March 15th, 2009



So, I started a new LJ that I haven't posted in for years, but I seriously need an outlet of some kind, so I'm getting back into it.  Only problem is, I have no friends.  I want to befriend strangers, because it's more cathartic or something.  I'm a 28 year old visual artist and I love discussing human relationships.  Currently I have a little drama that I was hoping for some feedback on. 

Yep, I really am a lot more creative than this.  I just mistakenly drank a long island iced tea last night and have to work a double shift so I'm feeling a bit....  meh.  You know?

Add me if you so choose.  Thanks.

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My name is Nicola. I'm 20 years old and I live in England. I'm currently in university studying English & Early Childhood Studies, and I'm pretty sure I want to be a primary school teacher afterwards, but every now and then I go a bit crazy and think that maybe I would rather be an english teacher. I don't know why.

I enjoy enjoying things. Seriously. I'm overly optimistic and will give everything a go. I like everyone until they give me a really good reason not to, and even then I'll probably forgive them almost straight away afterwards. I like things that I am way too old for, like High School Musical and brightly coloured thingies. I am the worst person to add if you are on a diet because I talk about chocolate far too much, and of course my icon is so delicious looking it might make you go a little bit crazy.

If you want to be added, please add me first and comment!
// a&amp;e


I just made a new one of these, after being MIA for years.


× My name is Teresa.
× I'm 21 years old.
× I drink a lot.
× Sometimes I don't make sense but I always say what I feel and mean in my journal because its my only outlet.
× Im music obsessed, and I love writing.
× My mom killed herself when I was 17.
× I have a tendency to sleep with guys I don't care about.
× I'm not bragging, im not proud of this, but it's apart of me.
× I'm madly in love with my best friend but I don't tell him so.
× I write about him a lot.
× If I like your journal I comment a lot.
× Tanning is rad.
× Starbucks is love.
× If you can match my music taste you amaze me, I like too much random shit.
× I'm weird but I'm sweet and I have been through a lot so sometimes I can be good at giving advice.
× and I don't know what else to say.

kay bye!


i'm (just turned) 16, and i live in this really tiny place in new zealand that has a population of around 600.
i'm the oldest person in my school, and the only one in my year. so it gets (really) lonely.
i'd prefer people around my age (idk, between 15-20?), but i'm not bothered about male or female =)
you don't even have to have a lot of the same interests as me (just chatty!) as i usually get along with anyone.
i want to talk to people who post often, pictures, writing etc.
so- i'm not religious at all. i don't know enough about any kind of religion to.. decide? i guess. i listen to every kind of music there is. rap, metal, country, rock, classical, pop, punk, hip hop... eh. you get the idea. my ipod is generally attached at my ears. i spend a lot of time procrastinating school work. i enjoy reading, art (even though i'm not fantastic with art), i'm generally very clean-freak. i've had a bit of a problem with depression. some of my favourite movie are a little princess, hostel, dude, wheres my car?, silent hill. i'm having trouble thinking of movies..but like music, i'll watch anything, whether its a good movie or a crap one, and enjoy it. when i do read, i usually read horror-crime books. i live in converse shoes. i would love to be a chef in the navy. i'm a waitress/kitchen hand in a restaurant/bar. i watch a lot of crime dramas- my favourites being bones, numb3rs & criminal minds. i love taking photos. i use lame sayings all the time.
i'm really lazy about capital letters.
i'm very sarcastic, and i don't take things too seriously.
HAH! just rambling about myself- add me if you like! D=
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Peace Out

Friend me

*waves* hiii!!

I'm Mia, 18, from London, England.
I love all types of music and I talk a lot.
Anything you might want to know can be found on my profile.

I want more journals to read! I'm not majorly into blogging and commenting anymore, so I don't ask for any comments whatsoever. But you must also be someone who doesn't care too much for comments because I'm not very good at commenting anymore -- only when I feel like it, as opposed to every entry because I feel I have to OR ELSE I'LL BE DELETED.

I'm pretty interested in reading about most things (though I've noticed I don't care to read about politics and fan-fictiony type things). I don't mind for who you are or what your story is... just let me in! =o)

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Two Faced

(no subject)

I thought I had enough friends on here. I was wrong.

-Bass Player-
-Hopeless Romantic-
-Interests: Music, Reading, Religion (all types), History/ World War 2, Psychology, Family, and other things-
-Music Tastes: Everything from Children of Bodom, to Ben Harper, to Miles Davis, to Marvin Gaye, Anthrax, Eagles, Steppenwolf, and beyond-
-Books: DEAN KOONTZ (some people hate him, I love his work), Spy Novels, WW2 Books both Fic and Non-Fic, Thrillers, etc.-

I have more flaws than I have fingers, and im perfectly fine with that. If you are too, add me.
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