February 17th, 2009

Railroad Heels

Add me <3

I'm 24 and from the New England area ('cept I pronounce my R's).

I'm quirky and enjoy hooping.
I also don't smell bad, score! =)


People that don't understand sarcasm need not apply. Thanks! ;)



i'm casey-li.

i'm 20-years-old.
my entries tend to be about my general life - friends, family, concerts, traveling.
i love getting to know people and read about other people.
i'm a vegan, but i don't care if others eat meat. i think it's stupid to act better than others just because one has a different diet.
my kind of music is underground. some more well-known stuff i dig is mindless self indulgence, harvey danger, tub ring, and the dresden dolls.
i'm a bit of a party girl, and while i'm not a dramatic person, there's always something interesting going on in my life.
i know a few musicians, so there'll be a lot of entries about concerts and personal stuff with the bands involved.

if you're interested, add me. i'll most definitely be interested in you! :)


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About me: My name is Eileen, but you can call me Ellie. For the record, I am 25 years old, but I will be 26 this month. Even though I was born in Louisiana, I grew up in Maine. I now live in South Florida with my husband, Dawen (He is from Taipei, Taiwan). I'm learning Mandarin Chinese and I hope to visit Taiwan one day. I am always craving bubble tea, mochi, and a good cup of coffee. I'm known as the girl who can drink an espresso 8 o clock at night and still can sleep an hour later. I'm also known as the girl who can drink my friends under the table. I may be petite, but I can handle my alcohol. I graduated from cosmetology with high honors, but I realize it really isn't for me. I'm thinking about going to the funeral business instead. I love to cook and create my own recipes. When it comes to music, I'm stuck in the 90's. I miss the X-Files. I draw abstract art. I like to travel with my husband. I've been to places like New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Disney World, and Key West.

I post: Pictures of places I travel to / Food porn / Poetry&Lyrics / Artwork / Ramblings / Concerts I've been to & so on. I post way too many picture. =p I'm dreadfully terrible.

I don't get comments from my email, so comment in my journal. ;)

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Fetishist. [BDSM, water, exhibitionism, piercing, latex, collars, vacbeds]

Music Lover [Darkwave, Industrial, gothic, steampunk, cabaret.]


Mentally and physically ill, but getting better, hopefully in both ways.

Dreadlock enthusiast. [This explains itself.]

Hair changer. [Blue, green, black, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, brown, blonde.]


Corset lover.


Film buff [horror, offbeat, indie, gothic, slasher, thriller.]

Wants new friends!

Read my friends only post. If you don't, I will know. See my User Info for more... User info.
Justin Walker
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My name is Rico. I'm 20 years old, and I'm from California. I'm a 3rd year at CSULB majoring in Information Systems. I'm super nice, kinda, and I'm super duper shy, for real.

My posts are usually about clubbing, family, friends, life, online, pictures, quotes, rants, school, shopping, sports, tv, work, and whatever else I add onto my tags later.

I usually post once a week (Sundays), max twice which is rare. I read entries and comment all the time (usually either Saturday or Sunday). I'm looking for LJ friends who update on a regular basis (at least once in three weeks), and who will keep in contact with me via comments (I don't require you to comment all the time, but once in like three weeks would be nice).

Anyway, I'm looking for some new LJ friends, preferably 16+ and 24-. You can post here or at my FO entry (preferably when this hits the 2nd page of add_me because I probably will not check back on this when it hits the 2nd page).

Oh and I'm gay, but I guess it's nothing really big.

Oh and of course, a couple of pictures.


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My name is Karen.
I'm about to turn 21 and I still don't know how to stand up for myself.
I'm a university student in Texas double majoring in Art History and Anthropology.
And honestly, I don't know why. My dream job is to be a flight attendant.
I listen to all types of music, and I really do mean all types.
I dare you to find a band I won't listen to and enjoy.
If you love the band Kent, add me. You are my new best friend.
I love video games and Neil Patrick Harris.
I enjoy hearing others' opinions and I love to share mine where I can.
So, if you know how to type using at least decent grammar,
I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

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My name is Ryanne (simply pronounced Ryan) and I'm in my last semester of high school. I'm 17. I live in the miserable plains in Canada, with the horrible winters and hot summers. I literally just joined LJ a few days ago and I'm already wanting to friend people. In my own journal, I mainly just talk about general things, stuff that happened in my day and just little things. Not a lot there so far.

Some pretty random things about me:
♥ I spend a lot of time trying to be polite, but I'd like to just feel relaxed with people.
♥ I have every intention of going to art school soon. I enjoy painting. The smell of acrylic paint in the morning is amazing to me.
♥ My interests in music lie almost everywhere. If I like it, it doesn't matter who its from.
♥ I tend to flail a lot when I'm in love.
♥ I cried so hard when I was younger because I couldn't transform into Sailor Moon.
♥ I'm a failed musician. I gave up because I have the smallest hands.
♥ I love black and white photgraphy.
♥ Some day I'm just going to hop on a plane and set up home somewhere else and not come back.
♥ I don't like to party or drink. I don't care for hearing about your drunken adventures, and if this bothers you, then it we won't work as friends most likely.
♥ I'm interested in body language, palmistry, face reading, etc. Things of the like.
♥ I enjoy hearing about other people's complicated lives.

It would be super if you have decent grammar, and that you commented every so often, even if it is just a 'hello'. Communication is important to me. I don't care about age, as long as I can learn from people I'm happy.

My journal is friend-locked right now, but I'll add you back.

Friend? :)
Dark and Twisty

Hi There

Just a bit about me...

To start, I suppose I should say that this is a new journal, but not my only journal. I'm looking for friends who are very open-minded about sex. Those who aren't afraid to explore, talk, and voice their opinions on the topic, as that is what this journal is about.

Not just about sex, in general, but my passions, the way I see things, and how I want my life to be. It goes into very personal facts and fantasies that have been festering in my mind for the 9 years I've been sexually active, some even longer.

I'm 24, I'm not considered normal by most that know me. I do not try to live by society's norms. I'm my own person, regardless of how people react to that.

I believe that chivalry should not be dead, that people do not really know what love is anymore and see it as a combination of compatibility, sexual attraction, and convenience, and that passion is far too overlooked of a word and a feeling.

I'm a very deep person who in reality wants a very simple life, because the simple things bring about the greatest pleasure.

I also write a lot of erotica, and I do share some of it.

If I didn't frighten you off... add me? 

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