February 23rd, 2009


= 19 year old, kickin it up in canada, realllly close to toronto, but not close enough
= i love music, painting, sketching and running
= this is my year off aka gap year after high school, i work at a pathetic restaurant, but the tips are good
= i like to take the occasional photograph, i'm no pro or anything, i just love capturing colour
= i am new to LJ, I love reading other journals, and I enjoy writing my own little journal
= i think i had LJ once when all my friends had it.. maybe in grade eight? but now i'm starting from scratch, so if you want a new friend, c'est moi !
= i am planning to move to france for six months, i just need a visa and a location

peace AND love livejournalers !
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I am a 19 year old photography and film student living in new zealand, who believes in not taking life to seriously. I've always liked the idea of a journal but I lack in the writing skills department, so i've decided to just post photos - my own, work I admire, technical things, etc. Other interests include fashion, music, books, laughing and films which may overlap with my photographic interests. So if you're a photographer, interested in photography or just like looking at photos feel free to add me.

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So I'm Jeremy, I'm 22 years old and I have quite a few stories to tell. If anyone DOWN TO EARTH and DRAMA FREE can relate to SERIOUS LIFE ISSUES or anything like that, hit me up I'm pretty cool to talk to whenever I have the time. I'm always on the move. I love Music and love playing Guitar and writing lyrics shit like that. If it interests you chances are it interests me as well. If you're UNDER the AGE of 18 i am more than likely to treat you as such unless proven otherwise. But who am I? I'm Jeremy fuckin Warren that's who. who the hell are you?


if any of you know Rose M. Rubino she's my BEST FRIEND and no you don't have a shot with her so don't bother wasting your time.

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I'm Rei.

I like all things nice and awesome...
I like music and I play the violin, guitar, king flute, and sometimes the drums.
I like arts and i sketch, paint sometimes.
I like to draw anime and cartoons... I'm not good with colors.
I don't watch TV...
I'm 17 years old and a freshman in college. I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
I'm interested in fashion, music, arts, abstract, etc...

add me...

I like to read and comment on my friend's personal journals...

Hey :) Add me.

Hi!  My name is Aubrey and I'm a 16, almost 17 year old girl...obviously. I live in the Greater Vancouver Area in good old British Columbia, Canada. I am currently in grade 11 and lets just say I pretty much suck at school. Music pretty much absorbs my life, but not the whole thing. I love to go out with my friends, go to concerts and i fucking love to party. Wow, that sounds really stupid. How about this? I like to smoke, drink and blaze but don't think I'm trashy because I'm not...That sounds stupid too...well fuck it lol those are the things I like to do. I love almost all kinds of music except country but I'm not one to judge you if you like something that I don't like, I believe in the saying "To each his own". I am ALWAYS texting and I love talking to people, I always have something to say. I really enjoy looking at art but I am not very artistic...sucks. I love talking to new people sooo add me up if you like to comment and if you like to have people comment. I update frequently.
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hey, my names brian

i am a 23 years old music nerd who collects records and goes to a bunch of shows. honestly, i write more posts about those two things than the daily going ons in my life. i also post a bunch of mixtapes, and run a radio show. i dont consider myself an elitist, and i love to talk about music, movies, books, whatever with just about anyone. i would love to get some new friends to read the random happenings of other people, and just talk about whatever with them. i dont, know, i thought i would have something better to say, and here i am...

www.myspace.com/slowreader for more info on music tastes and the like