February 9th, 2009

Hey There

Name: Karen
Age: 20 (21 in may)
Location: Ohio, USA

Just looking for new friends and new people to get to know better. I post about my everyday life - my boyfriend, crappy job problems, issues, fam & friends, ect. I also will be posting pictures since I love taking them. In the pic above, thats my boyfriend, then me and then my mom.

I currently work part time as a cashier and going to community college for criminal justice - though I'v been considering switching fields, not sure yet. My boyfriend and I have been dating almost a year now and we both are hoping to get married. I'v been engaged before in a 5 year relationship and finally got out of that - it wasn't a good relationship. I love going out and I'm so excited for summer! If you want to know more, check my user profile for some more info. Or just leave me a comment if you want to ask something.

I'm really easy to get along with so lmk if you want to be added :)