February 24th, 2009


I'm Braz. :D

I'm 22, nearly out of college - which is kinda crazy now that I think of it. Real life starts soon. X_X

I'm a huge dork. I love video games and anime. I live for inside jokes and quoting obscure crap. I love music, watching good movies, and laughing at bad ones.

I'm still kinda new to LJ so my journal is kind of barren at the moment. If you go there now you'll get to see me talking about random stuff that's on my mind. I'll be mixing in some writing posts too but it's mainly going to be video posts.

I'm interested in meeting cool people from everywhere and anywhere. Feel free to add me if you'd like. :D

chicken dance

me. :D

Hi. My name's Peachy. I'm 20 going 21. I live in the Philippines and I want to travel and meet new people and places. I love music. I can go along with any type of songs. I love reading books and watching anime. I'm currently watching Death Note. I also love art and photography. I like taking pictures but not really a pro at it. I also wanna be in the picture. I love making new friends and talk to people. I play guitar and I know how to use a bamboo flute. :) I love coffee and hanging out with my friends. I am a dog lover. I love puppies. I love making posts and commenting on journals. If you think we could be friends, feel free to add me and comment on my post. :) thanks and have a great day.
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Guten Tag, meine Name ist Alix.

I've been using LJ since 2003, but I abandoned it for a while, so now I feel like I'm starting again since half my friends on here have dead journals.

My journal is locked, but my entries are, in my opinion, interesting. I don't write shit like "Today I went to the mall and I saw this pretty dress I wanted to buy and then I went to the movies with all my best friends. The end." I like to write about things that rather amuse me or piss me off.

So add me. You won't be disappointed.
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oh merry me, oh merry my.

well, whats there much to say. My names Bailey, I'm a complete wreck sometimes, but a lot of the time I use the experiences that i've had to help others. And I always have loads of fun with online friends. I'm a friecking chatter box all the time. I have lots to say just about all the time. I get in sour moods, but don't worry, i don't talk much when i'm in one. The picture to the right is me, just to clear that up. I'm a die hard Motion City Soundtrack fan. And I extremely enjoy Harry Potter. I'm one of the biggest nerds of harry potter ever.
i wasted a lot of time with that,
but i'm fourteen [yeahstfui'myoung],
and yeah, you aren't getting my whereabouts ;D

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My name is Sofia, I'm twenty-one and Sicilian, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. Parlo un po' d'italiano, e seguo quattro corsi d'italiano nel mio primo due anni all'universita. I want to visit Italy SO bad, but alas I am too poor.

I really enjoy my taste in music, doodling, and making powerpoints. I'm in my third year at a University in Michigan to become a Special Education teacher. I have three years to go; one year of classes and two years of teaching assisting/student teaching (one year in a gen ed classroom, one year in a spec ed classroom). I tutor two gen ed 3rd graders in reading, one spec ed 2nd grader in math, and volunteer in two ASD classrooms 2 days a week at a local elementary school. I'm also a waitress at a pub, which pays the bills.

I'm currently in the library on campus "doing my child development project." aka, posting to livejournal.

Most of my rl friends are male. I don't mind most of the time. But I do love having female lj friends to escape all the testosterone and messy apartments.

My roommates drive me crazy.
I collect anything that is an owl/has an owl on it.
My favorite color is purple.
Besides being a teacher, my most ambitious goal in life is to travel, travel, travel!
My favorite 'old' TV show is Friends, and my current favorite TV show is The Tudors.
I'm minorly obsessed with Jonathan Rhys Meyers because he's gorgeous, and Kate Winslet because she's brilliant.
I post a lot of photos, because I'm obsessed with taking them.
I have one tattoo of three birds on my hip; it looks like henna, and I adore it.
I've been on lj for 5 years.
With a computer in front of me, I can get off-task for hours at a time.

Reply here or on my FO entry to be added. :)
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My name's KB. I'm a trained cook. I majored in culinary arts for two years. I'm also a self-proclaimed singer and musician. I play trumpet. I was in the band for X years. I'm very introverted, afraid of large groups of people in person, and consider myself a complex individual. I mood swing often. Usually I'm either sad, depressed, angry, or just annoyed, but I do have good moods as well. I don't swing violently or anything. It's just I get upset easily. I don't post on a day to day basis, and for that I'm sorry. I would, though, like to meet new people and enrich my life with other outside the boring states of Georgia. While I'd like some friends to hang out with that live near me in Augusta, it's not mandatory at all. I have four pets consisting of two dogs and two cats. I have younger siblings. I simply adore music that I can sing with. I draw from time to time, and video games are a hobby of mine as well. Feel free to talk to me, or add me. Ask any questions you feel like, since I'm practically an open book anyway. Thank you.


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i am really strange person, but i have mostly come to terms with it. i really enjoy movies, i go and see at least one every week. i read a lot, mostly memoirs, but i also read cosmo cover to cover every month. i like to bake. i like animals. i have four dogs and a chinchilla. i was a vegetarian but now i sometimes eat chicken nuggets. i work at an ice cream place and i am desperate to get out of there. i'm really considering getting a job as one of those costumed people that dance around on the side of the road. or i may apply at my local lover's lane, as they are hiring. i listen to a large variety of music, but old pop-punk and indie pop really have my heart. the office, scrubs, and 30 rock are my favorite shows. i do not like it when people try to talk to me about the weather, it is my biggest pet peeve. in fact, i often make up false forecasts and tell people them when they try to talk to me about the weather.

important facts: i am nineteen (i'll be twenty in may), i do not like to use capital letters most of the time (i'm too lazy to hit shift) but i do my best with grammar, punctuation, and spelling, i am a girl, my name is molly, i am ridiculous. okay add me! bye!