screenname, but not new to Livejournal.

Basically I love to read other people's stories and life, even if I don't know from head to tail of it. But I would really like new friends and maybe share my whimsical/hormonal moments with you guys.

I draw whenever I'm bored, and love to people watch. I watch E! Entertainment daily and am just stuck to HBO all day. I pretty much follow every single episode of Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and the best tv show eva, SCRUBS. I watch Girl Interruped almost everyday despite everyone bragging abt how overrated it is. But sadly Singaporeans aren't very fond of American tv shows so I can't relate much to people here.

So do feel free to add me (bcos I wld love that) and I comment alot & if you add me I'll gladly add you back :)

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Thanks for looking! :)


I need friends:)

-Call me Kailey
-I'm 18 years old
-Only child
-Lives in Canada
-Love music
-Wouldn't change my friends for anything
-Literally shop till I drop
-I like nearly anything
-I'm easy to get along with :)


Food pizza/chinese/chicken wings
music any kind!
the hills & the city&sex and the city (along with others) are my shows.
shops like ralph lauren and zara
friends i love them!
alone time everyone needs it
themeparks i love rollarcoasters
parties a good excuse to drunk and have fun
internet what would i do without it

I have no idea what  I want to study in UNI
I'm fluent in russian
I finally got a tattoo
I've been in a lot of countries
I love history its my favorite subject
I hate change
I consider myself a down to earth person


  • vilmary

Find a new friends

Hello everyone!
My name is Maria, i'm from Moscow,
i'm 25 years old.
I want to find new friends & i'll be glad to
see everyone in my JL :)
Some of my interests are:
- mountain ski
- music
- dancing
- animals
- photography
- anime & so on

So please welcome!
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Bonjour! My name is Asia, I'm 14 years old, and I currently live in Long Beach, California. I'm a freshman in high school. So young, I know haha. I'll always be a big city girl... I hate living in small towns. My school is the 2nd most populous school in California. I'm mixed - half black & half filipino. I'm an air force brat, but unfortunately my father retired in 2004 while we were in Japan. I've moved about 8 times. I was born in Moreno Valley, California; but then I moved to Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, Montana, Japan, Philippines, Texas, and now I'm back in California. My favorite color is pink, if that wasn't obvious by my username. I can understand Tagalog (Philippines), and I want to take Spanish next year. At the moment, I take French and it's a very difficult language to understand and learn, and I don't think I can keep up. When I get older, I hope to get into film production. I want to go to UCLA / USC (I can go to UCLA for free. If I can get a scholarship to USC, great haha). My dance team is going to perform at the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii next week!

I like...
• cheer / dance
• the color pink
• sidekicks
• pull-over hoodies
• gaming platforms. ps3 = <33333
• social networking sites (myspace, facebook, twitter, tumblr, lj, etc.)
• junkfood!
• hair bows & ribbons
• going to school to actually get an education, in addition to being able to make new friends and people.
• film production
• fashion
• photography
• movies
• harry potter
• notebooks / stationary / paper
• oversized bags & sunglasses
• etc!

*note: I brag. A LOT.
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Sarah... needs friends!

They call me Sarah

Don't let the screename fool you
My name is SarahJo. Sammie is a nickname.
October 10 is my princess day.
Buy me something nice ;)
Junior at a brand-new high school.
Furreal. Just built.
Nurse in the making.

About Muah
I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I like to hang out and have good times with good friends.
I'm a cheerleader, but not like most. I'm one of the most friendly people you'll ever meet.
Brand new to LJ.
I'll mostly be posting my rants and raves and life drama.
My boyfriend of 2 years is my hero.
He runs in to fires when everyone else runs away... my firefighter
I'm pretty carefree and just live life to the fullest.
I love to meet other friendly people who love to talk as much as I do.
I'm on msn a LOT.
I'd love to find somebody on here that I can just talk to about anything. A true friend.

Like me?
Hit that add button, dollie!

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  • lethalz


My name is Lindsey, but you can call me anything you want.

I live in the good ol' SF Bay Area, and have for my whole life.

My birthday is March 14th, and I'll be turning 19 this year.

My username pisses me off, it's really old, and I can't wait to change it.

I'm a bit of a contradiction. I like silly childish things like rainbows and unicorns, stuffed animals
and toys make me happy, and I think tea parties should be required at least once every six months.

On the other hand, I'm a political activist and aspiring journalist who thinks socialism
is a good thing and everyone should smoke large amounts of weed.

I love LiveJournal. It must be a hardcore addiction, because I've been on
it since 2001 and haven't left yet. [I was 11 at the time, sorry, COPPA.]

If you think we'd get along, we have something in common, or we have nothing
in common and that's interesting to you, then add me! I comment whenever
something strikes me, and that's pretty often. I don't expect you to do the
same, although it would be really nice.
[this is x-posted. what are you gonna do? :p]

Hey guys!

-My name is Steffanee
-I'm 18, I'll be 19 next month
-I live in Michigan
-I'm in college, studying Psychology
-I'm working on moving out
-I LOVE tattoos, music, movies, art, psychology, pin up girls, and basically everything you can think about
-I read as much as possible
-I drink tea like mad
-I'm very easy to get along with
-I love That 70's Show, CSI, and court/crime shows.
-I love basically all types of music, save a few
-I really want to get a job at Borders.
-My entries are about every day life, sometimes random, or little rants to get things off my chest
-I love offering advice to people, and getting to know people.
-I comment as often as I can.

I have met amazing LJ friends. I could always use more =]

excuse me


My name is Caitlin. I live in the Seattle area. I go to high school part time and do an alternative learning home school program. I work at a video rental store. I am 17, turning 18 in April. I'm getting my septum pierced soon, and I am very excited. My favorite show is Criminal Minds and my favorite movies are The Wiz, Dirty Dancing, and Ghost. I am a ballet dancer. My twitter updates everyday to my journal but is behind a cut. Next year I am going to school to be a graphic designer. I love my chihuahua Kahlua.

I would love friends.