February 14th, 2009


good bad introduction is good bad no bad

I am a 100000000 year old bluebird with a wingspan of 17cm. I can fly I can fly I can fly. (you cannot fly you cannot fly you cannot fly)

I have flown over the perilous swamp lands of Mongongwok where the monsters dwell, each time narrowly escaping a certain death from their claws and jaws. "Grrr you fly at 200000km/h, we move at 12937km/h but one day we will catch you bluebird!" They often say, brandishing their fists and smacking their thick purple lips.

Every odd sunday, I would dance and chant NA MO NA MO NA MO O GREAT FOREST GOD with witches and demons of old 'round great ancient monoliths that encircle the grey skies above us. NA MO NA MO NA NA NA NA MO MO MO MO NA NA NA MO MO MO MO MOOOOO

Lastly, I have been to space, and traveled the interstellar highways that lead to the doors of sleeping gods. I would often knock the heavy oak doors, and the Gods would respond often looking like -_- zzZZZzzzZZZzzzz with rollers in their hair and a trail of saliva often dripping from the edges of their mouths. " Humans were made in our image!" They say, in defense of their immortal sin. 

Anyway I am a bluebird. I have hollow bones. I like sushi and spicy food and I can fly (you cannot fly)

So add me. 

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hi. going to try to make friends. okay.

+ i go by allie.
+ i live in the igloos of canada land.
+ 17, i don't really care how old you are.
+ i have shitty music taste and i don't care. i have a last.fm here if you're curious: rayduh
+ i'm apathetic about some things.
+ i take things as they come.
+ i can snap my fingers.
+ i can roll my tongue.
+ i'm interesting like a brick.
+ i fucking love jeopardy.

hello... again..

**I've been on this community on countless other journals that have since crashed and burned and now I'm back with yet another one to destroy.. MWAHAHAHAHA...

Uhmmm... I shouldn't have said that...




Hi, my name's Jenny...

I'm too complicated for anyone to ever understand..
Sweets, Anime, and WoW are my vices..
I'm not good with keeping in touch...
I'm 21, but I'm still just a little girl..
Some people think I'm Japanese or Korean but I'm really not..
I'm scared of a lot of things..
I'm not too good at making friends..
I'm shy, quiet, childish, awkward, and insecure.. (only until someone starts talking to me)
I'm passive but severely vengeful; creative but very lazy..
I like to do things my own way and am too stubborn to listen to anyone..
I can be very pessimistic at times..
I can be too angry at times, though I never really show it..
I'm confused half of the time..
I have violent thoughts about what to do with the people I can't stand..
I have a very unhealthy addiction to cake...
I have too much fun making fun of other people... I'm evil, I know..
I have no patience for religion...
I like to laugh at random things..

For anything else, just ask...
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Hey kid hey! My name is Megan April. ;D
Contrary to my middle name, I was born in July. I hate it down here in the south, & ironically, most of the kids around these parts hate me too. I'm sixteen years young, & I enjoy screwing up my life just like every other teenager in today's world. Cigarettes are my vice & I like to have the occasional taste of alcohol on my lips. My jeans are too skinny, my eyeliner too heavy, & my hair sometimes too choppy. I rarely care if I say something that hurts somebody's feelings. I have an extremely open mind & despite what the stupid kid in my AP US History class says, I'm not racist either. Oh, & I'm bisexual. Sunflower seeds & energy drinks make me a happy kid. I like big cities at night & black & white photos & bright colours. I want to move to Chicago once I'm able to leave this horrible town. I play the clarinet & no matter how far down my band director keeps me in chair position, I know that I'm capable of being first chair, even though I'm only in band once a week due to a conflicting schedule with AP English III. I think I have a boyfriend - yes, think. It's rather amusing. I'm unproportional & half deaf, but everybody seems to find that to be endearing. My laptop is anti-porn & I think that's one of the funniest things ever. I dream of being a high class photographer. I hate Arizona with a passion & wish a nuclear bomb would just destroy the entire state so nobody will have to suffer from what lies deep in the mountains of Phoenix & surrounding areas. Along with the rest of the world, I love music. You'll rarely find me without headphones in my ears & a random underground band playing. I'm involved in the production of The Crucible at my school - I'm both the photographer & the understudy for Betty Parris. Mitchell Davis, Christofer Drew, & Adam Young are gods. ;D I make icons & banners & all that jazz, so if you ask nicely, I might make you something. I love plaid & victorian print. Bathroom graffiti is the most interesting thing to read, & two in particular have stuck in my mind. "Ceiling cat is watching you pee" from the pure hilarity, & "Conquer hate - spread peace" from the raw truth of it. I'm absolutely sick of perverts, so don't be like, "Oh bby I want your body," or I'll delete your ass.
Anyways though, go ahead & add me. I'm pretty chill once you get to know me. :]
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(no subject)

I am new to lj and would like some friends.
i would like people who will make comments
I can be pretty random but at the same time i can be very deep and sensitive
I am 20yrs old
I am studying complementary therapies
I love hearing other peoples opinions
I like dance (not professionally or anything just to the radio singing into my hair brush)
I love csi las vagas, grissiom rocks!!!
I am pretty laid back  and i dont judge
I love all kinds of music and all kinds of films

any questions just ask

pls add me n send a msg
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