March 5th, 2009

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I'm Katie, I'm 21 and a soon to be English major, although I am still hopelessly undecided as to what I want to do with my life. I have had LJ for about 6 months, and would like to meet some more people! I'm really into music particularly indie, but am open to almost anything with a few acceptions,I am also really into fashion and have a terrible habit of online browsing that threatens to rob my bank account :) Some other things I'm interested in? Random road trips, spontaneity, drawing, and writing. I love to write and would someday love to have a column of my own (don't judge me based on my LJ haha)

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Guten Tag! :)

My name is Kim, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Germany. In a few month I'll graduate from school and I'm still uncertain what to do afterwards.

I ♥ nearly everything related to japanese culture :3, especially their music (Miyavi *-*) and modern fashion
I ♥ World of Warcraft x3
I ♥ books
I ♥ speaking/writing english...(You know, I'm still practising xD) but I'd like to learn japanese as well

In my LJ, I write about...
my private life, japanese bands, dorama I watched and stuff like that. I'm gonna write my entries both in english and german.

If you like to add me, comment to this entry, please <3
Tonight Tonight

Some new friends

Yeah so I've just realised that a lot people on my friends list have either deleted their journal or just cut down on their updating and only post something maybe once every two months. So I'm thinking it wouldn't be so bad to have some new friends that I can read the journals of and get comments from ;)

Basically the rundown: I'm a nineteen year old guy, quite cynical, work in retail and I have no clue what I should do with the rest of my life.

A lot of my posts will involve the following: bitching about jerk customers and annoying co-workers, rants about the minutia of my life, blogs about music and my opinions on it, reminiscing on my childhood, writing about my day, the odd survey/ meme and occasionally I get in the mood for writing some form of short story.

I'm a cynical, sarcastic person, I am obsessed with The Smashing Pumpkins/ Billy Corgan, I watch Seinfeld, Scrubs and Peep Show regularly, I enjoy Kevin Smith movies, I play video games (360) and have recently started reading comic books quite regularly, I play drums and am learning guitar, I drum in a band that should be starting to gig this year with any luck.

I'll try to comment as often as I can as long as I have something relevant/ useful to say.

Feel free to add me and either comment here or my friends only post :D

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Hi! :)

My name is Melissa.

I'm 26 years old.

I am not exactly new to LJ, but I think it's time for some new friends.

I haven't been on in a while, due to school.

But I'm willing to give it a try again :)

I'm really outgoing, and fun!

I love meeting new, interesting people.

I listen to all types of music.

I write just about anything in my journal entries.

I do comment, as long as you promise to do the same ;)

Add me?


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Jane write

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Hiiii!!! *waves*

I'm Mothergaia, more known as Sazzy :)

er, well... I'm from sweden, anyway, and I'm a nice girl... I think...

Aaaaaaanyway, I'm 19 years old, although, I certainly don't act as one!

So, what else am I supposed to tell about me?


Oh, I'm afraid of frogs and toads.. *shudders* Don's ask me why, I have no idea :S

and, hmm...  OH!  I'm a Potterholic!! *nods*

Harry Potter is my religion! My other fandoms are Buffy the Vampireslayer.
Spike is hot!

I'm into goth and anime, and I love to get to know new people.

I'm also very lazy.

We should totally be friends! Just comment on my Friends only post ^^

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break, lolwut

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Oh hey!

Humm, well,

my name's Susan! Nice to meetcha!

I enjoy being outside more than anything else.

Baking is my favorite hobby.

I game in my spare time (Wii or Xbox, anyone?).

I am a proud Random Act-er (random acts of kindness)!

Meeting new people is always fun, so feel free to say hi!

Heyyy, new to LJ, needin some cool friends! :)

Hey everyone!

I'm Amelia Victoria, 25, Orlando Florida :D

I'm a really cool, laid back person. I love helping people and giving advice, I'm really loyal to my friends lol

And I'm so damn new on here! Well, I love music, playing the guitar and piano, Art, comedy, jokin around, having fun!

I can use as many friends as I can get and I love all different kinds of people, variety makes the world go round.

So if you're a cool, nice person who loves to have fun, add me! You won't regret it :)


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Ok, 2nd shot b/c I'm so damn new

I'm what you'd call a "free spirit", pretty out there- getting John Lennon and Yoko Ono tattood on me

I have what I call a "salt" tooth, I'll suck the salt of pretzels and dispose of the pretzels..same with pickles

Brand new on here, fresh out of the womb

25, Orlando, originally from NJ

I'm OBSESSED with music in general and Jay and Silent Bob, plus all Kevin Smith movies

I'm the only person you'll meet without Myspace...probably

I'm the girl who looks really sweet (and I am, I swear) but I loooooove to have a few drinks, kick back and tell awful jokes (ppl say I have a mouth lik a sailor), I just have crude/dark humor I guess

I'm down, meaning loyal as hell if you're a real friend of mine

I dig unique individuals, people that interest me- I'm sure most of you are interesting, huh?

I love The Beatles, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors etc etc but tons of other shxt too, I'm ecclectic :)

And I'm pretty honest, not brutally or in a mean way lol, but I don't bow down and kiss peoples asses, I think we need more peole like that

Spontaneous, crazy, fun, loyal and sweet would describe me...and my love of, too :) but not sour...if that makes sense lol

If you're fun, chill, honest, rockin, etc add me! Much love
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