February 25th, 2009

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names Kimmy
i am 23 years old
i am engaged
i am in college
i am an only child
my parents are divorced
my mom is my best friend
i write songs
i am a star wars geek
i curse
i am over sensitive [hate it]
i dont deal with any type of bullshit
i have epilepsy
i am the medical child of my family

my likes: singing, dancing, sleeping, skulls, polka dots, dogs, kittens, photography, jewelery, music, britney spears, christina aguilera, facebook, myspace, journaling, family, friends, fav colors are black, pink, purple, baby blue, italian food, italy, chinese food, movies, star wars, etc

my dislikes: liars, cheaters, drama queen, drugs, wannabes, fakes, etc

please comment on my friends only post, dont just add me, i hate it when people just add me, and then i can't delete them bc they add me and we have nothing in common!, so please make sure we have something in common, and then comment on my entry and wait til i add you back.
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A community for those who enjoy writing short stories - both fiction and nonfiction.

Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted. This is usually in the form of a prompt, such as a title or an opening sentance, but it will vary each time.

The community is officially opening and posting it's first challenge on Saturday so please sign up now so we can have lots of entrants for the first week!

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heyyy i'm maggie may. and i'm 19 from maine. i'm a sophomore in college. majoring in agricultural education. i party-hardy on a daily basis. i LOVE new friends...

071225.jpg picture by maggiemay531
aim - xunderwaterl0ve
myspace - www.myspace.com/idk_my_bff_katie
(i will text, once i gain your trust =])


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Hey, I'm Tori..
I usually really suck at these things so please bare with me. 
I'm 20,And pretty much figuring my life out.
Been dealt a few cards in my life where It's just making me stronger. Atleast trying to. :]
A few things my life revolves around:

I have issues
Photography is love
music = life
Favorite bands = Jonas brothers & Paramore
My music taste is EVERYTHING *Don't let the "loving" jonas brothers turn you away. :]*
I love playing texas hold'em
Art and Crafts are involved in my life
I'm christian but not a bible humper. AND I don't through gods words down peoples throats.
Oh yeah and I'm open minded type of person.

I'm sure there's a lot more.. about myself but I keep finding out new things about myself everyday.

Friends are always welcome!


Rhea 1

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*I can't promise I'll add you. I'm looking for a couple new friends. That's it.
*I just made this new journal; if you want to read more about me first, ask me for my other username to read whats been going on or to see pictures.

i'm Rhea;

i'm 25.
i am happily engaged to Thomas Mitchell.
i'm a southern girl; and i'm proud of it.
i am a medical transcriptionist for Baton Rouge General.
i have a lip ring.
i have one tattoo.
i love LSU football.
i drive a Kia Sorento.. I love it
i love life.
i love my family
i have a sister, Casey, and a brother, Donnie
i have an obsession with john deere.
i also have an obsession with Taylor Swift
i am shy, spontaneous, & ougoing at the same time.
i learn from my mistakes.... sometimes.
i try to be mean; but i can't.
i'm entertained easily.
i laugh at things that aren't funny.
i'm a disney fan; oh well.
on most days, i'm the coolest person you will ever meet.

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hi hi

Hey LJ world. I'm looking for some new friends. I haven't updated my journal in forever but I'm looking to begin again.

A little about me: 25, guy, living in Florida. I'm a big fan of music. I'd list the bands, but most of my tastes center around the indie/rock/folk type stuff. Love reading. Movies are awesome too. I'm a fan of TV on dvd. I write often. Introspective type. I'm kind of quiet, but enjoy long conversations. A big dork. Not a big partier. I'm generally a nice guy with a decent heart.

Usually I write about daily  life events, opinions, thoughts,  and sometimes I post the stuff I write too.

If you'd like to, feel free to add me and comment on my friends only entry.


new to livejournal, looking for friends

hey, I'm new to livejournal, and looking for some friends.

I'm 26, I like to read and sometimes make crafts, love to listen to music, and I work as a fitness technician at a women's gym.  right now I'm stuck home in bed because I've got a nasty cold, and can't think up much more to write in here. 

if you wanna add me, feel free and I'll add you back!

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Hi everyone....

I've had my LJ for awhile now and I've met some of the coolest LJ friends via Add Me so I'm always looking for more!

I'm a 24 year old girl. I make stupid decisions. I date bad boys. I complain about work. I get walked on and talked down to and for some silly reason I put up with it. I write about everything and anything that crosses my mind. I occasionally talk about adult things, kiddies, like: Drinking, sex....vomiting....drinking, sex..... :)

I tend to be a negative person surrounded by negative people...and I have a strange fear of saran wrap.

So, if that's okay with you and I sound mildly tolerable, leave me a comment and I'll add ya.